The sweetest and kindest of dogs are words that are perfectly suited to describe the Maltese. This very old breed possesses exceptional qualities that still ensure his great popularity today.

Height 20 to 25 cm
Weight 3 to 4 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 15 years
Hair Loss Low
Excercise Need Low
Home country Italy

Quick Overview of the Maltese


  • Lovely and charming
  • Easy to live with
  • Intelligent and lively
  • Need for attention


  • White fur
  • Long and silky dress
  • Fairly large head
  • Pretty black truffle


  • Rarely ill
  • Robust nature
  • Watery eyes

Temperament of the Maltese

The Maltese is very pleasant to look at and very easy to live with.

Of an intelligent and lively nature, the Maltese is always in symbiosis with his master. He sleeps on his master's knees when watching television, he walks when the master walks and relaxes during other occupations. His size gives him a great adaptability.

He loves company and needs a lot of attention. He adores, wants and needs to be close to his master.

In the past, he was even used as a guard dog. Lively and alert, he was unbeatable at sounding the alarm in case of an intrusion. Of course, once the intruder enters and realizes that the danger is over, he becomes a very sociable and friendly doggie again.

Breed Appearance

Maltese bichon

Despite his small size, he has the attitude of a warrior. He will seek to defend his territory no matter what the danger.


Between 21 and 25 cm (8.27 to 9.84 inches) for the male
Between 20 and 23 cm (7.87 to 9.06 inches) for the female


Between 3 and 4 kg (6.61 to 8.82 pounds) for the male
Between 3 and 4 kg (6.61 to 8.82 pounds) for the female


The Maltese is entirely covered with white fur.


His dress is very long and silky.


This very small dog has a fairly large head and a pretty black nose with wide open nostrils.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 9, section 1 and is #65

Characteristics of the Maltese

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Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Maltese puppy: between and
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder
Average monthly budget for a Maltese:
The monthly budget includes the average expenses for food and hygiene products (grooming, anti-parasite...)

Maltese puppies near me

Maltese pictures

Tips About this breed

The Maltese needs daily care. He is a luxury dog whose hair must be untangled and brushed every day. It is advisable to free his eyes from the coat around them and clean it regularly.

The Maltese can also be a house dog. However, he will need daily walks of about 30 minutes. He is also sensitive to cold and needs to be covered in winter.

Health of the Maltese

Robust by nature despite his size, he is rarely sick. His eyes are sometimes watery, but nothing more.

Since his ears are droopy and hairy, it is best to clean and shave them regularly to avoid possible problems.


Some time is necessary for his maintenance. Regular brushing is essential to ensure a silky and tidy coat.

Bathing is also needed, but if brushing is regular, bathing will be less frequent. Every 3 or 4 weeks, shampoo and conditioner will do him a lot of good.

Make sure to dry the fleece by brushing it under the dryer.

To avoid too much maintenance, it is preferable to keep the hair shorter.

History of this breed

Known since antiquity, the Maltese has always reigned in the most elegant salons around the world. As of the 5th century BC, it was already very popular both in Egypt and Greece.

The Maltese is one of the oldest breeds on the planet. Statuettes representing him were found in the tomb of Ramses II.

Even if his name suggests it, this dog would not be native to Malta. It seems that the island of Malta was rather the place where Phoenician sailors came to sell him.

Even if his origins have not been determined, it is more than likely that the Maltese's origin is Mediterranean.

It is also possible that his origins are Italian because the breed was known in ancient Rome, but this remains hypothetical.

This cute little dog has been known for more than 3000 years. He is the ancestor of many breeds and is very popular with celebrities because he can easily travel, requiring little space.

The Maltese first appeared in the United States around 1850. Twenty years later, the breed made its appearance in exhibitions. It was not until 1972 that the Maltese participated in obedience competitions.

Nowadays, the Maltese is one of the most popular and widespread breeds all over the world.

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