620+ Popular Dog Names For Your Hip Trendsetter Pup

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As a pet parent, one of the biggest responsibilities you have is to choose a great name for your new family member. It can be an overwhelming task when there are so many awesome dog names out there to pick from. Here are some top tips for choosing the best moniker for your furry pal.

Since we know what a huge job it can be sifting through thousands of name options online, we have done all the hard work for you and gathered together all the most popular dog names and put them all into one handy list for you.

From “Bella”, “Luna”, “Daisy” and “Molly” to “Duke”, “Champ” and “Grizzly” – this list has it all. So without further ado, let’s get to it! 

🚺 Popular Female Dog Names For Your Sweet Missy

Some of the most popular dog names are actually human names. This list of female dog names includes all the most popular choices for your special girl. Dogs named “Bella” will be in good company as this name consistently tops the charts for female dog names.

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Bella (this is one of the human names that is consistently a top choice for naming your dog)
Lucy (this is one of the most popular human names for naming your dog)

🚹 Popular Male Dog Names For Your Boy Dog

Look at all these amazing boy dog names! If you have a male dog you will be spoiled for choice when trying to pick him out the best dog name – how do you even start?!

Benji (one of the most popular dog names)
Buddy (Buddy is the perfect name for your new furry friend and can also be shortened to “Bud” – short names like this will improve your dog’s responsiveness during training)
Champ (one of the most popular male dog names)
Charlie (According to AKC registration, Charlie is the second most popular boy dog name for 2023, having claimed the spot from the name Milo which was 2nd this past year. While Charlie is traditionally a boy name, it is actually more unisex now in modern times as Charlie is a common nickname for the girl’s name Charlotte)
Diego (this is the Spanish form of the name James and is a really awesome choice for male dogs)
Max (this is the most popular male dog name of 2023 and is an awesome choice for your buddy)
Milo (the second most popular dog name of 2022 – it lost its place to the dog name Charlie this year)
Tucker (this is a great boy dog’s name. This is also the name of one of the most famous dogs in the world – Tucker Budzyn is a massive Youtube star)
Tyson (this is a popular dog name for boy dogs – it is actually an old French name meaning “high-spirited”, so it's a great choice for a lively puppy with a fiery personality) 
Ziggy (this is a German name that means “victorious protector”)

😎 More Pet Names That Are Totally Cool For Your Popular Dog

We love the male dog names “Shaka” and “Goliath” and the female dog names “Queenie” and “Bijou”. Dogs named “Alpha” of either gender are sure to be the leaders of the pack at the dog park. 

