What are the benefits of salmon oil for dogs?

salmon oil for dogs

Orange and a little viscous, it comes in a small vial with a pump: it is salmon oil for dogs. You may have already seen it in your favourite pet store and wondered what it was used for.

In this article, learn about the benefits of salmon oil for your dog and how best to choose it.

4 benefits of salmon oil for dogs

Salmon oil has many benefits for your dog.

Increases the palatability of the dishes

First and not least, salmon oil increases the palatability of your dog's dish by enhancing its smell and taste.

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If your dog tends to get bored with his food, for example, a small spoonful of salmon oil may encourage him to reach his bowl. Similarly, if you're trying to introduce your dog to new foods – such as vegetables as part of a household portion – flavouring the food with salmon oil will make it more interesting.

Facilitates intestinal transit

If your dog tends to be constipated or does not have a bowel movement, salmon oil can facilitate his transit and help shape his stool.

If your dog regularly suffers from stomach and intestinal problems, salmon oil is not the cure!
He may have a virus, worms, stress or even food allergy: consulting a health professional is appropriate.

Strengthens the heart

As in humans, the omega-3 contained in salmon (and more generally fatty fish) is good for your dog's heart function. Adding a little salmon oil to your dog's daily portion may do him good.

Improves the appearance of skin and coat

Little extra: thanks to the omega-3 contained in salmon oil, your dog's skin and coat will be more beautiful! They will be less brittle and more shiny.

How to use salmon oil?

As with any new food introduced to your dog's diet, be sure to add salmon oil only to foods that your dog tolerates well. This way, you can easily check his reaction to salmon oil: does he like it? Does he tolerate it?

To use salmon oil, simply add a few squeezes (if you have pump size packaging) or a teaspoon of oil to the contents of your dog's bowl.

Since salmon oil for dogs is a fatty and caloric food, do not use a lot of it and not every day (unless your dog is fed the household portion). This is because your dog's kibble already contains nutrients found in salmon oil – salmon oil is therefore a plus.

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How do you choose your salmon oil?

There are three forms: traditional, wild, and organic. Generally speaking, the choice of one over the other will depend on your own sensitivity.

Traditional salmon oil

“Traditional” salmon oil or with no mention is often an oil made from non-organic farmed salmon. It is cheaper than the other two, but of lower quality – not to mention that it sustains intensive breeding.

Wild salmon oil

Wild salmon oil comes from …. wild salmon, as its name suggests (and therefore not farmed). It is more expensive than the oil with no mention, but will help limit the cruelty of salmon farms and meat and bone meal and other antibiotics linked to intensive breeding.

Organic salmon oil

Organic salmon oil for dogs is an oil that comes from organically farmed salmon. It is more expensive than the oil with no mention. The organic farms being regulated, it partially limits cruelty to salmons, as well as components associated with breeding.

What if he doesn't like or can't stand it?

It is entirely possible that your dog does not tolerate salmon oil.

On the one hand, he may hate it and walk away from his bowl when you add it to his food. Or, on the other hand, his intestins might not agree. Some dogs just can't stand fish.

To replace salmon oil, you can turn to other vegetable oils with similar properties. While they won't necessarily increase your dog's palatability, they will provide the nutrients your dog is lacking. For example, hemp and flax oil are high in omega-3, while sunflower and walnut oil are high in omega-6.

In conclusion, salmon oil can be an ally in your dog's healthy diet. Adding it to his portion from time to time can only make him happy!

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