Atlas Dog, Atlas Mountain Dog, Moroccan Aïdi, Atlas Shepherd Dog, Kabyle Dog

Rather rare outside the Moroccan borders, the Aïdi is a magnificent dog with beautiful qualities. This dog, with a very plush appearance, doesn't show his fearsome courage and extraordinary aptitudes as protector and guardian of property and family. He is a excellent protection and guard dog and superb sheepdog confined for the moment within his country of origin, Morocco.

Height 52 to 60 cm
Weight 25 to 30 kg
Life expectancy 10 to 12 years
Home country Morocco

Quick Overview of the Aïdi


  • Observant and intelligent
  • Vigilant and protective
  • Affectionate and calm
  • Strong temperament


  • Powerful and well built
  • Very flexible and muscular silhouette
  • Strongly built
  • Looks a little nervous


  • Very robust
  • Rarely ill
  • No particular pathology
  • Can adapt to all climates

Temperament of the Aïdi

Observant, intelligent, vigilant, protective, affectionate and calm, he has a strong temperament and is an excellent guardian, but naturally non-aggressive.

His education must be very rigorous because he has a rather dominant nature and likes to be the leader of the pack.

Breed Appearance

Aïdi appearance

This hardy medium-size dog is remarkably powerful and well built. His silhouette is very flexible, muscular and strongly built, but without heaviness. His slightly nervous gait reveals his great liveliness and protective instincts always on alert. He is a solid and well proportioned dog.


Between 52 and 60 cm (20.47 to 23.62 inches) for the male
Between 52 and 60 cm (20.47 to 23.62 inches) for the female


Between 25 and 30 kg (55.12 to 66.14 pounds) for the male
Between 25 and 30 kg (55.12 to 66.14 pounds) for the female


The color of his coat generally varies between fawn, black and brown.


The thick hair of his coat is rather rough and semi long.


His head, with a flat skull, has a slightly marked stop. His eyes are medium size and usually match the color of the coat, which ranges from dark amber to golden brown.

His ears are medium size and half drooping. His pretty nose is brown or black. His long tail usually reaches the hock.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 2, section 2 and is #247

Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Aïdi puppy: between 500 € / $ 1 / £1 and 1000 € / $ 1 / £1
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Aïdi puppies near me

Tips About this breed

Don't be fooled by this magnificent teddy bear-like specimen. Beneath his cute and very "teddy bear" looks, hides a formidable guard and a remarkable protector.

His courage is great and he will not hesitate to defend his family if necessary. Rather calm and non-aggressive by nature, he has a natural instinct for protection which makes him a strong guardian who can be fearsome in all circumstances.

He will stop at nothing to protect his own. Defending his family will be his primary purpose.

This excellent companion dog is obedient, affectionate and very loyal to his master. He will still test his master's limits and try to become leader of the pack.

His education must therefore be firm while gentle and non-aggressive. His mistrust of strangers must absolutely not be exacerbated during his education and his socialization must be early in order to control his natural reserve against strangers.

He gets along pretty well with other animals in the household as long as they have all been raised together. As for his peers, one must remain cautious because he tends to fight with those of the same sex.

He can live and adapt well anywhere. He can live indoors as well as outdoors because his fur allows him to withstand all climates.

The extreme density of his fleece protects him from the weather and even from bodily injury.

Health of the Aïdi

Very robust, he is safe from almost all harm. He is rarely ill and no pathology particularly affects him.

This hardy dog can live a very long time and adapt to all climates and weather conditions.


The maintenance of his dress does not require any particular care and a minimum of time is necessary. It is enough to brush him from time to time to keep his fur healthy and beautiful.

History of this breed

Originally from Morocco, more precisely from the Atlas plateaus, this sheepdog is apparently a cousin of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Today, he is considered to be the smallest mountain dog and his true roots remain rather mysterious as it is difficult to determine who his true ancestors are.

The first representations of the breed in oriental photographs and paintings can be found in the 19th century. It is likely that he comes from the great mountain dogs.

This dog still a bit wild in nature, remained faithful to the original type. Traditionally used in his country for a long time, to protect nomads' herds, guard houses and protect tents, the Aïdi has also been prized by hunters for tracking and hunting jackals, foxes and wild boars.

He can still be found in large numbers in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco but rather rare elsewhere on the planet.

Although the breed seems very old, his official standard was only established in 2003. He continues to perform as guardian and protector in his home country, but also excels at being a companion dog that always seeks to protect his own against all.

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