Frolic: all about this brand of dog kibbles


Frolic is a brand of dog food whose kibbles are distributed in supermarkets and on the internet. Frolic stands out mainly because of its very advantageous prices and the undeniable palatability of its kibbles.

If in most cases, low prices mean low quality, what about Frolic kibbles?

In this article, we'll tell you more about this brand and the food it offers: the history of the brand, its strengths and weaknesses, the composition of the recipes and the range of kibbles.

Presentation of the brand

Frolic is a brand of dog food belonging to the Mars group, whose headquarters are in the United States. The American giant owns other pet food brands distributed in France such as Royal Canin, Whiskas, Pedigree and Sheba.

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With its Frolic brand, the Mars group wants to offer affordable dog food at low prices, while remaining complete for the health of our dogs and tasty.

Like most entry-level brands, Frolic does not communicate much. The brand relies on the simplicity, the palatability of its kibbles and especially its price to win over dog owners. Frolic's website perfectly represents this state of mind, with very little information about the company and its products.

What is the composition of Frolic kibbles?

Frolic offers mainly complete kibbles. The brand promises kibbles that are both healthy and tasty for dogs. But given the low prices offered by the brand, we can wonder what ingredients and especially what quality are hidden behind these promises.

On its website, Frolic states that the brand's kibbles are made with fresh meat. Unfortunately, fresh meat is at the very bottom of the list of ingredients in each recipe, with a rate of only 4%. This has a strong impact on the quality of the kibbles, as they do not contain enough protein (17%). It should be noted that vegetable proteins are in the majority, which is not always enough to meet the nutritional needs of dogs.

If most dogs like Frolic kibbles, it is also because they contain a high level of sugar and fat. While the fat content is at the level recommended by vets, the carbohydrate content is still rather high.

Therefore, if you opt for Frolic kibbles, it is essential to measure out the portions at each meal so that your dog does not gain weight.

Frolic brand's range of dog kibbles

Frolic's range of kibbles is very limited as it is only composed of 4 products. This offers consumers very little choice . Consequently, not all owners will find what they are looking for from Frolic for their dog's diet. Here are the 4 recipes of Frolic kibbles.

Beef Kibble

These are available in two sizes: 1.5kg and 4kg. These kibbles are soft and tasty and without flavour enhancer. They are therefore very popular with most dogs.

This kibble recipe is complete. The main ingredients of the beef kibbles are: cereals including 4% wheat, vegetables including 4% carrots, meat and animal by-products including 4% fresh beef.

Poultry Kibble

These are only available in 1.5kg format. The texture and ingredients of this recipe are similar to beef kibble, except for the meat.

These kibbles contain: cereals (4% wheat), vegetables (4% carrots), meat and animal by-products (4% fresh poultry).

Mini beef kibble

Mini beef kibbles are designed for small dogs. The size of the kibble is smaller, which makes it easier for small breeds to chew and swallow.

This product is available in 1kg format. The composition of the recipe for these kibbles is similar to that of the classic beef kibbles.

Mini poultry kibble

These kibbles for small dogs are available in 1kg format. Here too, the composition of the mini poultry is the same as that of the classic poultry.

Frolic candy sticks

In addition to the 4 kibble recipes, Frolic offers dog treats. These are beef sticks to please our companions from time to time.

As far as the recipe is concerned, these treats are made of 80% meat and are free of artificial colours and flavours.

An economical solution for small budgets

Given the attractive price of Frolic kibbles, consumers generally know what to expect in terms of quality. In fact, there is still no entry-level kibble that does not have any drawbacks.

On the other hand, Frolic kibbles are not recommended for dogs with health problems and for older dogs, who require a more balanced diet. If you wish to offer your dog a more qualitative diet, especially if he has specific needs, you will have to go up in price.

Owners' opinions on Frolic kibbles

Finally, the majority of owners who have chosen Frolic kibbles are satisfied. They highlight the palatability of the kibbles, which delight their dog, but also the softness of the kibbles, which is much appreciated.

For people on a tight budget, Frolic kibbles are a good alternative.

Give us your opinion on Frolic dog kibbles!

If you too have chosen Frolic kibbles, do not hesitate to share your opinion with us in all transparency.

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