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ollie dog food reviews

The idea of feeding your dog the best fresh, nutritional, and yummy food is, of course, an attractive one. We so rarely know exactly what is going into kibble or ‘standard’ pet food. With freshly delivered meals, they get good quality food, free of any preservatives, fillers, by-products, or added extras, and you don’t have to haul tins of dog food back from the grocery store. Win-win. They also help with portion size, feeding tricks and offer you a refund if your pup doesn’t lick up every last scrap (or should I say high-quality meat).

There are many premium pet food manufacturers, but Ollie is one of the most popular. So, is it worth all the hype? Will it really improve your pup’s health? How much is Ollie dog food? Here’s what you need to know from all the Ollie dog food reviews out there.

How does Ollie dog food work?

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Ollie is a premium, fresh, and nutritional dog food subscription service delivered right to your door. The meal plans are specifically designed for your dog, depending on their breed, their weight, whether they’re spayed, and their age. You have to fill out a quick quiz and they’ll tell you what food they recommend and how much it will cost.

All the ingredients are handpicked by veterinary nutritionists and all the recipes crafted so that your dog is getting a completely balanced meal with all the bits they need. Actually, when it comes to reviews of Ollie dog food, one of the best things is that you can see exactly what is going into each meal on their website. Down to every pea. 

You can choose from four different types of protein – beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb, all of which are sourced in America, Australia, or New Zealand. Each meal contains whole ingredients including a mix of sweet potato, rosemary, spinach, cod-liver oil, and blueberries. During the sign-up process, you can choose whether your pup gets all four types of meat or a selection of a few.

Why choose fresh?

For the same reason it’s better for us to make our own homemade burgers rather than going to a fast food restaurant to buy them. We’re in control of exactly what goes in them, how they’re prepared, and whether there are any nasty ingredients or preservatives. So why should it be any different for our dogs? 

Many dogs suffer from health problems or obesity, and a pill isn’t always the answer. You can really impact your dog’s well-being by changing its diet – and what better way to do it than by making sure they’re getting healthy greens, fresh cuts of good meat, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. You don’t even need to do any of the preparation.

Knowing that you’re receiving customized food for your pup is a great feeling, especially when you see them gobbling it down. But knowing it’s doing them some good is even better.

Your pup’s pre-portioned food arrives in a cool package, ensuring it stays fresh whilst in the mail. Each meal is vacuum packed, and you receive a customized tupperware and spoon to serve each portion correctly. You also get a leaflet explaining your dog’s meal plan, how to store the food in the freezer, and the benefits of all the ingredients.

Ollie also understands how difficult it is to change your dog’s food and how it’s best to do it slowly so as to not upset their stomachs. They give handy hints, such as adding a little warm water, or unsalted broth to the food to entice new customers (not that most need it).

On their website, they have a really handy support section, which is full of helpful questions and answers. For instance, what about if you’re traveling? You can either take your pre-delivered meals with you in a cool bag, or Ollie will even deliver to a temporary address (as long as you change the address before the cut-off for delivery). And what about if you’re not home when they deliver? Ollie makes sure they put enough ice and insulation in the package to ensure the food stays fresh until midnight on the day it arrives, so as long as you’re back by then you shouldn’t have a problem. 


A quick read-through of Ollie dog food reviews and you see some consistent cons. A common downside is the inability of the product to be stored in for long periods of time. The lack of any preservatives or additives makes for quality nutrition but it also implies a sooner expiration date compared to foods with more preservatives. Each meal needs to be frozen and thawed overnight for the next day. Thus, it is preferable to have a freezer large enough for a batch of food for your pup, and important to remember to take it out each evening. A slight downside perhaps, but not big considering the freshness and quality of the food.

Like most premium pet food providers, Ollie is more expensive than dry or canned food. Just looking at the dog food in the grocery store you’ll see more expensive brands claiming to be organic, natural, and even healthy. But, due to misleading packaging laws, these statements don’t even have to be true. With Ollie, however, you can see the healthy ingredients with your own eyes. Every bit of carrot, every cranberry. Although more expensive than shop bought food, they’re actually less expensive than other fresh subscription packages. For smaller dogs, it can even cost 2$ a day.

Ollie dog food does have four meals to choose from, but it’s not possible to customize these meals any further. So if your pup is a very fussy eater or has allergies, it’s a good idea to check the exact ingredients on the website first.

Like with any subscription service, you need to be organized if you want to cancel or postpone a shipment. And like most subscription services, payment is automatic and they don’t make it that easy to cancel. But it is possible – you just need to remember to do it.

What are customers saying?

Out of 562 reviews on Trustpilot, Ollie dog food has a 4.4 rating, with 74% of customers saying it’s excellent. One such customer says “My dog Thor is a six-year-old German Shepherd. He always had stomach issues when he ate regular dog food… We tried several brands and spent thousands of dollars on vet bills… Since Thor has been eating Ollies, his stomach problems have disappeared!”

Of the 4% of people who rated Ollies as poor, one said “both of our dogs LOVE their Ollie food however the ordering process and automatic renewal is confusing. The company isn't clear on when your order is supposed to ship and it automatically renews each month (even if you skip a shipment).”

So, is it worth it?

That really depends on you and your dog. Avoiding preservatives and unhealthy added fillers is always good, but it is more expensive than regular food, especially if you have a big dog. If you are thinking of changing your pup over to a fresh diet, Ollie is one of the less expensive ones.

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Have you ever had food delivered for your dog from an online subscription service? What was your experience?

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