Which dog breed should you get?

Welcome to our quiz that will help you choose the right dog breed!

Answer these 10 questions (that should take you less than 3 minutes) to find out which dog breed suits you best.

  • 1) Which dog size do you prefer? ( You can choose more than one option )

  • 2) Where do you live?

  • 3) What is your experience with dogs?

  • 4) Will your dog often stay alone in your home?

  • 5) Will your dog have to live with children?

  • 6) Will your dog live with other pets?

  • 7) Are you looking to get an athletic dog?

  • 8) Would you like your dog to be able to guard your house?

  • 9) Are you willing to wash and groom your dog regularly?

  • 10) Do you plan to go hunting with your dog?

  • 11) Do you want to play with your dog regularly?

  • 12) Are you willing to clean up the hair of your dog around the house?

You're about to know what dog breed is the one for you!

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