AlphaThis is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It also refers to the leader of a dog pack
Amorethe Italian word for love
Archerthis is a Latin name and means “bowman”
Ariesa star sign
Bijouthe French word for jewel – perfect name for a small female dog
Bladethe blade of a knife or dagger if you have a badass dog or the blade of a leaf if he is a softer personality
Bonesthis is a funny pun because dogs love to chew on bones
Bossthis is a cool unisex name for a pup with an alpha personality
Bruiserthis is a tough sounding dog name – it's also the name of the Chihuahua in the film Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon
Brutusthis is a Latin name – also he was one of the assassins of Julius Caesar
Bulletthis refers to bullets in a gun and is a good pun dog name for a very fast dog that loves to shoot around the dog park
Butchthis name is often associated with being very manly and masculine and is the perfect fit for a strong and muscular pup
Calamity Janea famous figure from the wild west known for her skill with a gun and riding a horse
Calicorefers to something being multi-colored, it is also a type of cotton cloth and can even refer to a patchy coat pattern on a cat
ChanelCoco Chanel is a famous designer
Chaosah those early days with puppies!
Chopperanother word for a helicopter
Daggera type of weapon like a knife
Deltathe fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, also the mouth of a river and a popular female name
Demonthis is a fun name if the pup you bring home is a bit mischievous – it is also the name of a hit track by the American rapper Doja Cat
Denima type of fabric typically used for jeans
Dutchessthis 2 syllable girl dog name is the perfect fit for a sophisticated pup
Ebonyusually refers to something black – ebony and ivory are great dog names for a pair of dogs if one is black and one is white
Fangfor those big dogs with big teeth – also the name of Hagrid's dog (in the books he is a Boarhound which is another word for Great Dane, but in the films he is a Neapolitan Mastiff)
Funkythis is another way to say someone is stylish and fashionable, can also refer to music
Geminia star sign
Glitterif your dog’s personality sparkles like glitter
Goliaththe biblical giant that David fought – we really like this dog name for a Chihuahua – they may be small but they have giant personalities!
Gunnera competitive and ambitious person
Harleyfor the Harley Davidson motorbikes
Havena place where you feel safe – you will be your dog’s safe haven
Havocsome pups just have a knack for this lol
Hip Hopthis two syllable dog name makes sense if you are a Hip Hop fan – it's said that short names of no more than two syllables also improve your dog's responsiveness during training
Indigoa deep purple color – Indi is also a great nickname inspired by this color
Ivoryan off white color – also what tusks are made out of – Ebony and Ivory are fun names for a pair of dogs if one is black and the other is white
Jinxit means to bring bad luck but even though this name has a negative meaning, it still makes a pretty awesome dog's name
Karmaif you want good karma in life then you need to do good things
Ladythis is such a cute name for a girl dog of any breed
Maybellinea makeup brand
Mercedesa car brand
Ninjaa Japanese fighter
Nitroa type of car that goes really fast
Queeniea cute name for your lady dog
Rambothis is a tough name and is also the name of a series of films by the same name (John Rambo was played by Sylvester Stallone) – this is a great choice if your dog's personality is tough and fearless
Raptora type of dinosaur (Velociraptor)
Razera sharp blade to remove body hair
Reaperthe grim reaper or someone who harvests crops
Rebelthis name is perfect for an independent pup of any breed or gender
Roguegoing rogue means you go against the norm
Sabrea type of sword
Savagemeans you are a bit wild
Shadowthis is a great name if your new pet is a black dog like a Newfoundland
Shakathe King of the Zulu's – this is a popular dog name for police dogs
Snipersomeone who shoots a target from far away
Sparklessomething bright and shiny
Spikethis is one of the most popular dog names for tough male dogs
Talona large claw
Tanka military vehicle
Titanrefers to something strong, important or powerful
Troublefor all those mischievous pups out there
Twinklesa light or star twinkles – it shines from bright to dim alternately
Velveta type of fabric
Voodooblack magic – such an inspired name for a black Labrador

😁 Most Popular Funny Dog Names

These names are sure to tickle your funny bone every time you call them out. We adore the boy dog names “Captain Floof” and “Mancub” and we love “Miss Chief” for a girl.

Barker (this is a great name for a pet that is very vocal)
Bitsy (if something is bitsy, it is really small)
Captain Floof (perfect for a fluffy male dog)
Chewy (this is a fun way to laugh a bit at dogs like the Shih Tzu who love to chew things)
Chubbles (for a puppy thats a little on the plump side)
Chunky (for a puppy thats a little on the plump side)
Dee-O-Gee (how you spell “dog” – get it?)
Digger (for those dogs that dig up your entire garden and then trek mud and sand all over your house, then look at you like “WHAT”?)
Flygirl (this refers to a girl who rises above obstacles to achieve success)     
Furcules (a funny play on the name Hercules)
Furdinand (a pun on the boys name Ferdinand)
Katy Pawry (an inspired choice for naming your dog if you are a Katy Perry fan)
Mancub (for all the Jungle Book lovers)
Minx (a flirty girl)
Miss Chief (mischief – get it?)
Miss Sassypants
Miss Wags
Muttley (dogs are often called mutts – this is also the name of a doggy cartoon character in the cartoon Wacky Races)
Poochie (a dog is often called a pooch)
Pup Tart (this is a play on the popular toaster snack called a Pop Tart)
Puppacino (this is a play on cappuccino – it’s also a StarBucks drink that you can order for your pup)
Rascal (a mischievous person)
Sass Queen
Scallywag (a mischievous person)
Sir Fluffers the Third
Smooches (for the puppy who is always giving you sloppy wet kisses)
Stretch (perfect for a Dachshund)
The Fluffmeister
Toots (calling a woman Toots is the same as saying babe)
Vera Fang (an inspired dog name choice for fans of the designer Vera Wang)
Woofgang (a play on the boy name Wolfgang)

😍 Cute Inspiration For Popular Dog Names For Your Furry Best Buddy

These dog names are so cute you will have everyone saying “Aaaaaw” when you introduce your dog. The best part is that most of these names are unisex. 

