The Farmer’s Dog Review: We Tried It and We Loved It

dog licking its lips with the farmers dog food

With so many dog food choices available, choosing the right one for your dog is downright daunting. The Farmer's Dog is well-known among fresh food brands, but is it worth it? We've put their food to the test to bring you an in-depth The Farmer's Dog review.

The Farmer's Dog has a lot to love. It's packed full of nutrients, comes in individual portions, and passed the taste test with flying colors. It did hog freezer space, but that was a small price to pay for a happy dog.

Hungry for more information? Here's our breakdown.

How We Reviewed The Farmer’s Dog and Why You Should Trust Us

To remain as impartial as possible, we paid for The Farmer's Dog ourselves. This helps us to really measure the benefits of the food against the price tag. And although we earn a small commission if you buy The Farmer's Dog, it doesn't increase the price to you. It simply helps us continue to write the best content for you–including this review.

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While taste is a huge part of any dog food review, we've also included other factors such as the price, shipping, ease of feeding, and answers to any of your burning questions.

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The Farmer's Dog Review

The Farmer's Dog Review

  • Fully cooked, fresh dog food
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • No preservatives or fillers
  • Pre-portioned for easy feeding
  • Ships right to your door
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why We Liked It
We love that The Farmer's Dog is such a convenient fresh food option for dogs. It's made from human-grade ingredients, includes tons of protein, and provides a nutritious meal without preservatives or fillers.

The Farmer's Dog delivers pre-portioned food right to your home in environmentally friendly packaging. It hogs some of your freezer space and has to be thawed in the fridge in advance. Those are the only things that stand between this food and a perfect score.

Otherwise, it's amazing food! It passed the taste test with flying colors, plus it's easy to digest. It gives your dog more energy and shinier fur (I was surprised, too)! And hey, if you don't love it, don't fear. They offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Who Should Use It
The Farmer's Dog is a fantastic food for any dog--especially picky ones. It's tasty, nutritious, and convenient.


  • Great taste!
  • Human-grade food
  • Gentle on our dog’s stomach
  • Packed with protein
  • After testing, our dog had noticeably shinier fur and more energy
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • More expensive than kibble
  • It required room to store in our freezer
  • The packets required more effort to squeeze out than I’d expected
  • I had to thaw the packets in the fridge a day or two in advance

What is Fresh Dog Food?

The Farmer's Dog is a fresh dog food brand. But what exactly does that mean? In short, fresh dog food is fully-cooked food made from human-grade ingredients. It includes little or no preservatives, and it isn't dried or canned food. Instead, it’s frozen dog food. Once thawed, it's ready to eat.

Meat is, of course, the main ingredient. However, fresh dog food also comes packed with produce for extra nutritional value.

Because it's less processed, you can recognize the contents of fresh dog food just by looking in the bowl. Along with the meat, you'll often see small pieces of vegetables, fruit, or grains in fresh dog food.

Rather than confusing ingredients, fresh dog food keeps things simple. There's less risk of misleading labeling with such a short and simple list of ingredients. In kibble, it's hard to tell how much meat is even in there. But with fresh dog food, you can see for yourself how much of it is meat.

While looking over the ingredients of The Farmer’s Dog foods, the only complex ingredients were vitamins like fish oil, zinc amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, and other supplements to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

Fresh foods have a huge advantage over traditional pet food for dogs with food allergies and any dog who is a picky eater, too. With such simple ingredients, it’s easy to avoid common allergies such as wheat, soy, or corn. And with a way better flavor, fresh dog food is more likely to satisfy a picky eater.

Fresh dog food has had a huge surge in popularity recently, and it's easy to see why. Many brands have individual servings of food made to your dog's specific needs, and many of them boast vet-approved recipes.

Online reviews praise the health benefits seen first-hand from switching to fresh dog food like The Farmer's Dog.

Things to Consider Before Buying Fresh Dog Food

If you're curious about making the switch to fresh dog food, there are a few things to consider.

  1. First, and most importantly, does your dog have any allergies? If so, check out the recipes online before buying to make sure you receive a recipe that your dog can safely eat. Most subscription fresh dog food companies ask about allergies before you order, as well.
  2. Next, the price. Fresh dog food has a lot to offer, and because of that it costs more than kibble.
  3. The feedback of other customers helps to reveal how good or bad a dog food is before you order it.
  4. That’s where we come in. With our The Farmer's Dog review, I hope to shed some light on your burning questions. I’ll give you the whole picture of what to expect.
  5. Lastly, get ready to clear out some space in your freezer. Fresh food is good stuff, but two weeks’ worth of it will easily fill a corner of your freezer.

