Can I give vegetables to my dog?

dog vegetables

Although they are still basically carnivorous animals, dogs may eat foods other than meat. Vegetables are essential for maintaining good health in our pets and should be part of your dog's diet.

However, it is advisable to give him the appropriate vegetables for his body because some are not recommended or even forbidden for your dogs.

In this article, you will find out if you can give vegetables to your dog and discover which vegetables are allowed and forbidden for our four-legged friend.

Can my dog eat vegetables?

Yes, you can give vegetables to your dog. Even if he is a carnivore, he needs vegetables in his diet.

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In addition, most vegetables are low in calories and rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. However, it is important to emphasize that they should not be the basis of your dog's diet but should be added as supplement to a protein source.

The majority of vegetables allowed for dogs provide digestive comfort by helping them to better digest, they can be useful in case of temporary constipation and they also contribute to your dog's nutritional balance.

What vegetables are allowed for dogs?

laitue chien

Before thinking about including vegetables in your dog's food, it's important to know which vegetables are allowed for your pet, as some can be dangerous and toxic.

In addition, it is also important to respect the quantities to be given because a dog's body is not like ours and his digestive system may not assimilate certain quantities. Finally, some vegetables must be cooked as they can be toxic when raw.

Here is the list of vegetables allowed for your dog:

  • Carrots (except in diabetic dogs because they are rich in sugar);
  • Cauliflower;
  • Zucchini;
  • Cucumber;
  • Lettuce,
  • Well-cooked beans;
  • Sweet potato;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Green salad or lamb's lettuce.

Whichever vegetable you plan to give your dog, preferably give him cooked ones. Some raw vegetables can be either poisonous or hard to digest.

In addition, some vegetables can be included in your dog's food but in limited quantities. Among those to be given to your dog but in limited quantities are the following:

  • Eggplant (only cooked);
  • Asparagus (only cooked);
  • Cabbage;
  • Artichoke (only cooked).

These vegetables can be hard to digest and cause digestive problems such as flatulence or diarrhea.

Some are toxic in large quantities or if consumed on a regular basis. It is therefore important to give them occasionally and in small quantities.

Important: if your dog suffers from liver or kidney failure, we advise you to be extra vigilant and consult your vet.

What vegetables are forbidden for dogs?

chien oignon

Some vegetables are extremely dangerous and toxic to dogs.

Under no circumstances should you include them in your dog's food, even as a treat. These include onion, garlic, shallot and leek. These vegetables destroy your dog's red blood cells. They are poisonous whether cooked or raw.

Raw potato is also toxic and should not be given to your pet under any circumstances.

If your dog has ingested these forbidden vegetables, do not hesitate in contacting a veterinarian in emergency even if there are no symptoms. Prompt care increases your dog's chances of survival.

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