Beau (a boyfriend)
Cutie Patootie
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Huggy Bear
Hunny Bunny
Lollipup (a play on the word lollipop)
Munchkin (this refers to something small and endearing – it is also a breed of cat)
Pom Pom
Pooky (this is the name of Garfield’s teddy bear)
Pudgy Pie
Roly Poly
Schnookie (this cute pet name is a term of endearment and simply means “sweetheart”)
Shaggy (this is a fun name for a long coated doggy)
Snookums (a term of endearment)
Tubby  (means you are a little plump)

🍩 Popular Pet Names Inspired By Food and Drinks

Food inspired names have always been a popular choice when naming a dog and when you see all the awesome names on this list it will be easy to see why this is an enduring trend. 

BRB – these dog names make us want a snack!

Basil (after the herb)
Big Mac (for the legendary burger)
Boba (for boba tea/bubble tea – it’s made with tapioca pearls)
Bon Bon
Brie (for the cheese)
Brioche (this is a sweet bread that is delicious)
Champers (for champagne)
Chiclet (this is chewing gum)
Clementine (this is a citrus fruit)
Drumstick (a chicken leg)
Eskimo Pie (this is chocolate covered vanilla ice cream on a stick)
Fizzy (for carbonated drinks)
Fluffernutter (this is a sandwich made of peanut butter and marshmallow creme)
Gummy Bear
Gyro (this is meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and then sliced and put in a pita with salad and sauce)
Hazel (a type of nut)
Hot Dog
Java (this is another way to say coffee)
Jelly Bean
Margarita (this is a popular cocktail)
Mocha (this is a chocolate coffee drink)
Mochi (this is a food from the country Japan – it is a type of rice cake that is a sweet dessert)
Mojito (a rum-based cocktail)
Nori (this is an edible seaweed used a lot in Japanese dishes)
Pork Chop
Pringle (chips in a tube)
Pumpernickel (a type of scrummy bread)
Rosemary (a herb)
Saffron (this is a fragrant spice)
Schnitzel (the wiener schnitzel is the national dish of the country Austria, however this food is popular in many other places too)
Sherry (a type of wine)
Shirley (for the Shirley Temple non-alcoholic cocktail made famous by the legendary child actress of the same name)
Slush Pup (for the slush puppy drink – can also use the nickname “Slushy”)
Snickers (a chocolate bar)
Spud (for potatoes)
Tater (a tater tot is a cylinder of grated potato that is either baked or deep fried)
Tia Maria (this is a coffee liqueur)
Tootsie (for the tootsie roll candy)
Worsie (this is the Afrikaans word for “little sausage” and what South Africans call a Dachshund)

🪻 Inspiration From Nature For Popular Dog Names

Nature inspired names are awesome. They provide the perfect opportunity to embrace your dog’s coat color or breed origins in the naming process. We love the boy dog names “Jasper” and “Cosmo” and we adore “Blossom” for a female.