Overview of The Farmer’s Dog Food

So, The Farmer's Dog is a fresh dog food. But what should you expect from them?

Like other fresh dog food brands, The Farmer's Dog sends food frozen in the mail.

Each packet holds enough food for one day, which means no measuring is necessary when dinner time rolls around.

For our The Farmer's Dog review, I received a two-week supply of dog food customized to breed, age, weight, and more. Information booklets, a storage container, and an insulated tote bag were also included.

But what really sets The Farmer's Dog apart from other fresh food brands? Like any dog food, it has some key features to consider.

History of The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog food didn't just appear overnight with some vet nutritionists' help. In fact, its origins begin with a very sick puppy. One of The Farmer’s Dog’s founders had a puppy, Jada, who suffered from serious digestive issues. She tried every food available and nothing helped.

At the advice of his vet, the co-founder of The Farmer's Dog tried cooking for Jada himself. And, almost immediately, Jada recovered. While eating homemade dog food, Jada’s digestive issues virtually disappeared.

Given the tough, dry quality of most commercial dog food, It’s no surprise that Jada’s homemade dog food eased her digestive issues. In fact, a study by the Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences found that a fresh food diet with human-grade food is significantly easier to digest.

Jada’s homemade food was perfected and refined with the help of board-certified veterinary nutritionists from there. Since then, Jada's home-cooked food evolved into the fresh dog food that The Farmer's Dog is known for today, and fills millions of dog bowls per month.

Meet Brother: Our Canine Expert on The Farmer’s Dog Food

brother looking at the farmers dog box

To give the best, unbiased review possible, I had to call in an expert.

His name is Monster X, also known as Brother, and he is the youngest of four dogs in our home.

I know what you're thinking. First, that Monster X is an amazing name for a dog (it is). But also, why do we call him Brother?

Well, Brother is actually related to one of the other dogs (Gojira). Since he's the little brother, the nickname stuck.

Brother's still pretty young–only about a year old–and he's one of the sweetest Blue Heeler mixes you'll ever meet. He's the social butterfly of the dogs, a gentle soul, and he absolutely loves food.

The Farmer's Dog: Our Review

Ordering the Food

Ordering the food was very easy. I took The Farmer's Dog quiz which was very intuitive and straightforward. I gave all the information about my dog: age, size, weight, activity level, allergies, etc.

I also found the site visually very well done, more so than other competing brands.

the farmers dog quiz dog
the farmers dog quiz meal plan

The Arrival of the Food

Shortly after ordering from The Farmer's Dog, I received a welcome email and shipping notification for Brother's food. I was amazed at how quickly everything was confirmed and shipped out–and the box arrived only two days later.

Inside the box, the food was kept cool with a dry ice packet and biodegradable foam. Clearly, they worked wonders to keep everything chilled. The food was still frozen solid when it arrived.

brother looking at the farmers dog food

The package included 14 days' worth of The Farmer’s Dog food recipes for Brother and came in three different varieties: the pork recipe, the beef recipe, and the turkey recipe. Along with the food, instructions on how to feed and store the food, information about the ingredients, and directions on how to transition Brother over to his new food were included. Plus, a handy food storage container was included for saving the second half of a packet for dinner each day.

all the content from the farmers dog box on a table
Everything that came in the box

Brother doesn’t have food allergies, but the list of ingredients in The Farmer’s Dog recipes both online and in the papers included with each box is a nice touch.

There was also a high-quality insulated tote bag included. As soon as I pulled it out, I thought it would be perfect for bringing The Farmer's Dog food while traveling with Brother. It would also work for any time that he's out of the house.

A phone number for customer support is right on each package in case of questions, and the serving instructions were on each package as well so there was no confusion about how much Brother was supposed to eat per meal. In Brother's case, one packet supplied a day's worth of food and could be divided up into meals throughout the day.

For extra support, an email address was also listed in addition to the phone number on the back of the information booklet along with a QR code for feeding tips. I love that you can set up text notifications for order updates, as well.

the farmers dog support

I also received an email toward the end of the two weeks to let me know that another box would be packed and shipped out for Brother in a couple of days and it asked if any changes needed to be made beforehand–or if you'd like to cancel the order.

