Polish Hound

Ogar Polski

The Polish Hound, endowed with a superb black and tan coat, is not well known in the world except in his country of origin. In Poland, he is greatly appreciated for the many functions he can easily perform. The Polish Hound is undisputed the Polish man's best friend, but not yet in other countries. He is a hunting dog with great aptitudes, search dog with exceptional qualities and family dog with a gentle, affectionate character. Very popular in his homeland, he is more and more known in other parts of the world.

Height 55 to 65 cm
Weight 20 to 32 kg
Life expectancy 13 to 14 years
Home country Poland

Quick Overview of the Polish Hound


  • Tenacious and enduring
  • Docile and affectionate
  • Devoted to his master
  • Reserved with foreigners


  • Strong constitution
  • Powerful frame
  • Medium length hair
  • Soft dark brown eyes


  • Robust hardy dog
  • Rarely ill
  • No particular pathology

Temperament of the Polish Hound

Tenacious, enduring, docile, affectionate and very attached to his master, the Polish Hound is compatible with the family and is very gentle with children. He is rather reserved towards strangers but not aggressive in any way.

With an easy character, he is obedient and easy to train. He is naturally sociable

brachet polonais personnalité

Breed Appearance

Polish brachet

This rather compact medium-sized dog has a strong constitution and powerful bones. His pleasantly proportionate but relatively massive silhouette expresses resistance, tenacity and power. He leaves a gentle, endearing imprint.


Between 56 and 65 cm (22.05 to 25.59 inches) for the male
Between 55 and 60 cm (21.65 to 23.62 inches) for the female


Between 25 and 32 kg (55.12 to 70.55 pounds) for the male
Between 20 and 26 kg (44.09 to 57.32 pounds) for the female


His coat is tan color for the limbs, thighs, posterior region, ears and head. His body is dark grey or black.


His medium-length hair is coarse and has a thick undercoat.


His nobly sculpted head is rather heavy and his profile resembles that of a rectangle of medium length. His very soft eyes are dark brown. His long ears are hanging and slightly rounded at the tip. His nose is black.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 6, section 1 and is #52

Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Polish Hound puppy: between 500 € / $ 1 / £1 and 700 € / $ 1 / £1
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Tips About this breed

The Polish Hound is compatible with all situations. He can live very well in the city as long as he exercises daily. He loves everyone and is very gentle with children. Families love him whether they like hunting or not. He can live just about anywhere.

An appreciated hunter, preferably for big game, he is also endowed with good searching skills. His beautiful throat is an important element as much in hunting as in blood search. His lovely qualities are much sought after in his country of origin.

He is reserved towards strangers and can be a very good guardian but he is never aggressive. He is obedient and easy to train but his education should not be neglected. A little firmness mixed with great gentleness is the ideal recipe for this superb specimen.

Health of the Polish Hound

This hardy dog is very robust and rarely sick. The breed is not affected by any particular pathology and the life expectancy of the subjects is excellent.


His long ears must be watched and regular brushing of his coat is recommended, especially when he returns from hunting, to ensure a healthy coat. No other special care is necessary.

History of this breed

The Polish Hound is probably a cross between Bloodhounds and native Polish Hounds. As his origins are unofficial, this is hypothetical. Having almost disappeared from the face of the earth after the Second World War (1939 to 1945), the breed was reproduced on Polish soil and subsequently became very popular in that country.

Big game hound, but also bloodhound search dog, he also has good aptitudes as a family companion.

He is still, nowadays, practically unknown outside the Polish borders.

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