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10 orange and black dogs that you’ll love! (with pictures)

tibetan mastiff orange black portrait

Not many of us would use the word ‘orange' to describe our furry friends. But when kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club list ‘rust' markings and coat colors, you can see how there would be quite a few orange and black dogs for you to choose from.

The mix of a deep black coat with orange markings is particularly striking. Dogs with this color combination can be large, small, extremely playful, or a little timid.

It's important you think about your experience as a pup parent and the dog's health first – before you consider how beautiful the color of their coat is. You need to ensure you have enough space for them and can keep up with their exercise needs. These are a much more important part of adopting a canine friend than what they look like!

Here are 10 of our favorite dogs with black and orange fur. Most are primarily black with rust/tan/orange markings, but there are a couple with a mainly orange coat with black patches or a darker mask.

Doberman Pinscher

doberman on grass

The Doberman Pinscher is really one of the most elegant and noble dog breeds in the canine world. Their sleek, athletic body is covered in a glossy black coat and they tend to have rust-colored markings on their face, ears, and legs. Although black and rust is the most common coat coloring for these active pups, they can also be blue, red, white, and fawn (Isabella).

A Doberman Pinscher is one of the best protective dogs you can get. They're alert, imposing looking, and immensely loyal. They're also very active dogs that need a lot of exercise to keep them mentally and physically healthy.

It's best if they have a large, fenced-in yard to roam around and exercise in and that you take them on long, daily hikes and walks. Despite their somewhat intimidating appearance, Dobermans are affectionate and cuddly dogs that like human attention.


rottweiler portrait

Rottweilers are another dog breed that the AKC accepts in black with rust markings. They also make wonderful protection dogs that are sure to scare away any intruder.

This very strong black and orange dog is confident and calm and shouldn't be aggressive (but don't tell the intruder). In fact, they can be really cuddly and affectionate dogs!

Rottweilers need early socialization as well as plenty of training sessions to keep them engaged. They'll benefit from canine classes including herding and obedience and need lots of daily exercise.

They too, need a big backyard to roam in. These pups can be a bit aloof around strangers and dogs they don't know (which is another reason why they're great guard dogs) but they're silly and playful when with their family.


dachshund looking up

Dachshunds (or sausage dogs as they're also called) are cute little dogs with big personalities. They come in many different coat colors and textures, but one of the most popular is a sleek black coat with tan markings. These pups were first bred to hunt and catch badgers (hence their elongated bodies that can go down badger holes) and they still have a bold and brave personality today.

They're very alert little dogs that like to make some noise. Although not ideal for your neighbor, this does mean they make excellent watchdogs. These pups are pretty active and need a good walk and play session a day. They shouldn't, however, jump or climb too much.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

orange and black cavalier king charles spaniel portrait

As the name of these black and orange dogs would suggest, they combine the best aspects of a toy breed fit for royalty and the athletic nature of a sporting Spaniel. The AKC accepts these very cute dogs in 4 different colors, one of which is black and tan. They also accept them in ruby and Blenheim which are distinctly orange!

King Charles Spaniels are great family dogs. They get on well with other pets and children, are easy to train, and love to spend time with family. They were originally bred to be royal dogs but they still have some athletic Spaniel in them and enjoy going for walks and play sessions. They're pretty adaptable little dogs and are very kind and sweet.


bloodhound laying in grass

If you're looking for a black and orange dog breed with an incredible sense of smell, you can't really do any better than a Bloodhound. These wrinkly dogs were first bred to hunt deer, but they were later used to search for missing people. If they're not on the trail of a scent, these dogs can be pretty docile and a little lazy. So it's important you get them up and out to stop them from gaining too much weight.

Unlike other black and orange dogs on the list so far, Bloodhounds aren't primarily black with orange or tan markings. They're usually tan/orange with black patches. These pups are also accepted in liver, tan, and red. Bloodhounds are used to working in a pack so therefore like the company of others. They might, however, be a little reserved until they feel truly comfortable.

Airedale Terrier

airedale terrier running

When it comes to black and orange dog breeds, you can't get much more of an all-rounder than the Airedale Terrier. Actually, they've even received the nickname ‘King of the Terriers'.

This might be because they're the biggest of all Terrier breeds but it might also be referring to their hunting skills, excellent athleticism, and how they make wonderful companions. Like many other Terriers, these dogs can be stubborn and somewhat independent. They're headstrong and need an experienced owner who can lead them in the right direction.

Airedale Terriers are an orangey/tan color and usually have a black back or other black markings. The unique combination of the black and orange coloring makes them stand out amongst other pups. They have a short and wiry coat that doesn't need a lot of grooming. A weekly brush will be enough to keep them looking good and clean.


two leonbergers in nature

The Leonberger is a big dog that looks somewhat like a lion – hence the name. Despite growing to be almost 32 inches at the shoulder, these pups are really gentle giants. They love to play with their families and are great around children too. They get on well with dogs they know but can be reserved around those they don't. Leonbergers need socialization from an early age (like all breeds) and entertaining training sessions.

These black and orange dogs have thick double coats that need a lot of brushing to stop them from matting. You should brush them daily on the ‘mane' and where their hair is longest and more thoroughly once a week. You can also expect them to shed more twice a year when they blow their coats. These pups are accepted in reddish-brown and can have a black mask.

Tibetan Mastiff

tibetan mastiff orange black portrait

You'll definitely remember seeing a predominantly black Tibetan Mastiff with rusty tan markings on its face. It's quite a sight! These amazing, enormous dogs have strong guarding instincts but are kind and sweet towards their family. Tibetan Mastiffs have a mellow nature but can be quite standoffish and imposing when it comes to strangers. These powerful dogs need their own space, not just in terms of somewhere to roam but they can be independent too.

This dog breed is accepted in many different colors – some of them more common than others. Brown markings are not accepted, but white ones are. They all need regular grooming (as you can imagine with all that fur) and they tend to shed even more twice a year when they blow their coats.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier puppies
Yorkshire Terrier puppies

They may look very sweet and elegant (especially if they have a floor-length coat) but Yorkies are feisty little canines. They're great around children as they love to play and adore spending time with the humans they love. They can, however, be a bit stubborn and independent and so need a patient owner who can help to train them.

This toy breed is pretty versatile and is a good choice for those living in apartments. They're happy with a quick walk around the block and plenty of toys to keep them entertained indoors.

They come in four standard color combinations, one of which is an orangey tan and black. If you decide to keep your Yorkshire Terrier's hair long, you'll need to brush it daily and give them regular baths.

Miniature Pinscher

miniature pinscher laying down

Not to be confused with Doberman Pinschers – these little orange and black dogs only stand 12.5 inches tall – the Miniature Pinscher is a lively and playful dog. They're also pretty versatile and don't mind living in an apartment, so long as you take them out for a couple of daily walks and keep them entertained. Miniature Pinschers are good around other dogs and enjoy socializing. They can be good with kids they know but may be suspicious of those they don't.

These pups have sleek and short coats that can be a number of different colors. One of the most attractive is black and rust. All colors are easy to maintain and just one quick brush a week is enough to keep their coats clean and healthy.

And there they are! 10 beautiful orange and black dogs for you to choose from. Some are more black with orange or rust markings and some are mainly orange with black patches and a mask. Which of these wonderful dogs is your favorite?

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