Terms of service

By visiting or using the website www.dogsplanet.com hereby named "DOGSPLANET", you accept to agree to the terms of use, referred to as "Conditions". These apply to all types of internet users. If you refuse to conform to one of the conditions, we ask you to immediately leave DOGSPLANET.

Propriety of DOGSPLANET

DOGSPLANET is a propriety of i3W, a company incorporated under Canada Business Corporations Act. All mentions of "DOGSPLANET" in this document refers to i3W.

Legal age to view this website

There is no minimum age to use DOGSPLANET. However, we strongly recommend people 18 years and younger to ask permission from their parents before using DOGSPLANET. Any information regarding the email, phone number, civic address or the name of a person younger than 18 years of age will need to be reported without delay by email. This information will be deleted as rapidly as possible.


By using DOGSPLANET, you agree not to hold responsible the owners, administrators, employees, representatives and all people or companies related to DOGSPLANET (hereafter named "Group") of any event or situation related to DOGSPLANET that has caused prejudice or direct or indirect damage at the human, material or financial level. We cannot guarantee 100% of the legitimacy and legality off all contents on DOGSPLANET. When in doubt, common sense should be used.

In the case of business partners, the same principles and rules outlined in the previous paragraph shall also apply. Under no circumstances shall we be held responsible of any harm caused by the use of services provided on DOGSPLANET by these business partners.

Unauthorized uses

Except when authorized in writing by an owner of DOGSPLANET, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce/copy/publish a part or the entirety of the contents and pictures found on DOGSPLANET.

Frauds and indemnities

By using the services on DOGSPLANET, you agree to release the Group from all illegal acts and possible frauds. You agree to indemnify the group against all claims or direct and indirect damages of any nature.

Intervention in transactions

DOGSPLANET never intervenes as part of a transection between its business partners and internet surfers that retain their services. Internet surfers using DOGSPLANET must understand that they must manage their own transactions with business partners found on the DOGSPLANET website. You are 100  % responsible of the transactions you enter with business partners found on this website. No particular protection is offered by DOGSPLANET.


The use of DOGSPLANET is entirely free for internet users.

No guarantee

Under no circumstances can we guarantee satisfying results following the use of services on DOGSPLANET. Additionally, there is no legal guarantee regarding the solvency and legitimacy of our business partners. It is the responsibility of the web user to qualify the business partners with whom it wishes to retain for services. In addition, DOGSPLANET cannot guarantee that the platform will be functional at all times. Various types of outages may occur at any time.

Business partners

DOGSPLANET is associated with many business partners. We cannot be held responsible for acts committed by them. Many links direct users to their website and the content of these websites is entirely their responsibility. Please report any suspicious behavior by our business partners without delay.

Use of cookies

DOGSPLANET uses cookies to record information about you, such as the automatic recording of certain fields. This is done to improve the user-friendliness of the search functionalities and the information used by different partners such as Google. Such a procedure is not damaging to you or your computer.


These conditions are interpreted based on applicable laws in the province of Québec and in Canada. Each internet user that visits the website declares having consulted the Conditions and declares being satisfied that these are legible and intelligible.

Date of last modification: February 11, 2019