Our Ollie Dog Food Review: The Best Fresh Food We’ve Tried

gojira licking lips smelling ollie dog food

With pet parents worried about what their pup eats, fresh dog food has earned a lot of limelight.

Ollie is a popular fresh food brand, and we wanted to see if it lives up to the hype. So, we tried it ourselves in our very own Ollie dog food review.

⏰ Short on time? Here's a recap of our Ollie Dog Food review

Ollie Dog Food Review
  • Human-grade ingredients and recipes
  • No by-products, fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives
  • Formulated by a vet nutritionist to meet AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards
  • Tailored to your dog based on age, weight, breed, body composition, and activity level
  • Ships ready-to-serve right to your door
  • 100% Money-back guarantee on starter boxes

Why We Liked It

There are some great options out there for fresh dog food, but this one was by far my favorite. Our dog loved the taste, it has high-quality ingredients without any fillers, by-products, or preservatives, and the shipping was lightning-fast. (Seriously!)

The BPA-free "puptainer" that it came with made it easy to store the food between meals, and the flat-ended scoop worked to cut and scoop the food with ease.

Ollie dog food smells like real food, and I could see the fruits and vegetables right there when I opened the packages.

The number of factors that Ollie takes into account while customizing your food impressed me, too.

Not only does it take into account age, breed, size, and activity level–it also asks for your dog's ideal weight and their current weight for perfectly portioned food.

Who Should Use It

Ollie is perfect for busy dog owners looking to save time and give their pups healthy, high-quality food.

  • High-quality, human-grade ingredients that you can see
  • Grain-free options available
  • Takes into account your dog's ideal weight and portions food accordingly
  • Customizes your dog's food using more factors than other fresh foods,
  • Comes with a nice BPA-free "puptainer" and scoop that makes serving a breeze
  • Great taste–our pup loved it!
  • Needs plenty of freezer space for storage–but less than other fresh food brands
  • More expensive than regular kibble
  • Slightly messy: our dog got food all over his face! He licked it off in record time, though.
  • Ollie doesn't accept returns. They do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on starter boxes, however.

âś… How We Reviewed Ollie and Why You Should Trust Us

As I reviewed Ollie with our Blue Heeler mix, Gojira, I took note of the good and the bad. That includes price, too. We paid for Ollie ourselves to weigh whether this fresh food is worth it.

I'll break down exactly what you can expect from Ollie–including ordering the food, the arrival of the food, transitioning to Ollie from Gojira's kibble, Gojira's professional taste test, and Ollie's overall results.

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For those that want even more info, we got you. I've included some alternative foods, a price breakdown, and some answers to frequently asked questions.

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What is Fresh Dog Food?

Fresh dog food is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Less processed, preservative-free, fully-cooked food. Fresh dog food tends to include higher-quality ingredients without fillers, as well. Many brands boast human-quality or even restaurant-quality food.

Because of this, fresh dog food is easier on dogs’ stomachs. And, it has incredible taste—at least, if my dog’s reaction is anything to go by.

Most fresh food brands will ship frozen packets of ready-to-eat food right to your door. Simply thaw and serve. The food inside is tailored to your dog, too. Weight, breed, age, allergies, and more affect what you receive.

Depending on the brand, healthy whole grains or grain-free food is available. This is great news for dogs with corn, soy, or wheat allergies—some of the most common allergies among dogs.

Things to Consider Before Buying Fresh Dog Food

If you're new to fresh dog food, there are a few things you should know before you get started. First, clear out some freezer space because you're going to need it. Fresh food is shipped frozen right to your door, which means you'll need a spot to keep a couple of weeks' worth of fresh food frozen.

Does your dog have any allergies? Double-check that the recipes you're ordering don't contain any allergens, and let the company know when placing your order.

Keep in mind that fresh dog food will ideally need to be thawed before it's served. You'll want to keep a couple of packets in the fridge at a time. That way, you have thawed food ready to go when you need it.

Pressed for time? If you forgot to thaw your dog's food, you can run the packet under warm water.

Overview of Ollie

Gabby Stone and Alex Douzet had one thing in common when they first met: they were both concerned about the quality of food their dogs were eating. Both of their dogs had gained weight while eating dry food, despite using the recommended serving. That got them talking about the increase in obesity, diabetes, and cancer in dogs.

From there, the two formed Ollie to give their dogs–and other dogs–healthier food. Their fresh dog food was made with the help of vet nutritionists, and by tailoring each order to customers' dogs and taking account of weight goals, their food helped dogs stay at a healthy weight, stay active, and avoid unhealthy by-products.

