The 5 best double dog leashes in 2021

double dog leash

Walking two dogs can be a difficult task, especially if there are many distractions going on around you.

One dog might pull you more than the other, especially if there are lots of cars, humans, and other dogs nearby.

The last thing you want is your dogs pulling you in different directions or making dog walking so difficult for you and making you dread walking your dogs in general.

Don't worry, though; dog walking can be made easy through the help of a two dog leash, otherwise known as a double dog leash.

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What is a double dog leash?

A double dog leash is two leashes combined into one, making it easy for you to manage two dogs when walking. They work because they evenly distribute the pressure to the front of your dog's collar and chest.

Some double dog leashes have a coupler that joins the leashes together and others contain a swivel device that attaches two different leashes. Finally, a double dog leash is important to have while walking as it stops leashes from becoming tangled, making your dog walking experience a lot more pleasant.

Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Dog Leash

wigzi double leash
Out of all the double dog leashes out there, we feel the Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Leash is one of the best. It's only $24.99 and comes in two different sizes, the small and the medium/large. It has a gel handle, so it's comfortable to hold onto while walking your canines and, at the same time, does not pinch your hands.


  • An ergonomic handle that contains gel stopping your hand from getting tired during long walks
  • Built-in coupler which stops leashes from tangling
  • Reflective rope, allowing vehicles and other humans to see your dog in the nighttime
  • 4.5-foot rope


  • Users report it's not that durable
  • Not good for puppies

Pet for Life Dual Dog Leash

pet fit for life two dog leashes
The Pet for Life Dual Dog Leash is a bargain to buy for your dog with a collapsible water bowl included! This is priced at $21.95 and is suitable for adult dogs. Unlike other leashes, it is convertible, allowing you to change the leash length from 64 inches to 34 inches when you need to take more control of your dog.

It is made of nylon and has a bungee built into the leash to stop your dog's neck from becoming strained and reducing the risk of shock when walking.


  • Has stainless steel double ringed swivel to stop your leashes from tangling
  • Convertible leash to allow you to stay in control when walking
  • Made out of nylon, and is weather-resistant, allowing you to walk your dogs at any time
  • Comes with a collapsable water drinking bowl


  • Only one size is available and only made for adult breeds
  • Long-range makes the leash great for hiking but difficult if shorter distances are needed for daily walks

Wigzi Dual Doggie Retractable Dog Leash

wigzi dual dog
If you're looking for a double dog leash that you can shorten easily without getting tangled, then the Wigzi Dual Doggie Retractable Dog Leash may spark your interest. This leash comes in one size with a length of 10 feet that can help you walk dogs up to 50lbs in weight. It's priced at $34.99, making it slightly more expensive than other leashes on the market.

Many users who use this double dog leash love the built-in untangling mechanism that you hold in your hand; all it takes is a click of the break to stop your dog from getting tangled up.


  • Color-coded brake mechanisms allow you to easily press and control your dogs when walking
  • Leads are different colors for each dog, one orange and one green. Allowing you to see your dogs easily during the night
  • It comes with a comfortable handle you can hold on to


  • Only has 10 feet of distance for each dog, so not ideal for hikes or long walks
  • Some users complain it's not strong enough to control heavy dogs
  • Pricier than others

Caldwell's Original dog Leash Coupler

caldwell double leash for dogs
Another popular dog coupler is Caldwell's; it's original and allows you to turn your normal leashes into one. It's a lot cheaper than other ones out there, only costing $11.99 and weather resistant. The coupler is made out of industrial grade polyester webbing, which is the same material as seat belts. Due to being made from this material, it makes it water-repellant, mildew resistant, and hard-wearing.

It's also adjustable, allowing you to adjust it to between 11-20 inches.


  • It’s affordable and on the lower price range
  • Highly durable containing industrial polyester webbing that has been tested on two dogs
  • It’s water repellant and mildew resistant


  • Length of the leash only reaches 2 feet, not great if you’re planning on longer walks
  • Not made for puppies or small breeds
  • Heavy metal and can weigh down your dog

Max and Neo Gear Nylon Reflective Double Dog Leash

max and neo leash
Max and New Gear Nylon Reflective Double Dog Leash are also equally affordable, priced at $14.99. It comes with two neoprene handles with different lengths, allowing you to easily control your dogs when walking. It also comes with reflective stitching, which allows your dogs to be seen, keeping them safe while walking at night. It also contains a D ring which allows you to clip additional items on such as poop bags and other accessories.

The leash is 6 feet long and can come in different colors.


  • You can attach accessories to it
  • Has reflective stitching allowing you to see your dogs leash in the dark
  • Has a 6 foot long leash


  • The clasp is difficult to open
  • Too heavy for small dogs
  • It’s only the stitching that is reflective, the rest of the leash is not

How to use a double leash?

Most double-ended dog leads have rings known as a coupler attached; if both dogs walk well, you can practice using the double leash together. However, if you find one dog is more difficult than the other, you can attach one dog to your body or waist and the other to the leash and hold it to allow you to practice walking first. You might want to take your dogs on short walks to practice using the double leash first before taking them out in a busy place or on long walks.

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