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wufwuf reviews

There's definitely a key factor why many of the 10,000 dog owners Wuf Wuf have served keep coming back for more. People's dogs simply can't get enough of the treats, toys, and surprises Wuf Wuf provides!

If you're a dog owner and you're reading this, you might be missing out on getting a Wuf Wuf box.

What is a Wuf Wuf box?

Are you familiar with the feeling of excitement you get when you get mail delivered to your door? Whether it's a letter or a parcel with your name on it, you feel this overpowering sensation that makes you want to open it.

Well, you could do the same for your dog. While dogs can't read, they can definitely be surprised each month with a Wuf Wuf box. This box is a subscription box that contains lots of treats, toys, and surprises for your dog.

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How does a Wuf Wuf box work?

Wuf Wuf is an incredibly catered and thoughtful subscription service. It starts off with you registering and letting them know specific details about the dog you own. They will ask you the name of your dog, what it likes/dislikes, and its size.

Then upon entering the details, you will have to provide your address and card information. It costs £18.80 a month, and they will provide items in the box that totals more than £40. Bargain!

Once done, they will ship your order straight away. If you live in the U.K, this service is free to ship; if you live in Europe, it's £7 and £12 for non-EU countries. After your first order, they will ship more boxes to you each month after the 15th day.

What's included in the Wuf Wuf box?

Generally, when you subscribe to getting a Wuf Wuf box for your dog, you will get around 5 items in there. Usually, this box will contain treats, toys, and surprises. When you subscribe for the first time, they send an extra item in the box, but you have to claim for this first!

They also share with you what the first Wuf Wuf box contains. If you were to order from them, you could expect to get the following in your dog's first box: a Wuffmag magazine, two different types of premium treat, additional Shakespear toy, tough toy, chew, and a Wuffsalad interactive toy.

However, to have a basic idea Wuf Wuf does offer some insights into their boxes, which you can view here.

They have themed boxes to fit in with holidays and seasons that come up in the year. On their website, they show different types of these boxes they have and examples of what they contain, allowing you to take a ‘peak.'

Previous themed Wuf Wuf boxes

Wuf Wuf have previously provided the following themed boxes:

  • Easter Wuf Wuf box
  • Christmas Wuf Wuf box
  • Winter tails Wuf Wuf box
  • Grumpy Cat Wuf Wuf box
  • Of star box
  • Valentine's day Wuf Wuf box
  • Dogosaurus Wuf Wuf box
  • Sherdog howls Wuf Wuf box
  • Rain paw Wuf Wuf box

Wuf Wuf box reviews

As humans, when making any new purchase, one question that always arises in our mind is, is it worth it?

By now, reading this article, you're probably still undecided whether it's worth getting for your dog.

With their toys, treats, and surprises, many customers provide lots of praise for their service on their website.

Some customers give a 10/10 for the quality of their products, packaging, value for money and the variety that they receive in the box. Plus, they always highlight how nice it is to see their dog surprised by the box and getting to share that moment with them.

Similarly, they always state how excited and smiling their dog is when they receive the box. Likewise, customers feel they aren't wasting their money if their dog does not like any item.

Overall, the Wuf Wuf Box seems to be a great hit with the global dog community. It's full of a diverse range of items to make your dog feel loved and will save you time from going to the store or browsing online to buy individual items.

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