Halden Hound

Halden dog, Haldenstøver

The Halden Hound is very rare outside his native Norway. He is less popular than his two other Norwegian counterparts, the Hygen and Dunker. However, he has good hunting and companion qualities as long as the master is athletic and single without children.

Height 50 to 60 cm
Weight 20 to 29 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 13 years
Home country Norway

Quick Overview of the Halden Hound


  • Calm and kind
  • Quiet
  • Solitary
  • Does not really appreciate children


  • Proud and strong physique
  • No heaviness and very elegant
  • Straight and very dense rough coat
  • Ears lying forward


  • Hardly ever sick
  • Exercise is essential for his good health

Temperament of the Halden Hound

Calm, gentle and quiet, the Halden Hound is an excellent hunter and good companion dog, but he is also a solitary that does not particularly appreciate children or strangers.

Not a pack or family dog, he works alone. He is fast and persistent when hunting but calm and quiet at home. He therefore needs a good education to learn how to socialize.

It is preferable to use him alone when hunting because he does not work in a pack. Same thing in family, he prefers single to big families.

He is not very tolerant of children and prefers to be totally alone with his master. He is a one-man dog.

As for hunting, the Halden Hound is trained for one type of game and will always stick to it without ever changing. He is made that way and can't do otherwise.

Breed Appearance

halden hound

The appearance of the Halden Hound is reminiscent of the Beagle in shape and color.


Between 52 and 60 cm (20.47 to 23.62 inches) for the male
Between 50 and 58 cm (19.69 to 22.83 inches) for the female


Between 23 and 29 kg (50.71 to 63.93 pounds) for the male
Between 20 and 25 kg (44.09 to 55.12 pounds) for the female


His coat is white with black patches and small paler spots on the limbs and head.


His rough coat is straight and very tight and has a thick undercoat.


His head is slightly dome-shaped. His calm eyes are medium size and dark brown. His ears are set forward and usually reach the muzzle. His nose is completely black. His thick tail is rather low and medium height reaching almost down to the hock.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 6, section 1 and is #267

Tips About this breed

The Halden Hound is an athletic dog and because his need for exercise is huge, he must be able to enjoy the great outdoors on a daily basis.

The education of the Halden Hound must be firm and determined, but his natural independence will remain despite a good early education.

Health of the Halden Hound

Robust and almost never sick, the Halden Hound is very strong. Despite his short coat, he is hardy and can withstand snow and cold without any issue. Exercise is essential to his health.


His ears are to be watched and his dress can be brushed regularly.

History of this breed

Originally from Norway, more precisely from the Halden region in the South of the country, breeding of the Halden Hound is said to have begun around 1860.

Hans Larsen Bisseberg, farmer, is said to have started the first known breeding in Norway's Ostfold County.

Later, the breeds obtained by this first breeding, named Ankerstover and Haldenstover, were probably crossed with Beagles, Foxhounds and Harriers and provided the Halden Hound as we know him today.

Having almost disappeared at one point, a few passionate Norwegian breeders managed to save the breed.

It was not until the 1950s that he finally received his first official standard. However, the Halden Hound remains virtually unknown outside Norway.

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