How many times a day do you feed your dog and how much?

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When you become a dog owner, two questions become recurrent: how many times a day should you feed your dog? What is the recommended amount? The answers depend on several parameters, especially since eating habits have a direct influence on your dog's well-being.

To help you see more clearly, we answer hereinafter all your questions on the subject.

How many meals a day and how much for a puppy?

Please note that the ideal diet in terms of frequency and quantity for our canine friend depends mainly on his age and breed.

Feeding frequency for a puppy

It should be noted that the dog's stomach completes its growth as of 7 months of age. Before this, it is still developing.

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As a result, the number of meals the puppy is fed can vary until he reaches his full growth.

From 4 to 6 weeks and up to 3 months: the puppy's daily portion is divided into 4 or 5 meals.

From 3 to 5 months: The daily ration is divided into 3 meals.

From 6 months: 2 meals per day are sufficient.

To keep your little companion healthy, don't feed him between meals. This helps avoid digestive problems and also reduces the risk of obesity. To monitor your puppy's health, check his stool regularly. Stool can alert you of any abnormality.

It is also recommended that you feed your puppy at set times and in a specific spot.

Amount of food for a puppy

The puppy's body develops very quickly. His food must be of good quality to provide all the nutritional needs.

Until 8 weeks of age, the puppy is breastfed by his mother and stays with her. However, you can start to give him small snacks as of his 3rd or 4th week of age. For example, give him puppy food mixed with water. Between 3 and 6 months, the puppy should be used to solid food.

Note that a puppy often burns 2 or even 3 times more calories than an adult dog. If you feed your puppy industrial food, the correct amount is mentioned on the packaging. You'll find information on the optimal amount according to your puppy's age and weight.

How many meals per day and how much for an adult dog?

An adult dog has completed his growth. His diet is therefore no longer the same as the puppy's.

Meal frequency of an adult dog

The number of meals per day is limited to one a day. It is nevertheless possible to consider 2 meals for large and working dogs.

We remind you that portion splitting reduces the risk of twisted stomach in dogs.

Also remember to give him his meal at a fixed time, preferably in the evening, after you have eaten.

In the case of 2 meals, you can serve him the same portion, or a larger portion in the evening.

For working dogs, plan the meal at least one hour before or after physical exertion.

Amount of food for the adult dog

It is necessary to follow the indications on the packaging for the dog's meals. There are also other ways to determine the right amount if you prepare your dog's meals yourself.

In general, the daily amount of a dog's meal is 2-3% of his total weight. You should also ensure that your dog's diet is balanced and healthy by calculating the proportions according to his weight.

To feed your dog correctly, follow these tips:

– Serve the dog's meal at room temperature to ensure that he gets the most out of the taste and smell;

– Place his bowl on an easy to clean surface, such as tile;

– Store dry whole food in a clean place, if possible in an airtight container. This will preserve its taste.

Make sure he eats quietly, without being disturbed by the children.

– If you are feeding several dogs, separate them to avoid conflict.

In conclusion

Note that every dog is different. The ideal amount of food for your dog depends on his size, age and physical activity.

If you are not sure about the ideal quantity, do not hesitate to ask a veterinarian for advice. This applies to both puppies and adult dogs. A professional will determine whether your puppy is growing properly.

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