The decision of adopting a dog

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Before even thinking about adopting a dog, it is important to reflect carefully and take time to evaluate the situation. Owning a dog seems fun and easy but the reality is quite different.

Yes, owning a dog is enjoyable, entertaining and wonderful, but it is also a great responsibility. You can talk about having a dog but it really is about adopting him completely and giving him a place in the family for the next 10 to 15 years.

Before deciding, it is important to ask these essential questions:

What are your motivations?

Why do you want to adopt a dog? What are your motivations? Here are the most frequent reasons:

  • No longer being alone and wanting a life companion
  • Wanting the presence of a living being, to love him and receive his affection
  • Wanting to save a dog from death by rescuing it from euthanasia in a kennel
  • Starting a breeding of a specific breed
  • Participate in dog shows
  • Having a companion for the other dog in the house

Will you be available for your dog?

Once you've adopted your dog, you'll need to spend a lot of time with him. Some of the most common activities are:

  • Education
  • Sport and play
  • Daily outings
  • Brushing and maintenance

What's your budget?

Adopting a dog also means new monthly expenses. Here are some typical ones:

  • Food
  • Accessories (bowls, toys, etc.)
  • Vaccines
  • Education
  • Veterinarian

What will you do during the holidays once the dog is adopted?

  • Will you bring him?
  • If not, who's going to take care of him?

Adults in the household will assume responsibility for the dog. Even if the children are the first to want to adopt a dog and will promise all sorts of things to convince their parents, they certainly won't be there when it is time to take the cute puppy out in rain or during a snowstorm.

The owner of the dog will be responsible for his animal for the duration of his canine life which can easily vary between 8 and 18 years depending on the breed. We have to ensure that the fundamental rights of the family dog are respected as well as his well-being throughout his existence.

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