Braque français

Braque français de type Pyrénées, Braque français de type Gascogne, French Pointing Dog

Not very widespread outside the borders of his country of origin, the Braque français, after almost disappearing, was nevertheless revived, but his numbers are still quite limited. In France, he is highly appreciated for his beautiful hunting skills. Even if he has great qualities to make an excellent family companion, he is rarely used for this function, even within his borders. As he is very rare elsewhere than in his country of origin, it is necessary to go to France to get a specimen.

Height 47 to 68 cm
Weight 17 to 25 kg
Life expectancy 13 to 14 years
Home country France

Quick Overview of the Braque français


  • Intelligent and docile
  • Gentle and passionate
  • Affectionate and faithful
  • Very playful


  • Noble and powerful physique
  • Muscular and hardy
  • Short, thick and full coat
  • Almost flat skull


  • Generally healthy
  • No particular pathology

Temperament of the Braque français

Intelligent, docile, gentle and passionate, the Braque français is hardy, enduring and endowed with exceptional flair. Affectionate, loyal and very playful, he loves everyone, especially children, with whom he enjoys sharing their games.

He is tireless and never gets bored with the presence of the little ones.

This magnificent hunting dog also has great qualities as a companion dog.

Breed Appearance

French pointing device

Of noble physique, powerful but never heavy, the Braque français, whether Pyrenean or Gascony type, has an almost identical silhouette that differs only in size, the Gascony type being larger than the Pyrenean. He is a muscular and very hardy dog.


Between 47 and 68 cm (18.50 to 26.77 inches) for the male
Between 47 and 68 cm (18.50 to 26.77 inches) for the female


Between 17 and 25 kg (37.48 to 55.12 pounds) for the male
Between 17 and 25 kg (37.48 to 55.12 pounds) for the female


His coat has a white background with more or less dark brown patches, sometimes with or without speckles.


His hair is short, coarse and rather dense for the Gascony type, while the Pyrenean is fine and shorter.


His head, with an almost flat skull, has a slightly accentuated stop. His well set eyes are dark yellow or a beautiful brown. His ears are medium length. His nose is brown. His tail is usually shortened.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 7, section 1 and is #134

Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Braque français puppy: between and
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder
Average monthly budget for a Braque français:
The monthly budget includes the average expenses for food and hygiene products (grooming, anti-parasite...)

Tips About this breed

Kind, affectionate, docile and very dynamic, as much a type as the other, the Braque français can adapt and live just about anywhere. Whether he is a city or country dog, he will be happy as long as he can benefit from daily exercise.

Endowed with good aptitudes, the Braque français is a loyal and intelligent dog. Passionate about his hunting work, he is just as passionate in family because he loves the presence of each and everyone.

Easy to train, his education must be firm but gentle because he is extremely sociable and docile naturally. It is not difficult even if it must be adequate.

Health of the Braque français

This hardy and very robust dog generally enjoys good health and excellent life expectancy. The breed is not affected by any particular pathology.


His short coat does not require any special care, but his ears must be monitored regularly, especially after the hunt.

History of this breed

The Braque français has existed since the 18th century. He comes from the Braque Charles X and is native from France, as his name suggests, more precisely from the central Pyrenees and the Southwest of the country.

The breed existed at the time in two categories, the Pyrenean and the Gascony type. Combined as a single breed for years, they were later separated, around 1920, into two separate ones. Despite this, the dogs are virtually identical, except for size and vitality.

The Braque français quickly spread throughout France, but the first World War put a slight brake on his expansion, which was later relaunched. Around 1919, the breed club was created.

This hunting and pointing dog is excellent for finding and pointing small game. The Pyrenean type is faster than the Gascony, but both are equally at ease in all kinds of terrain, whether on plains, in marshes or in the woods, as well as for game birds and game animals. Both have great talent that is highly appreciated by all hunters.

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