Bach Flower Remedies for stressed dogs: benefits and advice

bach dog flower

Is your dog stressed? Because of your absence, by a change of situation or because of a complicated past? There are several solutions.

Among these, one of them is little known but very effective: Bach flowers. Let's find out what they are, their benefits and give you some advice.

Bach flowers: what are they?

Bach flowers are a liquid preparation obtained by a solar infusion process imagined by Dr Bach at the beginning of the 20th century. Driven by the desire to heal differently, he developed a holistic method of care – treating the human being as a whole.

His research led to the development of 38 (39 including the “Rescue” blend from 5 different flowers) “quintessences” or extracts of flowers, allowing him to respond to different issues. In a nutshell: feeling reassured, overcoming anxieties, knowing how to set one's limits, keeping one's cool in all circumstances, developing patience skills, removing guilt …

Bach Flower Remedies for stressed dogs: benefits

Bach flowers were first developed for humans, but several tests on animals have shown that they can also be effective and not dangerous for dogs.

If your dog is stressed and has destructive or even self-destructive behaviors, Bach flowers can help. And this thanks to several benefits.

They have the advantage of being:

  • Natural – Bach flowers are only made of natural flower extracts and alcohol (to decant the flowers). It is also possible to opt for non-alcoholic formulas;
  • Non-toxic – Bach flowers have no known contraindications or side effects, there is no risk of dependency, addiction, toxicity or overdose;
  • Affordable price – estimate about $15 per 30ml vial which will be sufficient for about a month (depending on the size of your dog).

Is it really effective?

No scientific studies to date have proven the effects of Bach flowers – on humans or animals.

However, Professor Campanini's study (published in 1987) on symptoms of anxiety, phobias and obsessive disorders reports that 87% of patients experience positive effects.

Studies are currently underway to try to better understand the effects of alternative medicine such as floral elixirs (including Bach flowers), acupuncture and therapeutic contact.

Bach flowers: which ones to choose?

For a dog in a stressful situation, it's worth choosing a Bach flower blend. You will find several mixes specifically for dogs.

The preferred flowers are:

  • Agrimony: to put an end to worries, to regain optimism;
  • Vervain: to return to calm, tranquility;
  • Trembles: to achieve a sense of security;
  • Helianthma: to overcome paralyzing fears.

Bach flowers: dosage

If your dog is naturally anxious or disturbed by an event such as moving houses for example, you can give him four drops, three to four times a day for a month. This should reassure him. You can put the drops in his food or drinking water, or put them on a treat.

If your dog is stressed when you're away, put four drops on his paws or muzzle when you leave. This will soothe him. You can do this every time you leave, not just as a cure.

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