How to stop my dog from jumping and climbing the fence?

dog jumping fence solutions

If you've come to this article, then most likely we reckon you have a dog which is full of life.

Sometimes you may notice your dog having an energy spurt, jumping on your fence.

There are more reasons than just energy as to why your dog might do that. Plus, before you can stop your dog from doing it, you must explore why it might be jumping on the fence first.

Why do dogs jump on fences?

how to stop a dog from climbing a fence

Separation anxiety

If you're outside the home and have left your dog for an extended period on its own, it may have become bored. As a result, it may turn into self-destructive mode and try to escape. Simply by jumping on the fence, they may be looking for a way out as they've become anxious about their area.

There are distracting noises

Does your dog jump on the fence when there are distracting noises in the area? Maybe your dog may be feeling a little scared if there are fireworks, airplanes, noisy children, or strangers around. They may want to flee as they might be scared.

They could be curious

Depending on where you're situated, your dog may have seen something which may have sparked its interest. For example, they could have seen a bird, squirrel, or another animal on the other side of the fence, making them jump and go after them.

After all, this instinct stems from their wolf ancestor, making them want to chase and capture them. If you're unsure if your dog likes to chase, we recommend taking it out for a walk to see if it does that way; you will know if it has this behavior.

How to stop a dog from climbing a fence?

Stopping your dog from climbing your fence may take a lot of trial and error. Likewise, the right way for your dog may not be the best way for someone else. Luckily for you, though, there are lot of dog jumping solutions to try, which are:

1. Get another dog or pet sitter

If you're out for long hours of the day and leave your dog in the yard, it may need another companion. One easy way is to employ a pet sitter who will be there to devote time and attention to your canine so that it won't become bored. Similarly, if it has another animal's company, it will be kept busy and won't think about jumping the fence.

2. Use an invisible fence

Yes, we know looking at this title, you're probably thinking, why would I need another fence inside a fence? Well, the beauty of an invisible fence is that it won't interfere with your beautiful landscape because you can't see it. ‘

The great thing about an invisible fence is that if your dog gets near to it and tries to cross the boundary, it will receive a small (and usually harmless) shock. Therefore discouraging it from escaping and won't be able to go to your actual fence.

Another form of fencing you can use is a wire-type fence known as an L Footer. This fence is best turned upside down and attached to your existing fence. Make sure the fence's L angle points out into the yard. The reason for this is when your dog sees this fence, they will less likely try to jump it as they will sense an obstacle in its way.

4. Use a jump harness

A unique dog jumping solution you can do is simply restricting the movement of your dog's hind legs. A jump harness goes on its body and stops your dog from jumping. Remember you should not put this on your dog all the time, only when you're training it or when it's in the yard on its own.

5. Add a playpen to yard

Similar to the idea of a fence, but more fun is a playpen. Playpens are affordable frames you can buy, allowing you to create an area in the yard for your dog. Similarly, you can add toys, treats, and other items to it, to prevent your dog from escaping.

6. Plant trees

Another dog jumping solution to stop dogs from jumping the fence is by planting trees or shrubs in front of it. In that case, your dog might be discouraged from jumping as there are obstacles. Do remember when planting these trees and growing them, keep them protected, so your dog does not dig them up.

7. Put your dog in a crate

Now, do note this should never be the first method of prevention. However, if everything fails, you should use the crate method. Remember not to leave your dog in the crate all day and don't use the crate as a form of punishment.

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