Aeroof the air – also the name of a chocolate bar – either way it's an awesome dog's name
Amberfossilized tree resin
Aquaof the water
Arborof the trees
Asha type of tree – this name works for both a boy dog and a girl
Astroof the stars/outer space
Aurorafor the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights
Autumna season
Blizzarda snow storm
Blossomanother word for flower
Briara type of shrub
Brookea small stream
Budbefore a flower blooms
Buttercupa flower
Callathe Calla Lily is a flower
Cliffa rocky area that rises high usually with a sheer drop to the ocean
Cometa celestial body and one of the most popular nature inspired names
Coralthis grows under the sea
Cosmorelating to the whole universe and a perfect choice for your male dog
Dahliaa flower
Daisythese common flowers make such a sweet dog name – they even come in a blue variety which are beautiful
Dawnthe very start of the day as the sun rises
Dipperfor the big dipper – a star constellation
Douglasfor the Douglas Fir – the trees commonly used as Christmas trees – an inspired choice if your boy dog is born around Christmas time (“Doug” and “Douglas” are both great male dog names)
Emberglowing coal as the fire dies
EverestMount Everest is a huge mountain
Ferna type of plant
Flamewhat you get when you light a fire 
Fleurthis word is French for “flower” – if you're into more unique dog names, choosing “Fleur” instead of “Flower” will set your pup apart
Floraanother word for all the plants
Flowera blossom or a bloom – the pretty colorful part of a plant
Flurrya light snowfall
Frostywhen it's super cold out in winter and ice forms on things
Gema precious stone
Heatherpurple flowers
Hollythe plant commonly associated with Christmas
Irisa flower
Ivya climbing plant
Jadethe green gemstones
Jaspera gemstone
Joshuathe Joshua tree – “Josh” and “Joshua” are nice male dog names
Junipera plant
Leafthe green part on the top of a tree is made up of lots of leaves
Lilya flower
Lunathis is a Latin name that simply means “moon” – this is currently the most popular girl dog name in the world (2023)
Maplea tree
Meadowa large open grassy area with flowers
Mistywhen there is fog in the air and you can't see well
Novathese are bright stars – they release powerful energy to appear really bright then fade away
Onyxa black gemstone
Orionthis is a star constellation – Orion's belt
Pearla gemstone
Pebblesyou can find pebbles out in nature, at the beach or in streams or the forest even
Poppya flower
Primrosea flower
Rangera forest ranger keeps the wooded area safe by doing regular patrols
Reedthese plants typically grow near rivers
Ridgethe high part of a mountain
Riothis Spanish name means river
Rivera moving body of water that flows into the sea
Rosea flower
Rowana type of tree
Rubya gemstone
Sandythe beach is sandy
Sapphirea gemstone
Shellsyou find sea shells all along the shore at the beach
Skyeadding an ‘e' makes this a lovely girls name – it's for the big blue expanse of sky above us
Snowballif you have a small white pup, Snowball is a fitting name
Snowflakethis is a cool name if your new pup has a pure white coat
Snowythis is the best dog name for a snow white puppy
Starthe pinpricks of light we see in the night sky – the biggest star in our solar system though is the sun
Storma tumultuous weather event
Summera season
Sunnywhen the sun is out we say it is sunny
Thunderthe sound you hear during a storm – it is often accompanied by lightning
Tsunamithe giant wave caused by an undersea earthquake
Venusa planet
Violeta flower
Willowa tree
Woodyfor the woody trunks of all the trees

🐝 Inspiration For The Most Popular Dog Names From The Animal Kingdom

Dog names inspired by other animals is another popular trend we love. We think “Gator” and “Leo” are awesome boy dog names and we would love a female pooch called “Ladybug”. 

BearBear is a great name – it is the perfect fit for any big and fluffy breed of dog
Beefor the black and yellow buzzing insects – a super choice if your new dog has lots of energy and zips around
Beetlethese insects come in many different shapes and sizes
Billya male goat – this is a wonderful boy dog's name
Birdiefor all the birds
Bobfor the Bobcat
Bucka buck is a male deer – “Buck” or “Bucky” are both great boy dog names
Bugsmall insects are called bugs – pet parents might call their new dog their love bug as a term of endearment
Bulla male cow
Bunnya rabbit
Butterflya beautiful and colorful winged insect – this is one of the more unusual animal inspired pet names
Chickena farmyard fowl and also a term of endearment when you call someone “my chicken”
Chirpyfor the sounds birds make – this is a funny name for a pet who is very vocal
Colta male horse
Coyotethis canine is a relative of the wolf
Cricketa jumping insect and a super cute name for your new puppy
Crocshort for crocodile – this name would suit a boy dog
Cuba baby carnivorous mammal is called a cub (bear, lion, fox etc) – the dog name “Man Cub” is perfect for a boy dog
Doethis is the perfect name for a girl dog with those big puppy dog eyes – while a doe is a female deer, doe eyes refer to large eyes that make you look cute and innocent
Dovea type of bird
Drakea male duck
Eaglea bird of prey
Falcona bird of prey
Fawna baby deer – this is a great name if your dog has a fawn colored coat
Flutterall wings in the animal kingdom flutter – this is a good name for those dogs who bat their eyelashes at you to get extra treats
Foxa type of small canine
Foxxyfor foxes – if you call someone foxxy, it means you think they are attractive
Gatorshort for alligator – this is a really cool boy dog name – Gator is also one of Tucker Budzyn's friends
Goldiefor the goldfish or the golden man of a lion – also the name of famous film star Goldie Hawn
Goosea large water bird – also the name of Maverick's copilot buddy in Top Gun
Grizzlyfor the Grizzly Bear – since there are a lot of dogs named “Bear”, this is a more unusual choice for a male dog
Harpyfor the Harpy Eagle
Hawka bird of prey
Hootiethe inspiration for this name is from the sounds that owls make – also the name of a rock band (Hootie and the Blowfish)
Hopperfor all the jumping creatures like bunnies and kangaroos
Jagfor the Jaguar – could also use the name “Jagger”
Kita kit is a baby raccoon, beaver or fox
Kittyanother name for a cats and also the nickname for women called Katherine or Kathleen
Ladybugthe iconic insect identifiable by its black and red spotted carapice
Leofor lions – this is one of the best dog names for breeds like a Golden Retriever with their shaggy golden manes of floof
Lynxa type of wild cat
Magpiea bird
Moo Moofor the sounds made by cows – a funny name if your dog's personality is a little aloof and grumpy
Moosethe largest member of the deer family
Mousea small rodent
Pandathe adorable black and white bears from China
Panthera sleek black hunter – this is not a separate species but rather refers to leopards and jaguars that have black coats
Pigeona bird – also the nickname that Tramp gave to Lady in the film
Pigleta baby pig – great name for a dog with an insatiable appetite
Puffinadorable arctic birds
Pumaanother name for the cougar
Pupa baby dog, but can also refer to the young of a number of animal species
Queena female cat
Ragamuffina type of cat
Ragdolla type of cat
Robina bird
Sparrowa bird
Squirrela rodent with a bushy tail
Tigera big stripey hunting cat
Vipera snake
Vixena female fox
Wolfiefor the wolf – this is also starting to become one of the more popular human names for boys too
Wolverinethe biggest member of the weasel family

