How do I prepare my dog for the arrival of a baby?

dog and baby

You are expecting a happy event and are apprehensive about your future baby's cohabitation with your beloved doggie? Every parent-to-be has many questions about the arrival of their baby, especially when it's their first. And that's perfectly normal. Fortunately, every problem has a solution.

Dogs are sensitive animals that bring joy, gentleness and comfort to newborns and children in general. To ensure that everything goes smoothly from the start, it's important to prepare your doggie for this big change.

Good habits to start as soon as possible

Before you introduce your dog to your newborn, it's important to establish somewhat stricter rules that your dog should obey.

So that you don't have to worry about this when the baby arrives, get your dog used to these changes as soon as possible, i.e. from the moment you learn about the pregnancy.

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Banning your dog from the nursery while you're away

For safety reasons, we recommend that you do not allow your dog to enter your future baby's room while you are away. Some owners choose to ban the dog from the room completely. If you allow your dog to accompany you into your newborn's room, make sure you teach him not to touch the (future) baby's things.

Teach him to distinguish between the baby's objects and others objects

For obvious hygiene reasons, it is essential to train your dog not to take, chew or lick the baby's things. To do this, you must first teach him to distinguish between the baby's things and the rest of the objects.

To avoid confusion, it is preferable to give your child toys and stuffed animals which are very different from your dog's.

Well before the arrival of the baby, start by testing with a first baby bottle, toys and other objects that your dog will have to learn to not put in his mouth.

Reinforce his obedience

Your dog's education is very important for a successful cohabitation with your child. Indeed, this one must be irreproachable. Your dog must be able to control himself in the presence of the baby and must unquestionably listen to your instructions.

First, your dog must be able to understand and execute the basic commands: sit or quiet. Depending on your dog's character, it may be necessary to reinforce his training with other commands.

Watch out, we recommend that you make this transition gradually, so that you don't rush or frustrate your dog.

Socialization of the dog: a crucial step

Socialization is key. To start getting your dog used to living with your future baby, start by introducing him to other children. Ideally, your dog should be accustomed to the presence of toddlers, but also babies, so that he can be taught how to behave, especially during playtime.

Limit the risk of jealousy

bringing baby home to dog

Yes, it is not uncommon for dogs to be jealous when a baby arrives in the home. Indeed, this little being monopolises all the attention of his masters and the dog does not always understand why he does not have as much attention as before.

First of all, by following the various tips mentioned earlier in this article, you will limit this possible jealousy. Indeed, by doing so early, you will ensure that your dog does not assimilate all these changes, which he may consider as negative, with the arrival of the baby.

Once the baby is born but not yet at home, it is strongly recommended to bring the dog a cloth impregnated with its scent. This way, the doggie becomes familiar with the scent, which reassures him and will make introductions smoother.

The rest of the work will have to be done once the newborn is at home. At that point, it will be a matter of not completely abandoning your dog despite this upheaval in your life.

We advise you, among other things, to keep most of the habits you had with your dog and to give him special moments at least once a day: games, cuddles, treats…

You now have all the information you need to prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby.

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