Hungarian Mudi

The Mudi is particularly appreciated in Hungary by the city dwellers, thanks to his pretty rather short dress, allowing him to live in an apartment, and for his ability to fulfill multiple functions. This breed, unaltered by man, remains a gift that is still well appreciated today by the Hungarian people.

Height 38 to 47 cm
Weight 8 to 13 kg
Life expectancy 13 to 14 years
Hair Loss Medium
Excercise Need High
Home country Hungary

Quick Overview of the Mudi


  • Active and lively
  • Energetic and loving
  • Focused and attentive
  • Brave and assiduous


  • Large and lively moves
  • Smooth, straight and short wavy coat
  • Wedge-shaped head
  • Tail hanging at rest


  • No particular pathology
  • No congenital diseases
  • Generally healthy

Temperament of the Mudi

Active, lively, energetic, affectionate, diligent, attentive, courageous, assiduous and docile, the Mudi can easily adapt to various situations. He has a sociable temperament, yet is very exclusive.

His docility being inborn, he is easy to train.

This excellent herding dog, naturally gifted and dedicated to work, makes a superb guard, defense, companion and hunting dog, while performing very well on canine agility grounds.

This tireless pest hunter can easily combine several functions as a companion dog, sheepdog and working dog, appreciated by safety authorities.

His very courageous side makes him much appreciated by shepherds for driving large livestock, which are often much more difficult to lead. He can be used to search for narcotics, as well as to hunt wild boar, and remain a most pleasant companion.

Breed Appearance


This medium-sized dog has a broad, lively gait, showing off his temperament, which is well tempered and vigorous.

His silhouette is designed to allow him movements adapted to all styles. Intended mainly for work, he is very dynamic, and his general appearance shows his energetic and efficient temperament in all potential activities that can be attributed to him.


Between 41 and 47 cm (16.14 to 18.50 inches) for the male
Between 38 and 44 cm (14.96 to 17.32 inches) for the female


Between 11 and 13 kg (24.25 to 28.66 pounds) for the male
Between 8 and 11 kg (17.64 to 24.25 pounds) for the female


The color of his pretty coat, wavy or slightly curly, is black, brown, ash or even sometimes a pretty blue blackbird.


His wavy coat is smooth, straight and short on the front of the legs and on the head, while it is glossy, tight, wavy or slightly curly on the rest of the body.


His head is wedge-shaped and has a slightly rounded skull. His very dark eyes are narrow.

His ears, carried erect, are set high and v-shaped. His nose is all black. His tail hangs at rest, with the lower third almost horizontal.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 1, section 1 and is #238

Characteristics of the Mudi

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Tips About this breed

He adapts very easily, and despite his great need to work, he can live very well in the city as long as he has a task to perform and enough space to spend his energy.

However, a garden will not be enough for him, and he will have to be able to run freely in a large space and on a regular basis.

He's usually very gentle with everyone, even children. He is sociable by nature and can live with his peers without issue, but he is however rather distrustful of strangers, and his protective instinct always leads him to defend his own.

Not at all aggressive, his great courage allows him to stop at nothing to protect his family or his herd.

He can easily live anywhere, and adapt to any family situation, as long as he has a nice place to run and a job to keep him busy.

His education is generally easy, as he is very docile, and his socialization does not usually cause any particular problem, but it should not exacerbate his natural distrust of strangers.

His intelligence makes his job much easier, because he quickly understands what is expected of him.

Health of the Mudi

No particular pathology affects the breed, nor any congenital disease. He generally enjoys excellent health, being very rarely ill.

This special looking dog has a very nice life expectancy.


Despite the slight curls in his beautiful coat, the Mudi is very easy to care of, requiring little time from the owner.

His coat requires brushing and bathing from time to time to keep his pretty curly fleece shiny and healthy. No other maintenance is necessary.

History of this breed

Originally from Hungary, the Mudi appeared around the 18th and 19th centuries as a result of spontaneous crossbreeding between different German and Hungarian herding dogs.

Initially not voluntary, but has it happened naturally, the result of the crossbreeding nevertheless made the happiness of the Hungarian shepherds of the time.

Having stabilized at the beginning of the 20th century, the breed was much appreciated for his many inborn qualities in protecting herds of cows and sheep.

Even today, the breed is still greatly appreciated by a few passionate breeders, who love his unique and very special aptitudes and who are determined to protect the breed and continue to produce many of these beloved dogs.

From herdsman, he later became a hunting and companion dog.

Because his need for exercise is high and he is very happy when working, his potential duties quickly expanded to hunting, guarding and companionship.

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