Apartment dog: advice and suitable breeds


How do you choose the right apartment dog?

Choosing the right one is not always easy when space is limited. It would be easier if trial runs could be done before acquiring the dog, but since this is unfortunately not possible, it is essential to establish the determining factors in the choice of the dog.

The size and weight of the dog

Generally, people living in apartments prefer small breeds often because of smaller spaces and lack of outdoor space for the dog.

Some more athletic owners who exercise regularly have very large dogs in apartments, but generally speaking, small dogs are preferred.

The size and weight of the dog are mainly the first two selection criteria of a breed for a person living in an apartment.

The optimal character for an apartment dog

The character factor may vary even if the owner lives in an apartment. If the dog is small, whether he is quiet or totally playful doesn't make much difference.

On the other hand, if he is a large dog, it may make more sense to choose a dog with a calm and composed temperament, given the smaller space.

A dog that is easy to train is generally recommended for an apartment dog.

His relationship with humans

Since the dog will likely be in frequent contact with people living in neighbouring apartments, it is preferable to choose a dog that can socialize in order to avoid conflicts.

His relationship with other dogs or animals

The dog's social relationship with other species is an important factor, especially in a multi-apartment building.

Athletic dog or not

Make sure that the apartment dog is able to follow the master in his sporting activities. Activities must be appropriate to the dog's endurance and size.

Watchdog or not

Whether small or large, the dog can easily make a very good guard dog. It's easy to categorize apartment dogs.

  • Companion dog without any guarding or protection role.
  • Watchdog barking to warn of the presence of an intruder.
  • Fearless protector that can even bite if necessary.

Space available for an apartment dog

The dog needs an area of his own where he can take refuge if necessary and rest when he feels like it. Even in an apartment, he needs a space that is adequate for his size.

How often will he be alone?

In an apartment, the time allotted to your dog is all the more important if he is alone for long periods, it is preferable that he does not suffer from separation anxiety that can cause continuous barking and howling.

Favourite dog breeds for apartment living

Some small breeds are classified among the most frequently chosen by dog owners living in apartments.

These breeds are the most chosen to live in apartments. Whether they accompany a single person, a couple or a family, they are greatly favoured thanks to their small size and light weight and can perfectly adapt to a limited space with one or more people.

Although all dogs can potentially live in an apartment, small and very small breeds are greatly favoured and most often chosen.


Choosing the right dog for the right owner, the space available in the residence, the living conditions in the building and the outdoor space available can make cohabitation quite easy.

Living in an apartment is not more difficult for a dog than living in a large residence.

As the animal has a great capacity of adaptation, he will be very happy in an apartment as long as the master has made the right choice by taking into account the dog's as well as his own characteristics in his decision.

In an apartment, if the right dog is in the right place accompanied by a good master, there will be a harmonious cohabitation right away.

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