The Best Hashtags for Golden Retrievers on Instagram

Did you just create an Instagram account for your beautiful golden retriever and you want him or her to be a star?

Golden retrievers are some of the most famous and followed dog breeds on Instagram. So you're right to give it a shot!

Here are all of our ideas for hashtags you can include in your posts.

Top 25 golden retriever hashtags of Instagram

Here are the most used hashtags by golden retriever accounts. Beware, high volume also means you'll have a harder time standing out from other accounts. Don't hesitate to choose lesser known hashtags.

#goldenretriever #golden #goldenretrieversofinstagram #goldenretrieverpuppy #goldenretrievers #retriever #goldensofinstagram #welovegoldens #goldenretrieverlovers #goldenretrieverlove #goldenpuppy #goldenretrieversworld #retrievers #retrieveroftheday #retrieversofinstagram #goldenretrieverworld #gloriousgoldens #goldenretrievertoday #goldenretrieverpuppies #goldenlove #goldenretrieverclub #goldenretrieversofig #goldenretrieverofinstagram #retrieversgram #instagolden

Top 10 general dogs hashtags

Also, don't hesitate to include hashtags about dogs in general. These will allow you to reach other users who are not specifically looking for golden retriever photos but who might still be interested in your posts.

#dogs #dog #dogstagram #puppy #doglover #instadog #dogoftheday #doglovers #doglife #dogsofinstagram

More dog hashtags ideas for your Instagram account

5 tips to grow your Golden Retriever instagram account

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, golden retriever accounts are very popular, which also means that you will have more competition. Here are 5 tips to succeed and grow your account :

  1. Publish frequently (but not too much): To retain your audience, it is essential that you post frequently. This will make your followers remember your account and they will be delighted to see new content every day (or every few days). For some, this will even become a routine. I sometimes get on Instagram just to see what the dogs I follow are up to.
  2. Don't only publish posts: On Instagram, you can publish stories, reels and even Instagram TVs. Use all these formats to create as many diverse pieces of content as possible. Of course, prioritize posts and stories, the two most used formats on the platform.
  3. Follow and interact with other accounts: Don't see other golden retriever or dog accounts as competition, see them as potential friends! There's room for everyone on Instagram. Follow them, like their posts, comment them. You can even repost their posts in your stories. Get noticed and create friendships that will surely help you grow on the platform!
  4. Pick the best golden retriever hashtags: We gave you some ideas at the beginning of the article. Hashtags are essential to get you noticed by accounts that don't follow you. Remember that hashtags can be followed, so it's possible that your post will appear in the homepage of other users, even if they don't follow you.
  5. Create highly shareable content: Good news, photos and videos of dogs are shared a lot! Try to post as much shareable content as possible. This can be a funny video, your dog learning amazing tricks or a cute photo. It's up to you!