I really liked that part. It's easy to get trapped in a subscription because the next charge has already gone through before you remember it's coming. The Farmer's Dog gives you a heads-up in case you forget with time to change things as needed.

One of the things I did notice about the shipping supplies is the eco-friendly packaging. Insulating The Farmer’s Dog meals was eco-friendly biodegradable foam that claimed it could be easily dissolved in water. Good for the planet, and, according to them, very satisfying to do.

the farmers dog biodegradable insulation
This foam is biodegradable

I was looking forward to that part, actually, but it isn't nearly as satisfying as they claim. Running it under the sink just burned a hole in the foam with the water but didn't dissolve away from the hole… which made for a lot of moving the foam around and spraying water everywhere. Still, at least it's eco-friendly.

Once Brother’s food was unpacked I was faced with a new dilemma: finding room for all of it in the freezer. Two weeks’ worth of pet food sounds like a lot, but coming face to face with the sheer volume of food to be stored still came as a shock.

Transitioning to The Farmer's Dog

I thawed one packet of food for Brother to eat right away (he was so excited, he even picked out which packet he wanted to try). Two more went into the fridge, and the rest of the packets took up a whole corner of the freezer.

cutting the farmers dog food plastic packet

Adjusting to thawing food in advance threw me for a loop, as well. I thought that moving a packet of food from the freezer to the fridge would mean it was thawed and ready to feed the next day. Well… that wasn’t exactly the case. Turns out it was still partially frozen the next morning.

On the bright side, Brother was so excited about eating that he didn’t mind the half-frozen state of The Farmer’s Dog food. And, armed with the knowledge that I needed to prepare a couple of days in advance, I started keeping two packets in the fridge at all times just so there would always be thawed food available.

dog eating the farmers dog food
Brother's loving the food

According to The Farmer’s Dog, food can be kept for up to 6 months in the freezer and up to 4 days in the fridge. I didn’t want to risk having packets in the fridge for too long, so I didn’t put more than three packets in the fridge at a time.

On the bright side, if you do end up with a completely frozen block of dog food in the morning you’re not out of luck. Running a packet for a few minutes under warm water thaws them out pretty quickly.

The Farmer's Dog made it pretty simple to switch Brother from dry food to their food overall. I was worried Brother might have an upset stomach from such a drastic change in food, but he had no trouble whatsoever.

the farmers dog feeding guide
The Farmer's Dog feeding guide

For the first two days, Brother ate 25% of The Farmer's Dog food and 75% of his old food. For days 3 through 6, he ate half and half, and after that, he was all good to eat 100% The Farmer's Dog food from then on out. And boy did he eat it.

Brother’s Review of The Farmer's Dog

I wasn't sure if Brother would like The Farmer’s Dog as much as his old food, but every time he ate all of The Farmer's Dog food portion of his meal before even touching his old food (which he also loved).

His favorite variety was the beef recipe, followed by the turkey recipe, and he licked his lips even while waiting for the packet to be opened.

Now, Brother isn’t a very picky eater, but it’s safe to say he was a huge fan. Every time, he wolfed down his dinner and chased his bowl around the kitchen licking up every last taste of The Farmer's Dog food in it before begging for more.

brother eating the farmers dog

I was pleased to see that The Farmer’s Dog was high enough quality to be safe for human consumption, even. It certainly looked more like real food than dog kibble. It even smelled like real food, so it’s no wonder Brother went absolutely bonkers for it.

The Farmer's Dog's Results

I was skeptical about whether I would see noticeable changes in Brother after only two weeks. To my shock, I did notice some changes even in that short amount of time.

The first change I noticed was Brother's energy levels. He's pretty energetic normally, but after the first day, he was way more active. He was bursting with excitement and zooming around the house.

Usually, his older brother Gojira is the hyper dog out of the four, zooming around the house and squeaking his toys at the speed of light. Even after the first meal with The Farmer’s Dog food, Brother was keeping up with Gojira’s bursts of energy, matching his hyper energy more than usual.

The other changes that I noticed were more subtle. Brother's fur has always been coarse–more so than the other dogs. But at the one-week point, I noticed that it became less coarse. It was a small but noticeable difference. He's no longer as rough to pet, and he's gained a beautiful, new shine to his fur. My guess is that the vitamin E supplement and fish oil in The Farmer’s Dog food have breathed new vitality into his skin and fur.

