Where to adopt or buy a dog?

or adopt buy dog

When the decision is final, it is important to know where to get your dog, and there are several options for choosing where to adopt or purchase a dog. We explain them to you in detail.

Adopting a dog from an animal shelter

There are many associations and animal shelters that have dogs for adoption. Usually, they are adult dogs that previous owners did not want anymore.

Sometimes litters of puppies are brought in, but most of the time, dogs are a little older. It is best to visit the shelter before making your decision to check the living conditions of the animals staying there temporarily. Certified shelters are generally well-controlled and are preferable to others that are sometimes more neglected.

The benefit of adopting a dog from the shelter is mainly to give him a chance to have a new loving home and a happy life.

Buying a dog from an individual

Through classified ads in newspapers or on the web, it is possible to buy a puppy or adult dog from a private owner. Often cheaper, dogs are sometimes purebred or crossbred. It is preferable to visit the premises and check the conditions in which the puppy or dog lives before deciding.

Family conditions in which the puppy is raised in private homes are usually good and friendly. The complete pedigree of the parents may or may not be available, depending on the case.

The price is generally reasonable depending on the pedigree of the animal, known or unknown.

Buying a dog from an amateur or professional breeder

He may breed a single breed or several ones and the dogs are usually in kennels, living conditions are often less homelike than an individual's home. Breeders are often members of a breed club, giving them a good credibility.

The advantage of buying a dog from a breeder is that the ancestral pedigree is known and that it is possible to choose a puppy in advance or have priority of choice on a future litter.

Breeders are more and more looking for specimens that don't have the genetic defects or diseases associated with the breed in question. It is therefore often possible to choose a puppy that will have very little chance of developing the diseases related to his breed.

Costs are generally higher with a breeder.

Buying a dog from an animal show

In shows, it is generally the breeder who offers his dog directly on the spot. Direct sale allows you to make immediate contact with the offered specimen. The contact is instantaneous but one must remain careful and ensure the authenticity of the breeder.

The price is the one set by the breeder, but sometimes temporary discounts are offered at shows.

Buying a dog from a pet store

In pet stores, dogs generally come from a breeder who is known to the pet store and whose authenticity can easily be verified. Caution should be exercised as single litters can also be accepted by pet stores from individuals with no known registration.

The price varies according to the quality of the breeding and the registration or not of the specimens sold.

Buying a dog from an animal market

The animal market is often attractive for the price and availability of dogs on site but one must remain very careful because the purchase of a dog may have some surprises in store for you.

The numbers are usually not known and the so-called pedigree dogs are often cross-breeds or simply mongrels resembling a particular breed. It is true that it is possible to find a magnificent companion who will be an excellent dog all his life but prudence must be exercised.

The puppies offered are usually very adorable and hard to resist and crushes during the visit are often impulsive, making you fall in love with an adorable puppy looking all sad and cute in his crate.

How do I know if the dog seller is reliable or not?

A professional breeder usually has proof of his reliability, and dog records are also proof of the veracity of his claims. The standards established for each breed are an excellent reference base for each dog.

Certain attitudes can sometimes indicate whether or not the breeder or seller of the dog is a trustworthy person or simply a person who wants to get rid of excess dogs in his household.

It is always preferable to check where the puppies come from but some behaviours should also be validated before buying.

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