🎥 All The Most Popular Dog Names From Movies, TV Shows and Books

There are so many great dog names to be found amongst pop culture. We love the male dog names “Baloo” and “Pluto” and think “Betty Boop” is a great choice for a girl.

Alicethe main character in Alice in Wonderland
Arielshe is the main character in the movie The Little Mermaid
Aryashe is from Game of Thrones
B-Dawghe is one of the dogs in the Buddies franchise
Baloohe is Mowgli's bestie in the movie The Jungle Book – he is a big bear
Baltothe movie Balto was based on true events – this dog ran an extraordinary distance through treacherous conditions to deliver a life saving serum to a town in Alaska
Barbieshe has books, a TV show and now a film
Batmanone of the most popular DC superheroes
Beastfrom Beauty and the Beast
Beethovenfrom the film franchise of the same name – he is a great, clumsy Saint Bernard
Belleshe is the princess in Beauty and the Beast
Betty Boopfrom the classic cartoon of the same name – perfect for a puppy who loves nose boops
BibbidyBibbidi Bobbidi Boo is the fairy godmother's magic words in the movie Cinderella
BilboBilbo Baggins was in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
Blueyhe is a blue dog from the TV series Bluey
Boltfrom the Disney film Bolt
Budderballhe is one of the dogs in the Buddies franchise
Buddhahe is one of the dogs in the Buddies franchise
Buffyfrom Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Show
BuzzBuzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise
Captain Americahe is part of the Avengers
Chancethe American Bulldog in Homeward Bound
CliffordClifford the Big Red Dog
Copperfrom the Fox and the Hound – he is the Bloodhound
Daenerysshe is the Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones
Dobbyhe is the loyal house elf from the Harry Potter franchise
DocDoc McStuffins is a Disney animated TV Show
DoogieDoogie Howser was a television show
Dorothythe main character in The Wizard of Oz
Dorythe Blue Tang fish in Finding Nemo with the bad memory and big heart
DrogoKhal Drogo was a character in Game of Thrones
Dumbledorethe greatest wizard in the Harry Potter franchise
EffieEffie Trinket was in The Hunger Games
Elevenshe is a character in Stranger Things
Elsathe ice queen in Frozen
Frodohe is a hobbit in The Lord of the Rings
Gandalfhe is the wizard in The Lord of the Rings
GhostJon Snow's Dire Wolf in Game of Thrones
Gidgeta dog in The Secret Life of Pets
Ginnyshe is the youngest Weasley and eventually becomes Harry Potter's wife 
Gizmoa mogwai in the film Gremlins
GoofyMickey Mouse's bestie
Gremlinfor the film Gremlins
Harley Quinnshe is the Joker's girlfriend in The Suicide Squad
Harrythe main character in the Harry Potter franchise
Hermioneone of Harry's best friends in the Harry Potter franchise
Homerthe dad from The Simpsons
Hoochthe dog in the film Turner and Hooch
Huckthe main character in the Adventures of Huck Finn
Hulkhe is one of the Avengers
Indiana Jonesthe main character in the Indiana Jones franchise
Jack SparrowCaptain Jack Sparrow is from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise
James Bondhe is the iconic spy who has been in a number of movies
Jasminethe princess in Aladdin
JediJedi Knights are part of the Star Wars franchise
JessieShe is the cowgirl ragdoll from the Toy Story franchise
Jockthe dog in Jock of the Bushveld
KatnissKatniss Everdeen is the main character in the Hunger Games
LeiaPrincess Leia of Star Wars
Macgyverhe was the main character in the TV series of the same name
MagnusMagnus Bane is a sassy warlock in the Shadowhunters universe
Marshallhe is a Paw Patrol Pup
MaverickTom Cruise's character in Top Gun
MinnieMinnie Mouse is Mickey Mouse's girlfriend
Miss Piggyshe is a Muppet's character – this is a cute name for a girl dog with a big appetite
Moanathe main character in the film of the same name
Mowglihe is the mancub in The Jungle Book film
Mudbudhe is one of the dogs in the Buddies franchise
MufasaSimb'a dad in The Lion King
NalaSimba's best friend and eventual wife in The Lion King
Oompa Loompathis fun name is inspired by the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
PaddingtonPaddington Bear is an iconic British figure from books and film
PlutoMickey Mouse's puppy dog
Pongothe male dog in 101 Dalmatians
PoppinsMary Poppins – someone every mom wishes she had!
Rapunzelthe princess from Tangled
Rubblehe is a Paw Patrol Pup
Ryderhe is the boy who is in charge of the Paw Patrol
Scooby Doohe is a Great Dane who solves mysteries in the Scooby Doo franchise
Simbathe main character in The Lion King
Skippershe is Barbie's sister
SkywalkerLuke Skywalker is the main Jedi that the Star Wars universe is built around
SlinkySlinky dog is the pup character in the Toy Story franchise
SnoopyCharlie Brown's dog
Snow Whiteshe is a Disney princess
SophiaPrincess Sophia is a Disney TV Show
Tarzanthe main character in the film Tarzan
Tinkerbellthe fairy who is Peter Pan's best friend and sidekick – she is also the main character in a Disney spin off show
Wednesdayshe is the daughter in The Addams family film and the main character in the spin-off show called Wednesday
WendyWendy Darling is one of the characters that go to Neverland in Peter Pan
Willy Wonkafrom the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Winnie the Poohhe is the cuddly bear in the Winnie the Pooh series of books and now films
Yodathe Jedi Master in Star Wars

