What accessories to purchase for a newly adopted dog?

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Whether he is a large or small dog, a baby or adult dog, there are certain accessories necessary for his well-being whether the dog is going to be in the house, outside in the garden or in an enclosure in the countryside.

Here are some examples of accessories to adapt according to the size or breed of the animal:

So he can sleep and rest

Crate or cage

  • Very practical during the first phase of education
  • The crate is stable and the puppy feels safe in it
  • Ideal for transport

Dome bed with or without removable cushion

  • Very popular with puppies and small dogs alike
  • Provides a nice, warm, cozy and safe “cave” for a respite nap or night-time

Cushion for nap or night-time use

  • Ideal for large and very large dogs
  • Contributes to the dog's quality of life both for temporary rest and night-time


  • Kennel or shelter

Accessories for walking and entertaining the dog

Leash and collar

  • Nylon or leather, the collar is essential for the safety of the dog
  • 10m (35′) leash for training or restraining the dog on the field
  • 3m (10′) leash for walking or running


  • Hard rubber ball, adapted to the size of the dog
  • Frisbee
  • Rubber biting bones (to preserve shoes and chair legs in the house)
  • Pulling rope with knots

Accessories for feeding and caring for your dog

Bowls (flat)

  • Bowl with stable support and adjustable height
  • Non-tip bowl (preferable to avoid being knocked over by the dog) in stainless steel, ceramic or plastic, depending on taste and budget

Grooming accessories

  • Brush or comb adapted to the dog's coat
  • Tick tweezers
  • Tweezers

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Whether the dog is in an enclosure, a fenced yard or tied to the property, a kennel or any other type of shelter is essential to protect him from rain, wind, snow or any other bad weather.

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