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Our mission

At DogsPlanet, our goal is to help dog lovers and owners by offering them quality content on every possible dog-related topic.

We cover many topics: dog breeds, nutrition, health, education, behavior, buying guides, adoption, dog name ideas, insurance and much more.

What we stand for

  • When we write our articles, we always spend several hours doing our research in order to offer you the most reliable content.
  • When we talk about dog nutrition or health, we always bring in veterinarians. We feel it is essential to have experts who are there to give you the best information possible.
  • We will never promote products that we consider dubious or that do not correspond to our ethics. This is why we will never promote anti-bark collars or any object aiming at punishing the dog by inflicting physical pain. To educate your dog is to be patient and understanding.

Our team

remi dogsplanet

Rémi Andrivet, Founder

I created DogsPlanet in 2019, right after finishing my studies. Being passionate about websites and dogs since I was a kid, I wanted to create a platform that was a source of trustworthy information for dog owners.

Charlotte Luise, writer

I’m Charlotte, a content and copywriter from the North of England and currently living in Berlin. Animals have always been a huge part of my life, so writing about dogs is a total pleasure! I love all kinds of dogs and their cheeky personalities, but I’d have to say Weimaraners are my favourite!

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charlotte dogsplanet
alexandra dogsplanet

Alexandra Wrigley, writer

I'm a professional writer and blogger who loves travel, technology and dogs. I'm originally from the UK but currently live in Nepal with my three dogs: two pugs and a golden retriever.

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Coral Dawn, writer

My experience as the liaison of integrative medicine, neurology, and zoo medicine at UF Small Animal Hospital gave me valuable insight into the challenges faced by pet owners with animals who have medical conditions. My time there also gave me the opportunity to care for a disabled dog and write a book about the experience. As manager of a dog daycare, I learned about how dogs play and interact, warning signs for aggression, and how to rehabilitate dog-reactive dogs. During my time there I was under the mentorship of two groomers, from whom I learned grooming essentials. I currently work with high-risk shelter dogs and manage a blog to help other volunteers and foster families. I have two dogs of my own, a Maltese and a Standard Poodle.

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coral dawn dogsplanet

Dr. Adel Saadoun, veterinarian

As a veterinarian, I am passionate about animals, their health and their daily life. My second passion is writing, so what better way to talk to you about the health of animals and especially dogs?

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Marièke Poulat, writer

Passionate about dogs since I was a child, I adopted my dog from a shelter 4 years ago. Thanks to her, I learned many things: the most adapted food, education, how to welcome a dog… I keep on discovering new things and share them with you here!

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Leila El Aissawi, writer

As a web editor for several years, writing about animals and especially dogs is a real pleasure for me. I deeply love them and I am always eager to discover more about them. It is therefore a pleasure for me to share my knowledge and precious advice with you through articles on DogsPlanet.com.

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Dr. Helena Adalid Marín, veterinarian

Helena has been an animal lover since she was a child, which is why she graduated as a veterinarian. Throughout her career, she did internships in several small animal clinics in Barcelona, her hometown, and for six months at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Helsinki, the Finnish capital. In addition, she volunteered at a wildlife recovery center in Costa Rica. She currently practices in a veterinary hospital attending preventive appointments, chronic internal medicine cases and emergency visits.

helena dogsplanet
gemma cliffin author

Dr. Gemma Cliffin, veterinarian

Gemma is an experienced small animal vet who combines her love of writing alongside working in practice. Since her graduation from the University of Liverpool in 2014 she has worked in a wide variety of roles including first opinion practice, as a night vet and as a locum vet. She has also spent time working at a charity clinic in the Cook Islands which was a challenge but also immensely rewarding. She loves all aspects of veterinary work, but she especially enjoys medicine cases and diagnostic imaging. She is passionate about pain-management, particularly in her more senior patients. She currently works in a first opinion small animal practice in North Yorkshire where she deals with both routine and emergency cases.

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Dr. Ruth Cawston, veterinarian

Ruth graduated from Cambridge in 2014 and has worked as a small animal GP vet ever since. She is particularly interested in internal medicine, as it combines her love of problem-solving and her somewhat geeky love of knowledge, and has completed her certificate in Small Animal Medicine.

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Ruth Cawston Veterinary Writer DogsPlanet
Rosa Leedham dogsplanet

Dr. Rosa Leedham, veterinarian

Rosa graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2016 and since then has worked in both charity and private practice. She enjoys all areas of clinical practice, but is currently undertaking a post-graduate certificate focussing on small animal medicine.

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Dr. Charlotte Hayes, veterinarian

Charlotte graduated from The Royal Veterinary College in 2020 before travelling to Australia to complete an internship with Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital. Since returning home she currently works in first opinion predominantly small animal practice in Berkshire.

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charlotte hayes dogsplanet

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