Petit Bleu de Gascogne

The Petit Bleu de Gascogne remains above all an extraordinary hunting dog. This excellent versatile dog, despite his excellent qualities as companion dog, will only be happy if he remains an active hunter. Greatly used as a companion dog, however, he needs plenty of physical exercise in large spaces, where he can undertake all the necessary activity for his physical and mental well-being.

Height 50 to 60 cm
Weight 18 to 22 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 13 years
Home country France

Quick Overview of the Petit Bleu de Gascogne


  • Calm, but lively
  • Dedicated and devoted
  • Obedient and loving
  • Excellent character


  • Rather distinguished look
  • Well-proportioned silhouette
  • Solid build
  • Well furnished short coat


  • Rustic and very robust
  • No particular pathology
  • Falling ears prone to ear infections

Temperament of the Petit Bleu de Gascogne

Very gentle and docile, the Petit Bleu de Gascogne is obedient, affectionate and devoted to his master, whether he is a hunter or not.

Still widely used for hunting, this small size dog is only happy if he can carry out his natural hunting functions.

He makes an excellent companion, and is endowed with many qualities, but he remains first and foremost a hunter at heart, happy only if he has the opportunity to hunt regularly.

Socialization and training are very easy, and generally do not cause any issue for the master, as this dog is naturally obedient and sociable.

Breed Appearance

little gascony blue

This medium-size dog has a rather distinguished appearance and a well proportioned silhouette.

Like all Bleus de Gascogne, this very classy, elegant dog has a physique that sets him apart from other breeds.

His powerful, massive body allows him to perform various functions, making him a very versatile working dog.

His solid build with powerful limbs makes him a specialized hunting dog for both small and large game.


Between 52 and 60 cm (20.47 to 23.62 inches) for the male
Between 50 and 56 cm (19.69 to 22.05 inches) for the female


Between 18 and 22 kg (39.68 to 48.50 pounds) for the male
Between 18 and 22 kg (39.68 to 48.50 pounds) for the female


His coat is entirely speckled in black and white, giving it a lovely slate blue reflection, like most of Bleus de Gascogne robes.


His coat is well furnished and short, his coarse hair is half thick.


His head, with a slightly rounded skull, has a lightly accentuated stop. His brown eyes are oval, and the gaze of the Petit Bleu de Gascogne is very soft.

His fine curled ears reach almost the end of the nose. His nose is completely black. His tail, carried proudly like a sword blade, is very fine and reaches the tip of the hock.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 6, section 1 and is #31

Tips About this breed

He is not very adapted for city life, preferring open spaces, where he can practice his favourite sport.

When hunting, he obeys orders very easily, and is greatly dedicated to his work.

Endowed with a beautiful bark and very fine nose, he can hunt alone or in a pack. He is also at ease in more difficult terrain.

If he hunts and is part of a pack, then he must live in a kennel with his pack. If he hunts or lives alone, then he can live with his family.

He adapts very easily, as long as his situation allows him to hunt at will.

Very gentle and patient with children, he has no difficulty living together, even with the very young.

He's comfortable with everyone, and he cohabits very well with his peers in the house. He's never aggressive, and a poor caretaker.

He can live outside as well as inside without any issue.

Health of the Petit Bleu de Gascogne

This hardy dog is solid and very robust. He is not affected by any particular pathology or genetic disease.

Generally in excellent health, he is rarely sick. His drooping ears can sometimes facilitate ear infections in some individuals, but regular cleaning generally minimizes this risk.

The Petit Bleu de Gascogne enjoys a considerable life expectancy.


His drooping ears need to be monitored and cleaned on a regular basis.

A regular brushing is also necessary, in order to ensure good hygiene, while preserving his health. No other more particular maintenance is necessary.

History of this breed

Originally from France, like the Gran Bleu de Gascogne, the Petit Bleu de Gascogne is a cross between French Hounds and the Hound of Saint Hubert, more commonly known as the Bloodhound.

He was deliberately shortened in size compared to his counterpart, the Grand Bleu de Gascogne.

Appearing around the 17th century, the selection was then looking for the qualities of the Grand Bleu, but in a way more adapted to the hunting of small game, such as fox and hare.

After been threatened with total extinction, the breed was able to resist thanks to breeders who were passionate about him.

The success obtained was such that the breed is still growing today. Thanks to these breed lovers and to the activity of the French Club, the selection of the breed was successfully relaunched.

The Petit Bleu de Gascogne, created specifically for small game hunting, is very versatile.

Used for gun and sometimes hound hunting, he is still predestined and highly appreciated for hunting hares.

In spite of his smaller size, his many qualities nevertheless make him an excellent dog for big game as well.

He is a hound that can run after unwounded game, or chase wounded game by smell.

Even if he is built for hunting, he is compatible with all family situations and all types of owners.

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