10 good reasons to have a dog

have a dog

Whether you are alone or in a couple, adopting a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is a choice that must be carefully considered because an animal requires attention and you must take care of him. If you decide to adopt a dog, remember you need to know his needs and take care of him as if he were a member of your family.

But, before taking this step, this question arises: why adopt a dog? There is not only one reason, but at least ten.

1. A dog is cute

Seeing a puppy grow up and witnessing his mischief is just incredibly cute, therefore the dilemma of whether to get a dog or not should not even exist.

He'll give you all his affection. He will always try to get close and snuggle up to you. There is nothing more affectionate than a dog. And he looks like a living soft toy that will love you for the rest of your life.

2. The dog guards your house

For some people, a domestic dog is not a guard dog. This is absolutely true. Nevertheless, even a domestic dog can serve as a guardian of your home and family.

Indeed, if an unwelcome guest won't leave your home, he will do everything he can to dissuade him. He will also alert and warn you of an intruder by barking.

3. The dog makes you happy

Are you familiar with dopamine and serotonin? These are the hormones produced by our body when we are in a good mood. Science proves that having a dog increases the level of these hormones in our body and makes us happy.

Still wondering why you should adopt a dog? Keep reading!

4. Having a dog is an effective antidepressant

Life in the 21st century hardly spares us, let alone this year 2020. Most of us are under constant stress all day long. Rest assured, the presence of a puppy or a dog can fix everything. After a tiring day, spend a few minutes petting and playing with your dog and you'll see your stress disappear.

5. Having a dog is good for your mental and emotional health

When it comes to health, there must always be a balance between mental and physical health. In both cases, adopting a dog boosts your health.

In addition to the anti-depressant effect of having a dog, he also helps you keep emotional stability at all ages.

For children, the presence of a dog can calm aggressiveness and hyperactivity. For an adult, a dog is the best friend that you can communicate with and that will help calm your mind. A dog is also the best companion for the elderly.

6. Having a dog is good for your physical health

Exercise is essential for good health. But often the motivation isn't there.

Having a dog may be the solution. Just playing with him makes you exercise. But you'll also take him for morning walks, hikes and several daily outings.

It has also been scientifically proven that children who have grown up with a dog have a stronger immune system than others. This is because they adapt to many microbes and sources of allergens found in a dog's environment.

7. Having a dog reconnects you to nature

If there's one thing a dog loves, it's to get out of the house. Not surprising, considering his ancestor the wolf was a wild animal. That is why a dog should be taken for a walk at least once a day and preferably in the nature and in a green space. By the way, he also reconnects you with nature.

8. Having a dog allows you to meet new people

Taking your dog out is a great opportunity to meet other dog owners. It's the easiest way to start a conversation and can be the beginning of a long friendship, or more!

9. Having a dog means having one more member in the family

Welcoming a dog is like welcoming a new family member. You will have to take care of him as if he were one of your children. Don't hesitate to give your children a few tasks to do with the dog so that they can learn to take responsibility.

10. A dog is a part of your life, but to him you are his entire life

By adopting a dog, you are doing a good deed not only for the dog, but also for the association or shelter where he comes from. For the dog, you are his entire life.

No matter what situation you are in, your dog will always stay by your side. He can sense when you are sad and will comfort you in his own way. The presence of a being who will never abandon you is invaluable.

So, are you still wondering if it is wise to get a dog or not?

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