How to clean dog urine and get rid of its smell?

how to get rid of dog pee smell

Having a dog that relieves himself anywhere except where he should is unfortunately a fairly common scenario. The worst part is definitely the persistent smell that seems to fill the entire room.

Removing the odour of a dog's urine is no fun, and you still need to know how to do it. Discover our tips to remove the smell of dog pee and to restore the cleanliness and freshness of your home.

How do you clean dog urine?

Before deep cleaning, first dry the dog's urine (if it is not yet dry). Use paper towels to remove as much urine as possible.

If the stained material is textile, avoid rubbing it so that it does not penetrate further into the fabric. Then run a piece of wet paper towel over the surface to remove any remaining urine.

Subsequently, clean according to the type of stained surface:

Removing dog urine from the couch

For fabric surfaces, you can consider and even prefer washing them in a machine washing.

If your dog leaves traces of urine on the sofa and the cover is removable, do not hesitate to machine wash the cover. For a really effective cleaning, add 500g of baking soda. Make sure, however, to wash urine-stained textiles separately from ordinary dirty clothes.

If you are cleaning a leather sofa, you can prepare a little homemade mix.

In order to do so,

  • Use cotton wool that you have previously impregnated in ammonia solution.
  • Moisten the stained surface and dab it with the cotton.
  • Also add baking soda for more effectiveness.
  • Leave for at least 2 hours before brushing.

Removing dog urine from the carpet

When it comes to carpet cleaning, white vinegar is your best ally. It is a natural cleaner with disinfectant properties.

Here's how you should proceed to use it:

  • Place 75 cl of white vinegar in an empty 1 l bottle of water.
  • Then fill the rest of the bottle with water. Feel free to add a few drops of essential oils to perfume the mixture as you wish.
  • Pour it into a spray bottle and apply to the stained surface.
  • Let the mixture work for about ten minutes before cleaning with a clean sponge.
  • Then rinse with clear water and air dry.

Removing dog urine from tile surface

To remove dog urine from your tiles, use household alcohol. Use a cloth or a rag soaked in household alcohol to clean the tiles. Leave it on for a while and then rinse with hot water.

Then dry the surface with a microfiber mop, which has the advantage of being highly absorbent. This way, you remove the smell of the dog's urine on the tile while effectively cleaning the surface.

How do I get rid of the smell of dog urine?

If the smell persists despite cleaning, here are products that will help you get rid of it:

Lemon and baking soda

Lemon, especially lemon juice, has disinfecting properties thanks to its acidity. It can be a great help in removing the smell of dog urine.

Combined with baking soda, you will get an unbeatable mixture against bad smells. Baking soda is an alkaline compound with antifungal and abrasive properties, making it an exceptional ingredient for maintenance and hygiene.

The mixture to make includes:

  • 1 tablespoon of the essential baking soda;
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice;
  • 3 drops of lemon essential oil;
  • All three ingredients diluted in hot water.

All you have to do is spray this mixture on the stain and let it dry. No rinsing is required.

Alcohol and vinegar

You can turn to a vinegar & alcohol mixture, which is also effective in removing the smell of dog pee. The formula consists of:

  • 1 cup of white vinegar;
  • 1 tablespoon of 70° alcohol;
  • Mixed together in a cup of hot water.

All you have to do is apply the mixture to the stained surface. Unlike the previous method, this one requires rinsing and therefore drying the cleaned fabric.

Professional cleaning and deodorizing products

If your dog ever gets sick, he may leave various stains (vomit, urine, feces) in the house. Deodorant sprays and cleaners are very effective for this type of situation.

Practical and versatile, you can use them to thoroughly clean stains on various surfaces (carpets, rugs, upholstery, etc.). Their 2-in-1 properties (deodorizer and disinfectant) provide a quick solution to remove the smell of dog urine.

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