The 5 best waterproof dog collars

waterproof dog collars

Waterproof dog collars are highly resistant to water and damage and can last longer than other dog collars.

Pick a good dog collar with additional functions to ensure that your pet is safe and protected, adding to comfy, water-resistant wear.

Here are our picks for the top 5 best waterproof dog collars.

Tuff Pupper Classic Collar

tuff pupper collar

Tuff Pupper dog collar has a strong, durable plastic material with a hydrophobic TPU covering, making it ideal for energetic canines or bigger dogs who rip down standard collars.

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The collar is present in 3 sizes, ranging from 11 to 23 centimeters in circumference, with predrilled holes to allow you to customize that to your puppy's neck size

Customers may also choose from a variety of 12 different hues. The collar can also be customized to carry your personal information in case your pet ever gets lost. It is quite literally the best waterproof dog collar around.


  • Hydrophobic TPU covering makes it highly durable
  • Hooks to attach dog tags available


  • You will need to drill extra holes yourself if required as it does not have a slide and tuck in mechanism

PACKT Endeavour dog collar

packt collar

The slim and silky PACKT Endeavor dog necklace rests securely around your dog's head when they play or swim in the water.

The Plastic Bio-Thane fiber is hydrophobic and repels odor, and the metal ring for tags with your info is covered in anti-rust powder, prevent rusting. It's simple to wipe the collar clean when it gets filthy.

This style also has a large clasp that makes putting the collar on your dog and taking it off a total breeze.

Thus, it is an ideal choice for pups that are used to wearing the collar only when they go outside the house or those who frequently like playing in mud that must be cleaned off. The dog collar will stay on and go through all of your dog's activity without taking any damage.


  • Made with plastic Bio-Thane fiber that repels odor.
  • It can be cleaned easily and has metal rings to keep dog tags safe


  • The clasp-style mechanism doesn't make it suitable for dogs to wear the collar all the time.

Nimble waterproof pet collar

nimble collar dog

The NIMBLE dog collar's Plastic soft, elastic polyester is resistant to water and comfortable on your pet's neck. It also resists odors, and washing it is as simple as rubbing it off with a towel or washing it under running water from a tap. 

The collar is customizable and features a rapid clasp, but it's the luminous strip stitched into it that truly makes it stand out.

This luminous strip will keep your dog visible if you he enjoys evening walks or if you simply want to find him quickly if he's playing in the watery place. There are multiple choices in color and size, so you can choose at your convenience.


  • The fluorescent strip makes it easier to spot your pet in the dark
  • The soft material is easy on your pet's neck


  • The material is a stretchable polyester and may succumb to loosening and tear over time.

GoTags sporting dog collar

gotags collar

The hydrophobic GoTags necklace merges the idea of a dog tag and a waterproof dog collar into a single product.

A customized chrome-plated plaque etched with your pet's contact info is included with each collar. There is enough space available for a good 4 lines of writing with about twenty-two characters on each line.

You don't have to think about tags falling off because the nameplate is fastened hard to the collar, and falling off is the last thing it would do.

BioThane, a polymerized nylon fiber that is water-resistant and odor-repellant, is used to make the collar. It also comes with a stainless-steel nameplate and a handy hook on the rear of the collar for attaching a lead.


  • The in-built name tag clears off the need for an external dog tag
  • Stainless-steel nameplate does not rust


  • Only available in a single color for now.

Blueberry Pet dog collar

blueberry pet dog collar

Blueberry Pet's amazingly soft padded dog collar is ideal for pets that experience sores or physical discomfort from other collars.

The collar is constructed of polyester with substantial neoprene cushioning that won't irritate your dog's neck, and it's also fast drying and waterproof.

While it isn't built to resist water for regular swimming, it can withstand light splashes and wet and windy excursions without becoming soggy. It is available in multiple floral patterns that come in an array of bright colors.

This collar guarantees comfort but doesn't do too well on the waterproofing side of things.


  • Very soft material to avoid discomfort to your pet
  • Available in many bright colors and patterns


  • The collar is not fully water-resistant and can only handle splashes or rain and not swimming sessions


Though collars are meant to make it clear that your pretty pupper has a loving home, it needs to be checked to be comfortable for your pet.

The waterproofing of the collar helps your pet have a dry collar that doesn't turn moldy or irritate the skin in the process of drying out.

The best waterproof dog collar can't be singles out, so it is up to you to choose the one that satisfies you and your furball friend. We hope you find the best one.

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