What are the benefits of brewer’s yeast for dogs?

brewer's yeast for dogs

The dream of every dog owner is to have a healthy pet. As they say: a well fed dog is a happy dog.

Apart from kibble, brewer's yeast is a dietary supplement for your pet based on its nutrient intake.

This article will help you learn more about brewer's yeast for dogs and its benefits.

Some benefits of brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is a fungus that is invisible to the naked eye, basically used to ferment bread dough and beer. Studies have since shown that brewer's yeast also provides:

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  • B-group vitamins (good for hair and nails);
  • proteins rich in amino acids;
  • trace elements;
  • polysaccharides (that help proliferate good gut bacteria).

These same studies have also demonstrated the benefits of brewer's yeast powder for our animals, namely :

  • Food sprinkled with brewer's yeast is more appealing because of its barley flavoured taste. Also, everything in the bowl becomes easy to swallow.
  • The number of prebiotics increases, therefore facilitating and maintaining good digestion in the intestine. This also increases your dog's immunity.
  • The B-group vitamin contributes to a beautiful fur.

How much brewer's yeast?

Brewer's yeast is a natural nutritional supplement with water-soluble vitamins, so there is no risk of overdose for your dog.

Fish oil is also a good fatty acid that dogs need. The combination of these two substances is excellent for your dog's growth, both for brain and physique.

Don't refrain from giving him lots of water to go with the supplement. You can choose between giving him powder or tablets.

Brewer's yeast dose when in powder form

Yeast powder often comes in a bag. You can sprinkle his food bowl of yeast powder, with one level teaspoon per 10 kilos of weight and per day.

Brewer's yeast dose when in tablet form

Packed in a small box, you can give 1 tablet per day for a dog weighing less than 15 kilos, 2 tablets for a dog weighing 15 to 30 kilos and 3 tablets for a dog weighing more than 30 kilos.

If your dog has any side effects such as loose stools, constipation or diarrhea, you can consult your veterinarian to adjust the dose.

The consistency of the stool is an indication of your dog's health, whether he has digested what he has eaten.

Brewer's yeast, a supplement to dog's basic food

Brewer's yeast and fish oil are only dietary supplements, kibbles are the dog's basic food. A balanced dog meal consists of: raw protein, fat, raw fibre, minerals and liquid.

For your information, there are 4 types of kibble on the market:

  • The low-end: rich in cereals but contains chemicals that are not good for his health.
  • The mid-range: an improved version of the low end range.
  • The high-end: rich in animal proteins with natural elements.
  • Diet kibbles: suitable for dogs with digestion problems.

A well-balanced diet should be given to the dog to ensure his health, good development and provide him strength and energy.

A malnourished dog may bite to appease his hunger and get depressed. It is therefore necessary to provide adequate nutrition to avoid malnutrition.

Brewer's yeast for dogs will help you ensure your pet gets a balanced diet. A happy and healthy dog brings you happiness at home.

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