French Spaniel

The French Spaniel is a superb specimen of the canine race. This hunter and excellent life companion has wonderful aptitudes and great qualities to become one of the best hunting companions there is, as well as one of the best companion dogs. Even though he is the ancestor of most of the hunting Spaniels, he is still quite small in numbers, even in his country of origin. As the breed has diversified greatly, he has remained confined within French borders, and it is in France that one must travel to get one. Although he is rather rare, he deserves to be known better.

Height 54 to 61 cm
Weight 20 to 27 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 14 years
Home country France

Quick Overview of the French Spaniel


  • Calm and affectionate
  • Sensitive and soft
  • Balanced and sociable
  • Intelligent


  • Very athletic physique
  • Strong and robust silhouette
  • Very elegant look


  • Robust and very solid
  • No particular genetic disease
  • Beware of eczema and ear infections

Temperament of the French Spaniel

Calm, affectionate, sensitive, gentle, balanced, sociable and intelligent, all these adjectives describe this dog wonderfully.

The French Spaniel is a dog that adapts easily to all situations and people. His education and socialization are relatively easy to perform.

Ardent, resistant, courageous in hunting and endowed with an excellent sense of smell make him a very appreciated dog.

Even if he is slower and less known than his counterpart, the Brittany Spaniel, hunters appreciate him greatly. Very good at working in water, he is one of the best retrievers there is. This bush dog also works on the most difficult terrain without any issue.

In the family, he is gentle, kind, affectionate, patient and always ready to play with anyone who wants to.

He loves children and never dislikes their affection or games. He is overflowing with affection and kindness for all members of the household.

Never aggressive, he makes a poor guardian or protector because he loves everyone.

Intelligent and docile at heart, his education is easy and generally does not pose any particular problem.

It must still be undertaken very early to control his high energy. His socialization is also easy and can be included in his early education.

He can live just about anywhere, in the country as well as in the city.

However, he loves exercise and must be able to benefit from regular outings in order to spend his overflowing energy.

It is also essential to watch his diet so that he does not gain too much weight.

Breed Appearance

French spaniel

This elegant and muscular dog has a very athletic physique.

Resembling the Brittany Spaniel in many ways, he is however higher than his canine counterpart.

This medium-sized dog has a mastiff-like build that shows great energy and physical resistance.

His strong silhouette is robust without ever being heavy. He has a very elegant appearance.


Between 55 and 61 cm (21.65 to 24.02 inches) for the male
Between 54 and 59 cm (21.26 to 23.23 inches) for the female


Between 20 and 27 kg (44.09 to 59.52 pounds) for the male
Between 20 and 27 kg (44.09 to 59.52 pounds) for the female


The color of his coat is composed of white and brown with medium shading, sometimes extending into irregular patches.

Brown can vary from cinnamon to dark liver color. A white star on the head is usually requested.


The long hair of his pretty coat is wavy on the ears, tail and back of limbs.

Silky, full and flat on the trunk, it undulates slightly on the chest and behind the neck. It is thin and short on the head.


His head is well sculpted with a medium stop.

It is usually carried very proudly. His oval eyes are large and of a pretty amber color.

His pretty ears are set back from the eye line, and well pressed against the head.

His cute nose is well pigmented. His beautiful tail is furnished with long wavy hair and generally descends to the point of the hock.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 7, section 1 and is #175

Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a French Spaniel puppy: between 800 € / $ 815 / £675 and 1300 € / $ 1324 / £1097
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Health of the French Spaniel

Robust and very strong, he is not affected by any genetic disease or pathology.

This dog has a vital need for exercise and a sedentary lifestyle can sometimes lead to eczema, but not all dogs get it.

Some dogs can sometimes be affected by ear infections, but this isn't always the case.


It is recommended to brush him at least twice a week to ensure a beautiful and healthy coat.

His pretty hanging ears are also to be watched regularly, especially after hunting episodes.

No other particular care is necessary.

History of this breed

Used to hunt pheasant and partridge in the 17th century, he was then found in Versailles where the hunters of the time were crazy about him.

Of very ancient origin, the French Spaniel comes directly from the Oysel Dogs used in the Middle Ages and described by Gaston Febus.

The French Spaniel is the ancestor of most varieties of hunting Spaniels.

In 1891, the first standard was set by James de Connick.

In order to adapt him to the evolution of the breed, he was improved several times afterwards.

In 1921, the French Spaniel Club was founded. Canada founded the Club de l'Épagneul français in 1978 and in 1985, the breed was officially recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.

This excellent working dog shines in shows and excels in hunting exercises. He is a pointing dog that finds and points small game.

He is also a superb retriever that retrieves game regardless of the terrain.

Despite his effectiveness with all types of game, woodcock remains his specialty.

The French Spaniel, in addition to being excellent at work, is a great life companion compatible with all types of temperaments.

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