He also gained about 4 lbs! I couldn't believe it–but he's still young and growing. He's not fat at all, and I believe the extra weight is going right into getting stronger and taller. I was amazed that two weeks could make such a big difference. I can only imagine how much difference feeding The Farmer's Dog food for longer periods of time might make.

And The Farmer's Dog food was a winner for taste! Brother clearly preferred it to his old food. He was excited to eat every time, and despite having a clear favorite (the beef recipe), he happily chowed down on the other two varieties as well.

dog licking its lips with the farmers dog food

Seeing Brother so enthusiastic and joyful makes the whole thing worthwhile. And I'm happy to see that the food is not only delicious but was healthy for him, as well.

The Farmer's Dog Price: How Much are You Going to Pay for It?

Let's talk numbers. Fresh dog foods costs more than most commercial dog foods, regardless of brand. This food is no exception to that, either. The Farmer’s Dog cost more than kibble. And honestly, that makes sense considering what you get. Human-grade ingredients, food tailored specifically to your dog, and delivery right to your door.

Even though you pay more for The Farmer's Dog than you would for most kibble, the long-term benefits of switching could save you money over time. Fewer vet visits mean fewer vet bills, and fewer trips to the store will more than make up the difference in price. A fresh diet may cost more, but the benefits of a healthier diet with fresh ingredients may well make you a fresh food advocate, too.

The price for The Farmer's dog varies depending on size and weight. But for Brother, who is 52 pounds and medium-sized, the full price for two weeks was right around $140. If you have a smaller pet, you’ll pay less. Meal plans go as low as 2 dollars per day. And for large dogs… well, you will be paying more than it cost for Brother’s food.

Our 50% off coupon will make a big dent in the cost, though. For food similar to Brother’s, it would bring the price down to roughly $75 for two weeks’ worth of fresh food.

order summary the farmers dog review

Naturally, shipping is free. It’s also shockingly fast, arriving in about two days with a dry ice packet and foam insulation to keep your fresh food frozen even if you’re out and about when it arrives.

The Farmer's Dog Reviews: What Do Other Dog Owners Think?

We've scoured the internet to check out what other people wrote in their The Farmer's Dog food review to compare it to our experience. Overall, the reviews for The Farmer's Dog’s fresh food were positively glowing. Not only do people praise the high-quality food, but they also noticed the great customer service they received.

And there are lots and lots of stories of dogs who love the taste so much they'll lick their bowl and hunt for any leftover pieces. And many others had dogs with better health, fewer stomach problems, and a better appetite.

The Farmer's Dog Fresh Food Alternatives

Curious about what other fresh pet food companies are out there? Here are the main features of three other popular brands.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom is another freshly made dog food brand created by dog lovers who wanted better, more nutritious meals for their own dogs. They deliver gently cooked meals made with premium ingredients, formulated by their in-house vet science team.

Nom Nom's ingredients keep it simple with premium proteins and nutrient-rich veggies, and the only additives are vitamins and supplements like fish oil, vitamin E supplement, and zinc amino acid chelate. On average, Nom Nom costs more than The Farmer’s Dog, but it is still a great choice.


  • High-quality freshly made food
  • Customized to accommodate your dog's individual needs
  • Order meals with subscription or test recipes with Sample Pack
  • Formulated by board certified veterinary nutritionists
  • Choose a full portion (entire meal) or half portion for mixing in with food

Ollie Dog Food

Like The Farmer’s Dog, Ollie offers fresh dog food that is designed specifically for your dog’s individual needs. It was formulated with the help of veterinary nutritionists. It’s delivered right to your dog (just the same as the other fresh food brands in this review).

In addition to beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb, Ollie’s food includes healthy ingredients such as sweet potatoes, rosemary, spinach, and blueberries. Ollie offers slightly lower prices compared to The Farmer’s Dog, which makes it a great choice for lower budgets.


  • USA and Australia sourced human-grade ingredients
  • High protein recipes designed by vets
  • No soy, corn, or wheat
  • You choose how often and how much food your dog gets
  • Highly customizable, which is great for picky eaters or dogs with allergies

Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango is another popular brand in the fresh dog food industry. It was founded in the wake of a dog food recall when the founder began feeding his dog homemade food. Like the founders of The Farmer’s Dog, he noticed significant benefits to his dog and, inspired by this change, began selling fresh dog food with high-quality ingredients.

