How to teach a dog to stand on command?

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It is well known that dogs have incredible learning abilities! It is therefore possible to teach them various commands and tricks, which can be used both in everyday life and for occasional entertainment.

Learning also reinforces the complicity between the master and his doggie. What if you teach him to stand on command?

A fun trick for you and your dog to learn

The order “stand on command” is one of the most famous, but not the easiest to teach dogs. It consists of getting your dog to stand up on his two back legs. This little number can make a lot of people fall for him!

In addition to having fun with each other and strengthening the bond between master and dog, learning the “stand on command” order has several advantages.

First of all, training your dog and teaching him new tricks allows him to exercise physically.

Every day, our canine companions must get as much exercise as possible to be able to control him the rest of the time and limit any nonsense.

In addition, regularly teaching your dog new tricks reinforces his obedience. By stimulating him this way, you train him to listen to rules, which is very important in everyday life.

Learning in 3 steps

To train your dog to perform this trick, we advise you to proceed in three distinct steps.

1. Training your dog

Before you teach your dog to stand on command, it is important that he masters the order “sit”. So the first step is to get your dog to sit and to place yourself at his height.

To encourage him to stand up on his two back legs and lift his front legs, wave a treat over his head. This method works in the majority of cases.

If it doesn't work, adjust the height at which you wave the treats and make sure you place it more towards your doggie's hindquarters.

2. Teach him the order

Once your dog is standing, you must teach him the order that corresponds to this action. To do this, all you have to do is clearly tell him to “stand on command” when he is balanced on his two back legs.

By uttering this sentence at this precise moment, you allow your dog to assimilate the order with the trick he is doing.

To embed this order in your doggie's memory, it will be necessary to repeat the exercise several times and in a recurring manner.

3. Congratulate him

Once these two steps have been successfully completed, all you have to do is congratulate your dog! Even if this is the easiest step in the learning process, you should not forget it.

Indeed, this action serves to reward and encourage him to continue to listen to you, which is essential for a successful education. Little by little, of course, you will be able to reduce or even eliminate the treats.

However, it is always positive to congratulate your dog when he does a trick, even if it is only a word or a small caress.

Don't forget that learning tricks like this should not be a constraint for our canine friends, but above all a game. If your dog can't assimilate the command “stand on command“, try to teach him more accessible tricks such as “lie down” or “give paw”.

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