The 8 best cheap fences for dogs

cheap dog fence

Letting your dog roam and explore is really important. It’s good for their physical and mental well-being and keeps them entertained for hours at a time. But you want to make sure they can do it safely and where you can keep an eye on them. You don't want them bolting the front gate or entering the living room and sleeping on your brand new sofa. Whilst dog fences can be large, expensive structures, there are actually many out there that can stop your pup from getting into trouble and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

So, what is the best cheap dog fence? How much do they cost? And why do you really need one?

What is a dog fence?

Dog fences are structures that keep your pup in (or out of) a specific area. They can be large, permanent extensions of your home or lighter-weight, easy-to-install, portable pens. Whichever you decide to go for, their aim is the same – to keep your dog from wandering off and to keep them safe.

Why get a dog fence?

small fence for dogs

Not all homes and gardens are dog-proof. And let’s be honest, dogs can be experts in trying to escape. They can dig, jump, and in some cases even learn to open front gates. A dog fence lets them play, explore and be outside in a safe environment. It can also stop them from digging up your favorite plants and doing their business all over your lawn or driveway.

But they're not just designed to be used outside. Indoor dog fences can be a great way of keeping your pup in a specific area of the house, whether that’s downstairs or in a certain room. Some are like child gates but a little taller so they can’t jump over them and some are more like playpens. They work really well if your pup becomes excitable or overly curious when you have non-doggie guests around.

Some dog fence ideas, such as building a beautiful oak structure right the way around your garden, can be pretty pricey. But there is also lots of affordable dog fencing out there.

What to think about before buying a cheap dog fence

  • Why you’re buying it.If you’re buying a dog fence for a jumper, you’ll need to make sure you buy a tall and sturdy structure. If you’re buying it to keep your pup in one room, a door gate may be better than a whole playpen. If you intend your dog to be in the garden for longer periods of time, a fence around it may be better than a pen-style enclosure. This ensures they have separate areas to play and poop!
  • The materials. Even if you get a portable fence for your dog, you want to make sure it’s sturdy when it’s set up. Avoid weak materials which may be easier for larger dogs to knock down. Think about if it's easy to install and how you can store it.
  • Training. If you’ve recently moved house and your pup was used to a dog-safe garden, it may take them a while to get used to being in a pup pen. Make sure they have lots of toys, spend time in there with them, and ensure they get enough exercise by going for walks and runs.

The 8 best cheap dog fences: our picks

We've put together a list of the best dog fences for both indoor and outdoor use. Here they are!

Yaheetech Dog Exercise Pen

yaheetech 8 panel dog exercise pen
This temporary fence for dogs is ideal because it’s so flexible. It comes with 8, 60 inch high panels which can be put together in many different shapes and sizes by simply adding or removing a panel. It can be circular, square, or connect to a wall to create 3 sides. It’s made out of durable, weather-resistant metal so it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

It can be used as a portable dog fence for camping holidays or trips to non-dog-safe spaces and can even be made much larger by combining multiple Yaheetech exercise pens (although this would, of course, make it more expensive).

HACHI SHOP Dog Playpen

hachi shop dog fence
This cheap dog fence is perfect for pups and owners on the move. The lightweight panels are 24 inches high and can be secured into the ground with metal stakes. It’s also ideal for fencing off areas in the house or when used as a playpen for your pup to run around in and enjoy the great outdoors.

It can be assembled really quickly and is very easy to take down. Although sturdy, this portable dog fence is aimed at small dogs who aren’t massive jumpers.

Petmate Exercise Pen

petmate cheap portable dog fence
This strong, well-built dog fence is cheap and very easy to set up. It’s designed for indoor and outdoor use and, like many other pens, can be arranged into different shapes depending on your pup’s needs or the layout of your house. It comes in varying sizes and can be used for puppies and adult dogs. Because it’s easy to fold down and it’s lightweight, this portable dog fence can be taken with you when you’re on the road!

Carlson Dog Fence

carlson pet products dog fence
Not sure if you need a quick and easy dog pen, a fence, or a doggie gate? The Carlson dog fence is all three! This durable design can expand to 144 inches and is perfect for fencing off areas of the garden or yard. Each end can also be joined together to create a circular or square pet pen which can be used in the garden or in the house. It can be mounted to walls and there’s a handy step-through door for humans. There’s also an optional little door for smaller dogs or other pets.

Frisco Pet Gate

frisco extra wide pet gate
Dog gates are a great way to keep your pup in one area of your home whilst you’re busy in another. They can also be used in the back/front door to let fresh air into the house as your dog is kept safe. The standard version measures 30 inches in height but you can buy extensions up to an added 12 inches. So even larger pups won’t be able to clear it! The width is also adjustable to fit (nearly) any door frame.

It comes in three different colors, so not only will you be keeping your dog safe, but you’ll also find something to match your interior style!

MYPET Portable Pet Gate

MYPET North States
This is a really cute small fence for dogs. It comes in two colors and is really well priced. It’s made of plastic so it's lightweight and can easily be stored. There’s no need to assemble the gate, simply expand and contract to fit different doorways (26 to 40 inches).

There’s an easy-to-use handle rather than one of those trickier to use child gate fastings and it comes with rubber stoppers to protect your walls. It stands at 23 inches tall, so if you have a particularly jumpy pup you may need a bigger one.

Internet’s Best Arched Dog Fence

Internet's Best Arched Top Wire Dog Gate
This cheap dog fence is made from durable wood and is free-standing, meaning it’s really easy to clear away and folds down to just 2.5 inches. You stand it in the shape of a Z, so it’s perfect for cornering off areas such as the bottom of the stairs or the kitchen. It comes in white and espresso color as well as with 3 or 4 panels, so it’s adaptable to most spaces. It’s well designed and doesn’t look like a ‘typical’ pup fence, which some dog owners will like!

Tenax Wired Fence

cheap dog fencing tenax
Sometimes you don’t need a pet pen or a gate, but rather a DIY dog fence. This roll of plastic fencing is ideal for securing gardens and yards. You can attach the netting between trees or other garden structures or buy posts to secure it to. And because you're using zip ties, it can be a permanent feature in your garden or a more temporary one.

Dog fences are a great idea and ensure your pup stays safe. Have you got one? How do you use it?

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