Spot and Tango has similar pricing to The Farmer’s Dog, also contains human-grade ingredients from local suppliers, and both have a satisfaction guarantee. Unlike The Farmer’s Dog, Spot and Tango also offers an “UnKibble” food which is, essentially, less processed, better-tasting kibble.

  • Sources real ingredients from local farms
  • Human-grade food cooked in USDA-certified kitchens
  • Also offers a fresher kind of kibble
  • A wide variety of food choices
  • Comes in individually portioned pouches

The Farmer's Dog Recalls

Wondering if The Farmer's Dog food has ever been recalled? You'll be pleased to hear that they have a clean record with no recalls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Farmer's Dog Raw Food?

The Farmer's Dog food is not raw food. It’s cooked at low temperatures and ready to serve right out of the package once thawed.

Do I Need To Cook The Farmer’s Dog Before Serving It?

Nope! The Farmer's Dog food is fully cooked. Just squeeze it out of the package once thawed and it's ready to eat.

Does The Farmer's Dog Offer Any Discounts?

We have a 50% discount for DogsPlanet readers who buy The Farmer's Dog food through our links!

What If My Dog Doesn’t Like The Farmer's Dog?

If your dog doesn't like The Farmer's Dog food you have a couple of options. The Farmer's Dog can send you different recipes to try, or if you prefer, you can get a refund from them if you donate the food to a pet shelter.

And your dog’s current food agrees with them more, don’t stress. You can cancel The Farmer’s Dog at any point just by going onto their website, sending them an email, or giving them a call. 

Is The Farmer's Dog Good For Dogs?

Yes! The Farmer's Dog food is vet-approved and meets AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards for balanced and complete dog food. Board-certified vet nutritionists helped to formulate these recipes to make them as healthy for your dog as possible.

The Farmer’s Dog provides a healthy diet option into your dog’s golden years, too. Your dog’s age will come more gently when your dog’s diet comes from reputable food suppliers that you’ll find in fresh meals that preserve nutrients better than dry pet food.

Can You Refreeze The Farmer's Dog Food?

As long as a pack of The Farmer's Dog food is still cold to the touch, they are safe to refreeze.

Does The Farmer's Dog have a Return Policy?

Although The Farmer's Dog food can't be returned, you can still get a refund or replacement. If necessary, The Farmer's Dog can send different recipes to you or if you want a refund simply donate the food to a shelter and The Farmer's Dog will refund what you paid.

Where Is The Farmer's Dog Located?

The Farmer's Dog is located in New York, NY in the USA.

Do I Have To Prepare Anything?

Nope! Just thaw and pour it out of the pouch and into your dog's bowl.

How Do I Cancel The Farmer’s Dog Subscription?

Committing to a subscription is equal parts convenient and scary. If you're worried you won't be able to cancel if things change, fret not. You can pause, cancel, or restart your subscription at any time on The Farmer's Dog's website.

You'll also get an email a couple of days before a new shipment is sent to give you a chance to cancel beforehand if needed, as well.

Is The Farmer’s Dog Food Grain-Free?

Yes! The Farmer's Dog food is grain-free. You won't find any wheat, corn, or soy in this food.

Is the Farmer’s Dog Vet Approved?

The Farmer's Dog is vet approved. Board-certified veterinary nutritionists helped to formulate their food to match the standards of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) for a complete and balanced dog’s diet.


Finding a healthy dog food that your dog loves is overwhelming with so many choices on the market. Dry food dominates most of those choices, but fresh dog food's benefits have earned it newfound popularity.

With higher-quality ingredients, less processing and preservatives, and the convenience of having your dog food portioned and shipped right to your door, there's a lot to love. It's an easy choice that checks off all the boxes for convenience, healthy ingredients, and a dog-approved taste.

And if you're curious about trying fresh food, The Farmer's Dog is a great choice. It's vet-approved, grain-free, and tailored individually to your dog's specific needs.  And if you don't like it, you can cancel anytime, try a different recipe, or get a refund.

The Farmer's Dog is pretty tasty, too. Just ask Brother, who chases his food bowl around to lick every last bit of this food and still begs for more. The newfound look of pure joy in his eyes every time we pull out a pouch of The Farmer's Dog food made every penny of the price worth it.

Want to try it for yourself? Click here to order The Farmer's Dog food at half off. Your dog will thank you!

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