120+ Spotted Dog Names for Your Patchy Pooch

brown and white spotted dog great dane

It’s time to shine the spotlight on our dappled, speckled and patchy furry companions – join us as we explore the dot-tally awesome world of spotted dog names!

Welcoming a new furry companion into your home is an exciting experience, and choosing the perfect name for your four-legged friend is an essential part of the journey. If you're the proud parent of a spotty dog with a coat adorned with beautiful dots, spots, or speckles, you're in for a delightful challenge. Selecting a name that not only captures your pup's unique appearance but also reflects their personality can be a fun and rewarding endeavor.

This article will help you to spot-tacularly celebrate the distinctive markings of your polka-dotted pup. Let’s go on an adventure to discover a name for your dog that is spot on!

♀️ Female Spotted Dog Names for your Dotty Diva 

Your female pup would be spottedly stylish with any of these amazing names – We are huge Disney fans, so our top pick is “Minnie” who has dot couture down to a fine art! We also adore the name “Sequin” which can be shortened to “Quinn” if you prefer for a glamour gal who dots all the fashion I’s. (This little diva would need a collar with sparkles – just saying!)

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AndromedaAndromeda galaxy – largest and brightest galaxy visible from earth
Doriscolorful sea slug – some are spotted
DorothyOften shortened to “Dot”
Dottyshort for the name Dorothy
Irisapproximately half of all people have iris freckles
KolkaOld norse name meaning stain or spot
Merlerefers to a dog's patchy coat pattern
Minnieafter Minnie Mouse with all her spots
Pattyafter a spotted pattern
Pennyafter the small round coins
Poppyfor the flower (has a black spot at the base of each petal)
Sequin“Quinn” for short
Stellagirls name meaning star – stars dot the skies
Sweetpeaafter the glorious spots on a peacock's feathers
YayoiYayoi Kusama – the princess of polka dots – artist

♂️ Male Spotted Dog Names for your Polka Prince

Make your boy dog Dots ‘n Dapper with these incredible male spotted dog names – We adore the name “Leo” for a Catahoula Leopard dog (yes, we love corny puns almost as much as we love dogs!)

Achilleshero of the trojan war – his only weak “spot” was his ankle
Bricename meaning speckled, freckled or dotted
Citrakaname meaning painted or spotted
Cosmofor the cosmos that is spotted with stars
DamienDamien Hirst – artist revered for spot-like paintings
DustyIf something is dusty it is speckled with dirt
GeorgesGeorges Seurat – established the painting technique of pointillism
JacksonJackson Pollock – painter famous for his drip technique
Jagfor the jaguar cat
Leofor leopard
MarkA mark can also be called a spot
Mosaic“Mo” for short
Neviomale name of Italian origin that means mole
RoyRoy Lichtenstein – pop artist famous for paintings comprised of half-tone dots
Sullyto mark, stain or blemish

😁 Funny Spotted Dog Names that Embody Dotty Devotion

If you’re a dog owner who has a wicked sense of humor and also happen to have a spotty dog, there is no end to the fun you can have as you embark on your pup-naming journey. We think a Great Dane named “cowboy” will have all the tongues and tails wagging at the dog park!

Camo (short for camouflage)
Cowboy (lots of cows are spotted)
Cowgirl (lots of cows are spotted)
Piebald (refers to a pattern of unpigmented spots on a pigmented background)
Polka (polka dot and type of dance)
Poxer (for chickenpox – also a crossbreed dog, a pug and a boxer)

🐶 Cute Spotted Dog Names that are a Dotty Delight


There are so many great options for cute spotted dog names on this list, but our top pick would be a Dalmation named “Checkers” – such a cool name for a pup! Or how about a Beagle named “Moo” – they have coats very similar in color and pattern to cows.

Atom (atoms are small particles of matter)
Boggle (a dice game)
Moo (many cows are spotted)

🍪 Food Inspired Spotted Dog Names that are Dot-a-Licious!


A German Short-haired pointer has a coat that looks like it has been sprinkled with pepper and we don’t think you could find a more spot on name for a black and white Cocker Spaniel than “Oreo”.

