How to brush a dog? Our complete guide

how to brush a dog

Dogs are fantastic; they're big, small, and have lots of personalities. There's just so many of them out there! We're just spoilt for choice due to the variation of canines that surround us.

Speaking of variation, one significant aspect is that these dogs have so many different types of coats.

We're lucky enough to see different coat colors, textures, and lengths.

Just like their coats, their grooming requirements vary too!

But, one routine that tends to be similar is brushing.

To help you with this, we're going to give you today a step by step guide on brushing dog hair.

How often should I brush my dog?

Before we dive right into the steps, you must be familiar with your dog's brushing requirements. On average, you should brush your dog 2-3 times a week to maintain their coat and remove any tangles or mats. If you have a dog that sheds less frequently, you might brush them every couple of weeks, whereas if you have a dog with short fur, you will want to brush it weekly

To be specific, here is a guideline for the following:

  • Long haired dogs: It's best to use a pin brush to detangle their coat once a week. The reason you should use a pin brush is that the bristles will allow you to take hold of your dog's undercoat and remove excess hairs without making the brushing experience painful or unpleasant. If your dog has any mats in its fur, you will want to use a comb to gently remove any.
  • Dogs with a short coat: If you own a dog with a short coat like a Greyhound, you will only want to brush it every couple of weeks. The best way to do this is by using a grooming glove or slicker brush to help remove any excess dirt or hair. Once finished, you might want to give your dog a final brush with a soft bristle brush to help spread the natural oils over its body.
  • Dogs with wiry hair: If you own a dog like a pug or a Terrier, you will want to use a slick brush to remove any tangles and then use a metal comb afterward.

How to brush a dog?

Now that you've got a baseline idea on how often you should brush your dog's coat and what brush to use, let's share with you 3 basic steps on brushing your dog.

  1. Always brush away from your dog's skin: When brushing your dog, you will want to brush in the direction of down and out. A good way to do this is to brush in the direction your dog's coat grows in.
  2. Take your time and be gentle: Never rush the brushing process, and don't pull on your dog's coat. You will want to untangle their fur gently and take your time; if you snap hair or pull it, it will make the brushing experience unpleasant, and they may become fearful.
  3. Use dog conditioner: If you happen to experience matts when brushing and find it difficult to get them out, apply a conditioner. Let the conditioner sink into its hair for brushing. Following this, get a wide-tooth comb and slowly remove the tangles. Be careful, as it can be painful for your dog. You can, of course, use a pair of scissors to cut out tangles from your dog's hair, but be careful; you might hurt their skin, and they could end up getting stitches.

Getting your dog brushed professionally

Even though you can brush your dog, you don't always have to do it. If you live a busy lifestyle, there's no difficulty taking it to get professionally groomed. Similarly, depending on what type of coat it has, your dog may require an extra level of skill! Therefore some groomers are experts at removing the hairs from your dog's coat and make it a comfortable experience.

Regardless of who brushes your dog's coat, it's an essential task that needs to be done regularly. Brushing your dog's coat will help keep its fur intact, shedding to a minimum, and also reduce their risk of skin infection.

How often do you brush your dog's coat? Let us know in the comments down below.

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