How to pet a dog?

how to pet a dog

Dogs are such adorable animals that it's sometimes hard to resist giving them a few strokes. Unfortunately, some of them are fearful and can have unexpected reactions. To avoid rushing the dog you meet, it's best to use appropriate gestures.

But stroking one can also make him happy. In this article, find out how to pet a dog you may or may not know.

Petting a dog that doesn't know you

While some dogs allow themselves to be approached and stroked without any concern, others are much more reluctant.

First of all, never rush a dog or any other animal. Be careful not to surprise him. It is essential to make contact with the dog you meet and introduce yourself.

To do this, get down to his level so he can see you and hold out your hand. This will allow him to move towards you if he wishes. If the doggie decides to make contact with you, let yourself be smelled.

By his sense of smell, he will be able to detect that you are no danger to him. If he stays with you, you can start petting him gently.

However, if the dog definitely doesn't want to be approached, don't force him. Indeed, a dog has the right not to want to be touched, especially by humans he doesn't know yet.

Sometimes, a degree of trust by the dog towards the individual must be earned so that he agrees to let himself be petted. It is necessary to be patient.

Methods for the most pleasant strokes

Of course, not all dogs have the same taste when it comes to petting. While some dogs love to be petted on the belly, others hate it. So it can be difficult to know how to deal with our beloved companion.

If most masters caress the top of their dog's head in an almost automatic way, it is interesting to know that a large number of our companions do not like this. So, you are probably wondering how to find out whether or not your dog appreciates this type of attention? All you have to do is look at him.

If, when you put your hand near the top of your dog's head:

  • he raises his head more or less quickly,
  • he turns his head,
  • he lowers his ears,

that means this is definitely not his favourite caress.

Generally, the areas that dogs enjoy the most for gentle caresses are:

  • under the chin and neck,
  • lower back near the tail,
  • shoulders,
  • near the rib cage.

We therefore advise you to test these areas in particular for the benefit of your companion and to observe his reactions. You will easily guess which one he prefers.

For successful caresses and an assured moment of relaxation for your canine friend, it is important to be gentle. To do so, use the “massage” technique. Prefer to adopt slow gestures, applied to the chosen area. Nothing prevents you from going from one area to another as you would do for a human massage.

You are now ready to take care of your dog and/or the dogs you meet on a daily basis!

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