Truffle dog: what are the ideal breeds?

truffle dog

Nowadays, dogs are just as efficient as pigs in searching for truffles, also know as cavage. However, not all dogs will be up to the task.

In addition to the sense of smell, the physical condition of the dog is essential for this activity, which proves to be sportive for our animals. Truffle dogs must also know how to be rigorous and not let themselves be distracted by environmental elements such as game. They must also control themselves so as not to damage the truffles during the search.

In this article, find out which breeds are ideal for a successful truffle dog.

The importance of the choice of dog and his education

No dog becomes a truffle hunter overnight. Indeed, it requires learning the activity, but also a very good education and complicity between the doggie and his master. The qualities of a good truffle dog are patience, self-control, calm, obedience and good physical shape.

At the same time, it is essential to start training your dog to cavage at a very young age. Training and rigor will make him an outstanding truffle dog!

All dogs, regardless of breed, will be able to do the job if they meet these criteria. Of course, some dog breeds are more predisposed than others.

The best truffle dog breeds

The Lagotto Romagnolo

chien d'eau romagnol

Also known as the Romagna Water Dog, he is the most famous truffle dog. In the past, this dog breed was used in swampy areas to hunt waterfowl.

Thanks to his fine muzzle and his searching qualities, he adapted very quickly to cavage.

Easy to train and very receptive to instructions, the Lagotto Romagnolo proves to be an excellent truffle dog, which is why he has been officially classified as a specialist in this field.

The Brittany Spaniel

épagneul breton

Of French origin, the Brittany Spaniel is a pointing dog whose qualities correspond to those of truffle dogs.

Sporty and sturdy, he will endure hours of searching for truffles through the forest, even in very cold temperatures.

Moreover, the Brittany Spaniel is a faithful and calm dog, which will facilitate his learning of this activity.

The German Shepherd

berger allemand

The German Shepherd is an extremely athletic breed of dog, robust, but also docile and gentle. All these qualities make him an excellent truffle dog on whom you can rely.

The Dachshund

teckel chien truffier

The Dachshund is a small dog with a fine nose. He is an excellent hunting dog and therefore has a good sense of search. This calm and obedient breed of dog has proven itself as a truffle dog.

The Labrador

labrador blond

Known for his docility, the Labrador generally adapts easily to the activity of searching for truffles.

Very sociable and often in complicity with his masters, this breed of dog, when he is well trained, offers great cavage sessions.

Other breeds compatible with cavage

Several other breeds are likely to make good truffle dogs.

Among them, the Rottweiler, the Westie or the Australian Shepherd. Indeed, all these dogs have intelligent, docile and sporty profiles.

As you may have understood, although the breed influences the dog's behaviour, it does not play a decisive role in making him a good truffle dog.

Upon adoption, you will simply need to ensure that the breed is predisposed to certain traits listed in this article.

Then, all you will have to do is to train your dog so that so that he meets the practice of truffle hunting.

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