How do I teach my dog to relieve himself outdoors?

teaching your dog to poop outside

Potty training is one of the essential steps in the education of a puppy. Some puppies take time to assimilate that their needs must be done outside and do them indoors… to the great dismay of their owners!

If you're reading this article, it's probably because you have this problem. Don't panic, we've put together the different solutions that allow a puppy to learn how to relieve himself outdoors.

At what age is a dog able to relieve himself outside?

In most cases, the puppy's lack of cleanliness is not a result of his will. This is because, before a certain age, he is physically unable to restrain himself and/or sometimes simply doesn't understand that he needs to relieve himself outside. Puppies generally begin to assimilate this training as early as 6 months of age. Of course, some canids take longer, it is therefore necessary to accompany them more thoroughly.

The key to success: patience

Not all dogs develop at the same pace, so patience is essential. Rushing things or even showing impatience with your puppy will only make things worse. A stressed puppy won't be able to properly assimilate the learning of new rules such as cleanliness.

Observing and acting at the right time

Observation will greatly help you teach your dog to relieve himself outdoors. Indeed, by observing your puppy, you can take him outside when he's about to relieve himself. Even if that's not enough, it will help him learn the rules and understand that he always needs to go outside.

For the same purpose, it is important to establish rituals. For example, if your dog knows the times of day when he goes out, he will be more likely to restrain himself.

To encourage your dog to continue on this path, don't hesitate to congratulate him when he goes outside to relieve himself for the first time. On the contrary, even if you don't want to scold him, say “no” firmly when your puppy is at fault and relieves himself in your home.

Rules for successful learning

Note that in order for your dog to succeed in becoming and staying clean, you too must respect rules.

First of all, as we have already mentioned, don't scold your dog when he's unable to restrain himself. It's not his fault and he won't understand your reaction. In this situation, be sure to stay calm.

When cleaning, it is best to keep your dog away and use bleach to remove all odours. A persistent odour may cause your dog to start all over again in the same place.

While housetraining is never an obvious task, either for the puppy or his adopter, it is inevitable. Patience, observation and education are the key words for this stage of a dog's life.

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