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Euthanasia and death of the dog

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What is dog euthanasia?

Euthanasia is characterized by the deliberate killing of the dog provoked by the injection of a specialized product. Thanks to the methods used by veterinarians, the killing is quick and painless for the animal.

The decision is often made when the dog is unable to recover or when the owner wants or has to get rid of the animal for various reasons.

Euthanasia is subject of considerable debate among human beings. It is a little different in the case of dogs, where the owner often chooses this option in order to prevent the dog from suffering too much or when the dog is too disabled and daily life no longer offers any quality of life for the animal.

Whatever the reason leading to the decision to euthanize the dog, the choice is always difficult and totally heartbreaking.

Deciding to euthanize your dog

mort du chien euthanasie

Even when buying a very young dog, one must be aware that his life expectancy is much shorter than a human being’s. So, one way or another, the owner must face one day the disappearance of his dearest friend.

Experiencing the death of your dog is always difficult, but making the decision to end it is even more difficult for the owner who loves his pet very much.

When an accident occurs and it is impossible to treat the dog, the veterinarian may suggest to the owner the only possible option to shorten the animal’s suffering.

This option may also be considered when there is an incurable disease that greatly disables the dog or causes him intolerable suffering.

Whatever the reason, the decision to euthanize your dog is a very difficult one. It is really the last resort when all other options have been eliminated.

Euthanasia of the dog

Euthanasia is completely painless for the dog. It acts very quickly. In a fraction of a second after the injection, the dog dies peacefully and without any suffering.

Veterinarians inject a product that stops the heart. The injection can be intravenous or intracardiac. The product injected is given in overdose so that everything happens painlessly and very quickly for the dog. Once the injection is completed, the veterinarian makes sure the heart has stopped. There is no possibility of the dog waking up once euthanasia is performed.

The process can be done in the presence of the dog’s owner if he wishes to accompany his friend until his last breath. The procedure is very humane and since the dog has no time to suffer, it makes his master’s pain a little more bearable.

The death of the dog: genuine pain

When the dog owner loses his best friend to euthanasia, he is faced with genuine pain. Comments such as “it’s only a dog” are not really appropriate. For some people, it may be “just a dog”, but for the owner, it is often quite different.

A four-legged companion who has shared the life of a human for many years has helped make his daily life much more pleasant and often much less lonely. The dog shares his master’s joys and sorrows.

He is always happy to be reunited with his family members after work or school. He shares games & TV nights. The owner relaxing while caressing his best friend lying on his feet is a must. The dog is always there for the entire family without motive and generally without asking for anything in return.

How to grieve your friend? Because we need to grieve in order to be able to enjoy all the moments spent with him instead of letting the pain take all the space and forcing us to forget him completely in order to manage it. It is essential to face this pain and then move on to the phase of memories and light nostalgia.

Obviously, depending on the death, it is sometimes more difficult and longer to grieve.

Natural death

When the dog is old or has been ill for some time, death is fast approaching but the owner can take the time to prepare for it. This way, he can make the most of the last moments spent with his dog and turn this precious time into moments to remember and cherish once the dog is gone.

Although it is always difficult, mourning is still more tolerable, more easily achievable and often shorter, turning more quickly into good memories of the time spent with your dog. The grief then slowly turns into nostalgia.

Accidental death

When death is sudden and totally unexpected, the situation is often disastrous for the dog’s family members. Anger mixed with great sorrow of losing one’s best friend makes mourning longer and more difficult to deal with.

Body of the dog

There are several options depending on veterinarians and regions.

  • Leave the body with the veterinarian who will take care of the cremation and it will then possible to recover the ashes.
  • Bury the dog in the allotment garden in compliance with the conditions required by the municipality.
  • Incinerate the dog on the property of the family home in compliance with the conditions required by the municipality.
  • Reserve a place in a pet cemetery for the body or ashes.

Every decision is unique and particular to each family depending on whether they live in the countryside or in the city. It is easier to manage your pet’s body when you live in the countryside on a large piece of land than in an apartment in an urban centre, as the constraints are not the same.

Some prefer the pet cemetery and visit their friend on a walk. Some prefer the family garden so that they can visit their best friend’s grave as often as they wish.

Mourning your dog

The first step is to avoid guilt. Everything has been done for the good of the dog and it is useless to try to go back and ask a lot of useless questions that can no longer change anything at this time, we must move forward.

Avoid looking for culprits or blaming the veterinarian who euthanized the dog. The veterinarian usually does everything he or she can to save animals.

Feeling sad is perfectly normal and if some people make fun of the grief caused by the loss of the dog, you have to ignore them. No one knows what emptiness the loss of the dog can cause for some people.

Feeling a big emptiness is also quite normal because, generally, a dog takes up a lot of space in a house. It is then imperative to change habits slightly, until the pain is replaced by good memories.

Some need another companion to help them grieve for the missing dog. There is no shame or guilt in wanting another companion. On the contrary, wanting another dog is a tribute to the lost one. This desire shows what an excellent companion the dog was, making the owner want to share this kind of friendship again with another four-legged friend.

Even if he does not replace the departed, the new companion fills a void in which he can take his own place with the grieving master. However, we must make sure not to fall into the trap of comparison and understand that the new companion will be different and never be like the beloved doggie that is gone.

It can be beneficial to talk about it around you. It is very often the case that people in the neighbourhood have experienced the same pain and have never spoken about it. Sharing the pain usually helps deal with it better.

With time, the pain fades and confirmation that euthanizing the dog was the only possible solution replaces doubt and guilt, leaving room for good memories and even smiles, thinking of the stupidities that the lost dog may have committed during his life.

When memories and nostalgia replace suffering, mourning is over. The dog will never be forgotten and will always be present, but his remembrance is now full of memories and good times spent in his company.


Since the dog is considered man’s best friend, it is normal for man to grieve his loss.

Some people feel that euthanasia of the dog is unthinkable, but when the suffering is intolerable and the dog can no longer rely on medicine to relieve his pain or cure him, ending his suffering is a form of respect and love from the owner.

Even if the decision is heartbreaking and very difficult for the owner, the love he has for his best friend is such that he is ready to part with him in order to avoid further suffering.

When euthanasia is the best choice for the dog, in agreement with the veterinarian, it is not a crime but a gesture of love.

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