Ca de Bou

Majorca Mastiff, Perro dogo Mallorquin, Perro de presa Mallorquin, Majorca Bulldog

The Ca de Bou is essentially a protection and guard dog. Fortunately, he is a wonderfully balanced dog who will take the time to analyze the situation before acting. He will warn the stranger with his penetrating gaze along with his bark in order to allow him to choose to retreat.

Height 52 to 58 cm
Weight 30 to 38 kg
Life expectancy 10 to 12 years
Home country Spain

Quick Overview of the Ca de Bou


  • Looks a little gruff
  • Affectionate
  • Faithful and calm
  • Gentle with his masters, loves children


  • Massive and powerful look
  • Rugged silhouette
  • Strong heavy build
  • Apparent heaviness, but still agile


  • No particular pathology
  • Generally excellent health
  • Growth to watch

Temperament of the Ca de Bou

This somewhat gruff-looking dog has an excellent balanced and very affectionate character. Of a faithful and calm nature, his ancestral genes have provided him with an excellent aptitude for guarding which he has in fact preserved over time.

The Ca de Bou is gentle with his owners and adores children. He will know how to protect them against any intrusion. Naturally suspicious of strangers, he serves and protects his master in a great way.

Instinctively dominant, the puppy must benefit from a firm education, carried out with determination and great seriousness in order to teach him very early on where his place is in the family hierarchy, preventing him from becoming the dominant male, especially if he has to live with other dogs.

The Ca de Bou is quite a fighter with his congeners, and he does not stand cohabitation very well, especially with fellow dogs.

dogue de majorque personnalité

Breed Appearance

dogue de majorque

With a very powerful and massive gait, the Ca de Bou is medium height.

His sturdy silhouette suggests a strong, heavy, and very impressive build.

His appearance reflects his strength and great power. Despite his apparent heaviness, he is still very agile.


Between 55 and 58 cm (21.65 to 22.83 inches) for the male
Between 52 and 55 cm (20.47 to 21.65 inches) for the female


Between 35 and 38 kg (77.16 to 83.77 pounds) for the male
Between 30 and 34 kg (66.14 to 74.96 pounds) for the female


The coat of the Ca de Bou can be red, auburn or black.

A black mask is allowed, like the white spots but only up to 30% of the body surface at most, as long as they are located on the chest, nose, or front feet.


His very short coat is rather rough to the touch.


His massive head is very powerful, and he has a large skull.

His large, slanted eyes are oval shaped and very dark.

His ears, which are slightly folded back, are well attached and quite short. His large nose is black. His tail is big but shrinking to end in a point.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 2, section 2 and is #249

Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Ca de Bou puppy: between 1000 € / $ 1 / £1 and 1400 € / $ 1 / £1
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Tips About this breed

This faithful guardian and protective companion does not really need the great outdoors to be happy.

The garden of a suburban house suits him perfectly as long as he can benefit from the presence of his family.

Due to his size, the house is not always the ideal place given his natural guardian habits. Whether he is a country, commuter, or city dog, if he can benefit from a minimum of daily exercise, he will be very happy.

Whether staying in the garden, the house or an apartment, this mastiff, at rest, inspires confidence, but beware! Once awake, his gaze becomes penetrating and uncompromising, sending to every stranger a clear message: "You do not pass without permission".

He is an outstanding protector of the family.

In order to contain this protective instinct, he needs a good education. Firmness but also complicity must go hand in hand during his education.

He will become a pleasant accomplice, but since he is of dominant nature, it will be difficult to train him. Mutual understanding is preferable in order to ensure his full cooperation and eternal love.

Health of the Ca de Bou

This very powerful dog is not affected by any particular pathology.

His life expectancy is normal and no special attention is required for his health, which is generally excellent.

As with most hounds or fast-growing dogs, the puppy will need a good protein-based diet to ensure proper development and maximize growth.

His growth is to be followed but once adult, he is very robust.


His fur does not require any particular maintenance except a good weekly brushing which he finds very pleasant.

History of this breed

The Majorca Mastiff would come from the cross between the fighting and guard dogs of the English, often bulldogs, and the Spanish Mastiff, a faithful protector used as means of defense against buccaneers and pirates, in the 18th century.

The commercial exchanges at the time were done by boat, involving not only commercial but also animal trade.

The Spanish Mastiff being already widely used in Spain for hunting and fighting bulls, the English then decided to cross their own fighting dogs with the ones of the Spaniards in order to become more competitive and win the popular fighting competitions. After Mallorca became an English colony, the Majorca Mastiff thus saw the light of day.

The Ca de Bou was then created and the Majorca Mastiff was officially registered in 1929 but in 1923, his existence was declared in the Spanish Book of Origins.

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