Berrysmall round fruits
Chiasmall seeds
Chipfor chocolate chips
Cookieafter a chocolate chip cookie
CrumbleHas a dotty look when sprinkled over food
Fairyfairy bread – buttered bread dipped in sprinkles
Oreofor a black and white dog
PepperMakes food spotty when sprinkled over it
Pitayadragon fruit – white fruit with black seeds
Pomfor pomegranates that are made up of little seeds
PopCake pops – small round bite sized cakes on a stick dipped in chocolate and sprinkles
Rasherrashes look like spots, but also bacon
Spiceall spices are sprinkled over food
SprinklesLook like spots on a cake

🐞 Nature Inspired Spotted Dog Names for the Spotterfly Effect


We adore the dappled coat of the Australian Shepherd and since these are active, working dogs that love to run, “Loosa” after the Appaloosa horse breed is a great name for a female dog. We love the name “Blizzard” for a small spotted Dachshund. “Tira” is the best choice if you are looking for a name that is also a great conversation starter.

Appaloosa (spotted horse – “Loosa” for short
Chital (spotted deer)
Dahlia (speckled dahlia is a type of flower)
Genet (small spotted mammal)
Giraffe (“Gigi” for short)
Tira (first spotted zebra – found in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya)

🌐 Connect the Spots with these Foreign Words that are Punto Perfetto

We really love the trend of naming your dog after foreign words that have special meanings and this is a great way to be a bit more discreet when honoring your dog’s spotted coat through their name. We love the name “Tacheté” for a Brittany with their gorgeous patchy coats. 

Bintikmeans freckle in Indonesian
Boutonmeans pimple in French
Brufolomeans pimple in Italian
Fleckenmeans freckle in German
Gevlektmeans spotted in Dutch
Jerawatanmeans spotty in Indonesian – “Jera” for short
Macchiatomeans spotted in Italian
Manchitameans speck or little spot in Spanish
Miejscemeans spot in Polish
Pletmeans spot in Danish
Pontomeans dot in Portuguese (Brazilian)
Punktmeans dot in German – “Punk” for short
Sproetmeans freckle in Afrikaans
Tachetémeans spotty in French
Titikmeans dot in Indonesian

🎥 Dot-Tally Fabulous Spotted Dog Names Derived from Movies, TV Shows, Books

The movie 101 Dalmations has so many great options for naming your spotted dog and it is a great way to honor your Disney fandom. Our top picks are naturally “Pongo” and “Perdy” after the mom and dad of 101 fur tornados (hopefully you’ll have less of a carnival of chaos than they did in the movie!)

Beamer101 DalmatiansMale
Cadpig101 DalmatiansFemale
Dipstick101 DalmatiansMale
Dixie101 DalmatiansFemale
Duchess101 DalmatiansFemale
Fidget101 DalmatiansMale
Inky101 DalmatiansFemale
Jewel101 DalmatiansFemale
JotJot the DotFemale
Lenny101 DalmatiansMale
Lucky101 DalmatiansMale
MarshallPaw PatrolMale
PebblesThe FlintstonesFemale
Perdy101 DalmatiansFemale
Pongo101 DalmatiansMale
Rolly101 DalmatiansMale
Thunder101 DalmatiansMale
Tripod101 DalmatiansFemale
Two-Tone101 DalmatiansFemale
Wizzer101 DalmatiansMale

🕹️ Spotted Dog Names Inspired by Characters in Video Games

Imagine naming your English Bulldog with a spotted coat “Toad” or “Toadette” after the characters in Super Mario. Or how about an Irish Red and White Setter called “Mooshroom” if you’re a Minecraft fan?

DeerlingPokemon – all forms have spots
EmolgaPokemon – has spots on her cheeks
ToadSuper Mario
ToadetteSuper Mario

Final Thoughts

There are so many great options out there to choose from when naming your dog with a spotted coat – the only problem is having to eventually settle on just one name!

Let us know your favorite spotted dog name in the comments below.

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