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barkbox reviews

There’s definitely a reason why 1.1 million dog owners adore BarkBox. If you love buying original, fun toys for your pup and feeding them delicious, natural treats you could be a happy BarkBox subscriber too.

Here’s everything you need to know about this dog subscription box.

What is BarkBox?

Imagine your dog being happy to see the postman for once. That’s BarkBox. It’s a monthly subscription box delivering themed toys, chews, and treats that your pup will absolutely love. The really great thing about BarkBox is that each box is customizable and a total surprise. You’ll enjoy opening it just as much as your dog will!  

How does BarkBox work?

It’s incredibly simple! All you have to do is go to their website, register your pup, and what size they are. You can order the small and cute (for little pups), the just right (for medium-sized), or the big and bold (for those, well, big and bold dogs). No matter if you have a Great Dane or a Pomeranian, the boxes are the same price.

You also need to choose which plan is best for you. You can register for one month, 6 months, or 12.

My dog has allergies. Can I still use BarkBox?

One of the best bits about BarkBox is that you can customize it to suit your dog’s dietary requirements. All the edible goodies, chews, and snacks are wheat, corn, and soy-free – perfect if your pooch is allergic to any of those. You can also choose specific meats your dog doesn’t like, and they’ll avoid sending you anything which includes that meat. If there’s anything else BarkBox needs to know about your pup and their allergies, you can easily message them after the registration process. 

What to expect in a BarkBox?

barkbox content

Each month contains treats for your dog in a different theme. Although the themes change every month, you can expect each box to contain a variety of toys, tasty treats, and chews.

The toys are all adorable, durable, and designed by the creative designers at Barkbox. The toys often include squeakers, crinkles, and stuffing to entertain your dog all month long.

What makes BarkBox different?

Anyone searching for pet subscription boxes will know that there are a lot out there. What makes BarkBox so different is the quality. As already mentioned, each toy is designed by the in-house designers with their own pups in mind. Every unique toy has to go through rigorous doggie testing to make sure it’s the most fun, durable, and interesting toy it can be.

But it isn’t just the toys that are high quality. The bags of foodie treats are created and developed in the United States using natural, quality ingredients that your dog will love. 

Past themes

It’s not just your dog that will love BarkBox, it’s also super entertaining for us humans. Each month is a different, often topical theme. The themes themselves are unique and the toys and treats inside funny and brilliantly made. Some past ones have been:

  • Home Alone – which included a Harry and Marve toy and ‘Marve! Duck!’ and ‘Ya Little Jerky’ tasty treats. Perfect for your pups to plan mischief when you’re away. (Not that they don’t already do that)!
  • Lick or Treat – as you might imagine this one came out for Halloween. It included ‘Jack o’ Lamb’ bites, as well as a ghouly worm pull toll.
  • Night at the Squeakeasy – a box which included a Mutthattan squeaky cocktail toy, and The Roaring Turkeys delicious snacks. 

This gives you a little idea of how innovative they are at BarkBox!

Price of a BarkBox

how much is barkbox a month

If you love buying your pup toys and treats every month, BarkBox is brilliant value for money. Especially when you consider the quality of the products inside. On average, the value of the contents of a Barkbox is $40, but you can choose to pay $23 (for a 12-month subscription), $26 (for a 6-month subscription), or $35 (for a 1-month subscription) per month. Obviously, the longer you sign up for the better value for you and the happier your pup will be.

If you’ve seen how happy your pup is with their BarkBox toys, and you have another special pup in your life, you can also buy the subscription for them. 12 boxes cost $276, 6 boxes $156, 3 boxes $99, and 1 box $35. It’s bound to make you a very happy doggie-aunt or uncle!

If your dog particularly likes a BarkBox toy, you can also buy extras of them from the BarkShop on their website. They have a wide range of toys and treats from past boxes that you can share with your pup’s friends.

Is BarkBox worth it ? Customers reviews

Customers love BarkBox, with the main benefits being the customizable options, the durability of the toys, and the flexibility for pups with allergies. Consumer Affairs has rated BarkBox with 4.5/5 stars with customers saying ‘Our pup is definitely an extreme chewer and they hold up very well’, and ‘Our dog always knows when a package is for her and she gets so excited when she sees it’.

The slight issue some customers expressed is that the subscription automatically renews – so if you don’t want to keep having toys and treats arrive at your door (and have to deal with a very disappointed pup), make sure you cancel the subscription in plenty of time.

Happy Dogs

Just to be sure, we also asked Scout, an adorable Australian Shepherd who we’ve recently hired as Chief Product Officer. He ordered the Galapagos, Tails of the Tropics box, which included some seriously cute underwater animal toys (including a squeaky crab and a crinkly turtle), and some yummy turkey and duck treats. 

The box arrived on time and in perfect condition. From the moment it entered the house, Scout was super excited to open it up and see what smelt so good.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“I like nice things and I like the big box. I knew there was something delicious inside, and I wanted to open it up quickly to try it. My favorite things are bones. All bones. I like to chew them and play with them but the best thing to do is bury them. The BarkBox bone was delicious and the perfect size for me. I buried it in my favorite plant pot.

Because I was so distracted by the bone I didn’t really see the other toys to play with. When I went back for another look I chose the squeaky crab because of the colors. It’s really fun to chase too. My dad has said he’s going to buy a BarkBox as a gift for my friends and I hope he gets me another one too!”

So there you have it. A great review from one happy dog and his bone!

BarkBox is a great way to keep your dog entertained all month long. They’ll be so excited when their package arrives and won’t be able to wait to open it! Have you tried BarkBox or any other pet subscription boxes? Let us know below!

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