Why do dogs smell other dogs’ butts?

why do dogs smell each others butts

In the street or in the park, you've probably seen some funny scenes between your dog and other dogs. If you're reading this article, you're probably wondering why your doggy is sniffing other dogs' butts. Although this may not seem like a good idea to us, it is very natural for dogs.

A unique olfactory signature

Each dog has his own unique scent. When a dog relieves himself, his anal glands release a unique scent. The dog spreads the scent by wiping his paws around and wagging his tail. When another dog sniffs this area some time after him, he knows that that dog has been here.

Dogs sniff each other's butts to gather valuable information

Since each dog's scent is unique and emanates from their anal glands, smelling each other's butts helps them get to know each other, especially during a first meeting.

Indeed, Jacobson's organ allows them to easily detect pheromones and recognize them.

Thus, by smelling another dog's butt, our doggies learn about the identity of the canine they have in front of them thanks to their highly developed sense of smell: sex, age, diet and even physical and emotional state.

It is therefore the best way to get to know and reassure each other!

An instinctive and natural behaviour in dogs

As you can see, this canine behaviour common to all dogs is completely natural and instinctive. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing dirty or sexual about this act. It is therefore useless to prevent your doggie from smelling the butt of other dogs or to punish him when he does so.

At the same time, some dogs, especially puppies, may feel the need to sniff the butts of other beings they meet, like humans. Although our smells don't communicate as much information as dogs do, they do help reassure our companions. However, we advise you to train your dog not to smell human's backsides in order to avoid embarrassing your guests and other people he might meet.

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