Kong for dogs: a funny and educational toy

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The Kong is a toy that will quickly become your dog's favourite pastime and will make you laugh. Moreover, it is a very good educational tool. In this article, we will explain where the Kong comes from, the different models and where to buy one.

What's a Kong?

This dog toy was born in 1976 when its creator, Joe Markham, realized that his German Shepherd had damaged his teeth from chewing on stones and sticks. So he spent several years developing the perfect toy for his dog and created the Kong.

Seeing early versions of the Kong, a friend of Joe Markham compared it to “earplugs for King Kong”, hence the toy's name.

A Kong is therefore an ultra-resistant rubber toy that is intended to be chewed by the dog. Its shape will make it bounce irregularly and will intrigue your dog who will try to catch it and chew it for hours, while satisfying his instincts and keeping him busy.

You can also fill it with kibbles or wet food to extend the game and keep your dog occupied for many hours.

A toy that will educate your dog

The beauty of the Kong is its ability to entertain and educate at the same time. When chewing a Kong, a dog releases endorphins and is thus more serene and relaxed.

The Kong allows your dog to release his overflowing energy while reducing the risk of mischief. In addition, this toy has many benefits for your dog's health:

  • Helps teeth growth
  • Solves chewing problems
  • Reduces anxiety when he is left alone
  • Helps fight boredom
  • Gets rid of the annoying habit of digging holes or barking unnecessarily

All models of Kong

Any type of dog will be able to enjoy this incredible toy. There are many models adapted to the sizes and ages of all dogs.

The Kong Classic (red)

This is the original Kong that will guarantee the ideal play experience for your dog. It is available in several sizes depending on the weight of the animal:

  • XS: up to 2 kg
  • S: up to 9 kg
  • M: between 7 and 16 kg
  • L: between 13 and 30 kg
  • XL : between 27 and 41 kg
  • XXL : more than 38 kg

The “Puppy” Kong (pink or blue)

This one has been specially designed for puppies that have milk teeth and chew less intensely than an adult dog. The rubber is therefore softer and more adapted to the young puppy's metabolism.

The “Extreme” Kong for relentless chewers (black)

This toy has been specially designed for dogs that have great strength in their jaws and chew very hard. Its rubber is ultra resistant.

It exists in different sizes according to the weight of the dog:

  • S: up to 9 kg
  • M: between 7 and 16 kg
  • L: between 13 and 30 kg
  • XL : between 27 and 41 kg
  • XXL : more than 38 kg

The “Senior” Kong for older dogs (purple)

This Kong has been designed for older dogs that have more difficulty chewing. Its soft rubber will protect the teeth and gums worn out over the years.

It exists in different sizes according to the weight of the dog:

  • S: up to 9 kg
  • M: between 7 and 16 kg
  • L: between 13 and 30 kg

How do you fill a Kong with food?

You can fill your dog's Kong with any type of food (kibbles, wet food, dog treats, chopped bananas…) and allow him to enjoy his meals while having fun.

At first, start by not overfilling it. Remember that this toy is a puzzle for the dog and if you make it too difficult, he may get bored and quickly discouraged. Use food that will easily fall out of the Kong so that your dog understands that the inside of the toy is full of food and that there are mechanisms to get to it.

Then, as soon as he starts to get used to it, make the challenge more complicated:

  • Use larger pieces of food (pieces of fruit or vegetables, larger treats) so that your dog takes more time and effort to remove them.
  • Cool/freeze the Kong. If the food is cold, it's firmer and your dog will love this extra challenge.
  • Hide the toy in your house. This way, your dog will have fun sniffing his food while trying to find his favourite toy.

Our opinion on the Kong

This toy is very useful for the dog as it combines entertainment and education. Thanks to its ultra-resistant rubber, the Kong will spend many years with your dog and will help him overcome his moments of loneliness.

Looking at all the benefits, its price is very accessible and that is why we highly recommend the purchase of this toy.

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