Arabian Greyhound, Berber Greyhound

Elegant, noble, snobbish, sleek, slim, and fast, the Sloughi has a lot of potential. These many qualities and his great speed make him a very popular dog. There is an Arabic saying that goes: "When the Sloughi sees a gazelle pulling a piece of grass, he is at its height before the gazelle had time to finish chewing it". This saying shows why he is so popular in the deserts. This exceptional gazelle hunter, lively and rather independent, deserves all the praise he receives.

Height 61 to 72 cm
Weight 19 to 25 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 13 years
Home country Morocco

Quick Overview of the Sloughi


  • Affectionate and very sweet
  • Noble and proud
  • Extremely smart
  • Discreet and quiet


  • Racy and very elegant
  • Well accentuated bone structure
  • Slender appearance of great nobility
  • Superior and slightly snobbish air


  • Robust and resistant
  • Can survive in extreme conditions, except in severe cold
  • No particular pathology

Temperament of the Sloughi

Noble, proud, affectionate and very gentle, the Sloughi is also extremely intelligent. He is discreet and very quiet.

His character is well asserted, and he requires an outstanding education with no compromises.

He is apparently the most intelligent dog in his class. Despite his snobbish and condescending appearance, he is very gentle and affectionate with his family.

He likes children, but he is rather reserved with them, and not attracted to their games or attention.

He's sociable, but very reserved towards strangers. Even so, he's not at all aggressive.

Breed Appearance


This large, racy and very elegant dog has a well accentuated bone structure and a lean musculature with very fine tissues.

His slender, noble appearance gives him a superior, slightly snobbish look, like many greyhounds.


Between 66 and 72 cm (25.98 to 28.35 inches) for the male
Between 61 and 68 cm (24.02 to 26.77 inches) for the female


Between 20 and 25 kg (44.09 to 55.12 pounds) for the male
Between 19 and 22 kg (41.89 to 48.50 pounds) for the female


The color of his coat can vary between sand, clear sand, anthracite sand, reddish sand and brindle.

All these colors can sometimes be accompanied by black markings or mask.


His short hair is tight, fine and flat.


His head is reminiscent of the Greyhound's, but more imposing, without being massive.

His skull is broad, and the stop is barely marked. His large dark eyes are well set.

His medium size drooping ears are well set on the head. His nose is black. His tail is emaciated and usually reaches the tip of the hock.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 10, section 3 and is #188

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Tips About this breed

The Sloughi has a strong temperament, and the master must be on top of his character and provide him with an adequate education.

It is not very easy to educate him well, because he is rather recalcitrant.

His socialization and education must therefore be undertaken at a very early age, in order to facilitate his learning, and reduce his fear of strangers.

The Sloughi loves exercise. He's made to move.

Even so, he can still live in an apartment.

His calmness and discretion mean that he does not take up much space, and city life can suit him perfectly, provided of course that he can devote many hours to physical exercise.

He can live anywhere and in almost any condition.

This well-bred specimen is widely used in dog shows. His great speed makes him very popular for this kind of sport.

Health of the Sloughi

He is very sturdy and resistant. Having evolved in the desert, his physique is adapted to the harsh climate of African regions, and he can survive fairly easily in the most extreme conditions.

But he fears the extreme cold. The breed is not affected by any particular pathology, and is rarely sick.

In spite of a solid and powerful constitution, one must be careful of injuries, especially during a race on difficult terrain.

The Sloughi enjoys a good life expectancy.


Even if his coat is short, it is best to brush it regularly to keep it clean, beautiful and healthy.

No other special care is necessary.

History of this breed

Originally from Morocco, the Sloughi has existed for centuries in North Africa. Drawing his first origins from the East, he is found today in many countries such as Libya, Tunisia and Algeria.

A large number of the breed is also found in Morocco. Besides, it is the Moroccans who hold the standard.

It is very difficult to know the true origin of the Arabian Greyhound. Greyhounds of ancient Africa and ancient Egypt could have contributed to this progeny.

Since North Africa was invaded by several nations, including Arabs, Vandals, and Romans, it is virtually impossible to know how the native Greyhounds could have been crossed with the invaders' dogs.

Although often confused with Asian Greyhounds, such as the Afghan Greyhound or the Saluki, the Sloughi is quite distinct from them.

At one time he was widely used by the Berber people and Bedouins to hunt gazelle in the African deserts.

Stricter regulations concerning hunting in deserts have considerably changed the original functions of the Sloughi.

Previously selected for hunting in the mountains and deserts, he is now used to earn a living by his owners through dog races or dog shows.

He is an excellent companion dog, but like any hunting dog, many hours must be devoted to his physical activity.

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