How do you gain a dog’s trust?

how to gain a dogs trust

Do you dream of a close relationship with your dog? Trust is not always gained overnight, especially with the most fearful dogs.

If you're looking to strengthen your bond with your dog by gaining his trust, or if you're about to adopt a new companion, these tips should interest you.

Be gentle and attentive to the dog

The first meeting with a dog is key to gaining his trust. If you haven't already met the dog, make sure you give him a good first impression.

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Therefore, avoid making contact with him too quickly, as well as sudden movements. Instead, take your time and introduce yourself with an outstretched hand. The dog will let you know when he wants to be stroked or if he is not ready yet.

To gain a dog's trust, attention is essential. You need to get to know your dog, especially through observation. You will be able to detect what he likes and dislikes through his movements, his eyes or even his barking and whining. You can then adapt your actions accordingly.

To gain his trust in the long term, you must also be consistent in your actions and behaviour. Favour softness to communicate with your dog, it will only be beneficial in your relationship.

To avoid breaking your dog's budding trust in you, don't adopt extreme behaviours. For example, it won't do any good to shout at him or, worse, to hit him if he does something stupid.

However, you need to set limits

While you need to be consistent, you also need to establish rules from the beginning. To do this, we advise you to create a ritual, whether it is daily or weekly.

When your dog is doing the right thing, allow yourself to offer him a small treat. On the other hand, when he does something stupid, don't offer him anything and speak to him in a firmer tone so that he understands that he has crossed the line.

Establishing a structure will also be a way to gain your dog's trust, and it will also make him feel safe.

Take care of your dog's education and socialization

To gain your dog's trust, but also to strengthen the bonds that bind you, we advise you to work on his education and socialization.

Indeed, sessions of learning new commands such as sit or “down” allow to create a real complicity between the master and his companion.

However, for this to work, it is important to base this education on trust and not on coercion.

Likewise, giving your dog time to play with other animals will help him to socialize, open up and increase his trust in other beings.

But above all, by accompanying him, you will prove to him that you think of his primary needs and that he can trust you.

In conclusion, gaining a dog's trust is a long-term exercise. Several steps will allow you to gain it.

Depending on the nature and character of your dog, it may take more or less time for you to bond. In any case, you will have to be patient and prove to your dog, day after day, that you love him deeply and that you care for his well-being and safety.

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