Pont-Audemer Spaniel

Epagneul Pont-Audemer

In spite of his beautiful qualities, the Pont-Audemer Spaniel has always had low numbers. Unfortunately, he has never crossed the French borders. As the breed is not very widespread, there are still a few passionate breeders who appreciate his superb aptitudes and qualities. It is in Picardy or Normandy that one must go to discover the specimens that are behind this passion very much alive.

Height 52 to 58 cm
Weight 17 to 20 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 13 years
Home country France

Quick Overview of the Pont-Audemer Spaniel


  • Obeying
  • Gentle and loving
  • Sociable
  • Very patient


  • Rather stocky physique
  • Particular and surprising gait
  • Expressive look
  • Slightly rough and curly coat


  • Rarely ill
  • No particular pathology
  • Good life expectancy

Temperament of the Pont-Audemer Spaniel

Obedient, gentle, affectionate, sociable, he is very patient with everyone. He loves games, young and old alike, and enjoys any opportunity to train.

The Pont-Audemer Spaniel is sociable but sometimes distrustful of strangers. It is important to start socializing early, but it does not usually pose any particular problems. His education is also relatively easy.

This particular dog is flexible and compact. He points, retrieves, hunts in the woods as well as on plains, in addition to being calm, balanced, kind and conveying a contagious joie de vivre.

This true water enthusiast is happy hunting, living in the country, with his family or in the city.

Even if he loves water and hunting, he can very well acclimatize to city life, if exercise is part of his daily life and if a lake allows him to satisfy his great passion from time to time.

This excellent search dog can greatly please all hunters because he adapts to all types of terrain, aqueous and deep water.

He is a zealous dog who, endowed with great perseverance, never gives up.

His special coat is totally waterproof, allowing him to hunt for a very long time without feeling the effects of different climatic changes.

Always eager to please his master, he is very affectionate and docile as a companion dog.

Very attached to his family, he never refuses to play and is very patient.

He needs a good education and must learn to socialize very early in order to curb his natural distrust of strangers.

Training should be slightly firm but without too much rigor.

His innate distrust makes him an excellent guardian but devoid of any aggressiveness. He will warn but never be aggressive.

He can please all types of owners, as long as he can benefit from daily exercise adapted to his needs.

Breed Appearance

common cocker spaniel

This small but very vigorous dog has a rather stocky physique for a Spaniel.

His physique and build combine the allure of the Spaniel and Barbet.

His physique shows a glimpse of the Spaniel, but his coat, the Barbet's blood in his veins.

The gait of the Pont-Audemer Spaniel is particular and surprising at first sight. Even if he can be confused with another Spaniel or Setter, his expressive, gentle and intelligent look is his own.


Between 52 and 58 cm (20.47 to 22.83 inches) for the male
Between 52 and 58 cm (20.47 to 22.83 inches) for the female


Between 17 and 20 kg (37.48 to 44.09 pounds) for the male
Between 17 and 20 kg (37.48 to 44.09 pounds) for the female


The color of his particular coat is either brown or brown with mottled grey.


The hair of his pretty coat is slightly rough and curly, reminiscent of the Barbet.


His head is round and has a stop forming a rather small angle.

His small eyes are a pretty hazelnut or dark amber color. His flat ears are set rather low and clearing the cheeks very well.

His small nose is brown. His tail is usually cut, but when whole it curves slightly and of medium length.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 7, section 1 and is #114

Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Pont-Audemer Spaniel puppy: between 700 € / $ 1 / £1 and 1000 € / $ 1 / £1
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Health of the Pont-Audemer Spaniel

Like all those of his category, the Pont-Audemer Spaniel is robust and rarely sick.

The breed is not affected by any particular pathology or genetic disease.

The specimens also enjoy a very good life expectancy.


It is particularly recommended to brush his coat at least once a week, except during the moulting period when it requires daily brushing.

His ears should also be monitored regularly, especially after a hunting episode.

No other special care is necessary.

History of this breed

Originally from France, the Pont-Audemer Spaniel is the result of a cross between the Irish Water Spaniel and a former Spaniel that existed in the Pont-Audemer region, from which he gets his name, despite the fact that there are very few of them in this region.

Created in the 19th century, he was later improved by the addition of blood from the Picardy Spaniel and Barbet.

Used then for duck hunting, he can hunt all types of game.

With excellent qualities in aquatic environments, he was widely used in the marshes by Norman hunters.

Unfortunately, the breed has never managed to escape the threat of extinction. The reduced numbers at the time remained so, without any real growth.

However, a selection was undertaken in 1881 to try to increase the breed's popularity, but the two world wars destroyed the chances of survival by triggering inbreeding, which was extremely detrimental to breedings of the time.

Despite the supply of Barbet blood, which restored enthusiasm among amateurs, the breed did not succeed in increasing his numbers despite all the efforts made to save it.

Due to the low number of dogs in the breed, the Pont-Audemer Spaniel is attached to the Club de l'Épagneul Picard and cannot have his own club.

The Pont-Audemer Spaniel is an excellent pointing, retrieving and fetcher dog no matter what the terrain.

In water, swamps or on plains, he is just as talented.

Excellent for hunting, he is also very effective as a companion dog.

He also makes an excellent player for adults and toddlers alike.

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