🐲 Give Your Popular Dog a Mythological Name

The male dog names “Loki”, “Thor” and “Zeus” are some of the most commonly chosen mythology inspired names in the world. Our top pick for girls is “Nessie” – super cute and adorable for your furry little monster!

Achillesthe hero of the Trojan war and a fun name for your new best friend
Adonishe was an extremely attractive mortal man that Aphrodite fell in love with
AphroditeGreek Goddess of love and beauty
Apollohe was the Greek God of a lot of things – sun, music, art, poetry, healing, light, truth, prophecy
AresGreek God of War
Athenaone of the 12 Olympian Deities
DianaRoman Goddess of the Hunt
Elfa supernatural being with a human like form
ErosGreek God of Carnal Love
Fairymythical winged beings with human form
FreyjaNorse Goddess of Love and Fertility
GaiaGreek Goddess of All Life – basically Mother Earth
HadesGreek God of the Underworld
HeimdallNorse God who is the father of Mankind
Heliosa Titan God who was the personification of the Sun
Hermesone of the 12 Olympian Deities
Horusan Egyptian God in the form of a Falcon
JunoAncient Roman Queen of the Gods and Goddess of Marriage
KaliHindu Goddess of destruction and death
KhonsuEgyptian Moon God
KronosThe King of the Titans
LokiNorse God of Mischief
Mermaida being that has the top half of a human and the bottom half of a fish
Nessiefor the Loch Ness Monster
Nixiea female water sprite
NyxGreek Goddess of the Night
OdinNorse God of War
Phoebeshe was a Titan
Phoenixan immortal firebird and great two syllable dog name for your new puppy
Pixiesmall human like creatures with pointy ears
RaEgyptian God of the Sun
Seelieanother term for fairies
Selkieseal folk – in irish and Scottish mythology they are half fish half human and can shift between the two forms – in the water they are seals but take human form on land
Thorson of Odin and a great Norse Warrior
ZeusKing of the Gods in Greek mythology

Last Thoughts

We hope you have found the best name for your furry companion on this list – let us know what name you chose in the comments below!

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