Meet Gojira: Our Tail-Wagging Tasting Expert

gojira next to ollie dog food box

I wasn't the only one who tested Ollie dog food. Gojira, our Blue Heeler mix, put Ollie through rigorous testing.

At a medium-sized 40 pounds, Gojira is a healthy one-year-old with no food allergies. And he does love food… but he loves toys more. He's frequently seen running through the house with a toy in his mouth, squeaking at the speed of light, or barking to plead for someone, anyone, to play fetch with him.

Rarely have I met a dog that loves toys more than food, but that made Gojira the best expert for this review. He judges food by the highest standards. For Gojira to truly love a food, it needs to be amazing.

Our Ollie Dog Food Review

1) Ordering the Food

2) The Arrival of the Food

gojira looking at the ollie food

I didn’t have to wait long for Ollie to arrive after ordering it. The shipping was free and by far the fastest shipping I’ve ever seen from a fresh dog food brand! No joke, it arrived two days after it shipped.

I was really impressed with the packaging, too. Almost all of the packing material was recyclable, and inside the box, a block of dry ice kept the packets of food cold. They were still frozen solid when the box arrived!

The giant Ollie box made Gojira nervous. This is pretty normal for him, though, he gets spooked by any box as big as he is. After a bit of coaxing, he came to check out the contents.

Once he figured out that there was food inside, his interest was piqued. He licked the packages and summoned the courage to snuffle around curiously.

gojira licking ollie dog food packet

Inside were 14 packages of dog food: one packet for each day, and enough of them to last two weeks.

A bag of sweet potato treats was also included, and despite being perplexed about why his new fresh food was frozen solid, Gojira showed immediate interest in the bag of treats.

gojira smelling ollie treats

I couldn’t resist giving him one as I unboxed everything. He chowed that sweet potato chip down in record time with ASMR-worthy crunches of satisfaction.

While Gojira enjoyed his sweet potato treat, I took a peek at what came in our Ollie box. Here’s a quick breakdown of what arrived:

  • 3 Packets of Turkey Dish with Blueberries
  • 4 Packets of Lamb Dish with Cranberries
  • 3 Packets of Chicken Dish with Carrots
  • 4 Packets of Beef Dish with Sweet Potatoes
  • A sturdy scoop with a flat end for easy cutting and serving
  • A high-quality, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe “puptainer” for storing open food packets
  • A bag of sweet potato chips also made with human-grade ingredients

3) Transitioning to Ollie

Switching from kibble to Ollie was easier than I expected. Using the directions included with our order, we added a little bit of the new food at a time, working our way up.

For two days, Gojira ate one-quarter Ollie and three-quarters kibble. For the third and fourth days, he ate half and half. For days five and six, Gojira ate three-quarters Ollie and one-quarter kibble. And finally, by day seven, he was eating only Ollie fresh food.

Despite the sudden change, Gojira adjusted like a champ. He didn’t have any stomach troubles at all. Instead, Gojira was in great spirits and ran around the house as playful as ever.

One thing became apparent right away, though. Ollie food was stickier than other fresh foods we’d tried. This wasn’t a problem–in fact, I preferred it to wetter foods. But… it tended to stick to the scoop, Gojira’s nose, and Gojira’s chin.

This resulted in hilarious hijinks. He tried to lick food off of his chin and keep eating at the same time. Tongue wrapped around the underside of his jaw, Gojira shoved his face further into the food. I burst out laughing–the strange expressions he made were beyond comical. But he kept eating enthusiastically the whole time, undeterred from his mission to chow down.

Luckily, Gojira was able to lick the food off of himself (and the scoop) quickly, so there was no clean-up needed on my part.

Gojira also loved the sweet potato chips. Whenever I held the bag, I had his full, undivided attention.

The sweet potato chips were human-grade, and the only ingredient was–you guessed it–sweet potatoes.

Possessed by curiosity, I tried one. Gojira was mortified–they were his treats and he knew it. But they were human-grade, and they were just sweet potato slices. As expected, it tasted like crunchy sweet potato.

A note about the sweet potato treats: there is an anti-moisture packet in the bag. Be sure not to feed it to your dog by accident!

While we got used to Ollie pet food, I grew to appreciate the design of their food packets. They’re easy to open (just peel back the top) and the flat, rectangular shape makes them easy to store.

The food packs took about 24 hours to thaw. In a pinch, I was able to thaw them in warm water. But to make things easy, I kept a few of them in the fridge at all times so that I wouldn’t run out of thawed food too quickly.

There was a tear in two of the frozen meals, unfortunately. I didn’t even notice while putting them in the freezer, but once they were thawed in the fridge… well, there was a bit of leaking.

None of the other frozen meals were torn, though.

The “puptainer” and scoop that Ollie’s fresh food included made life so much easier. I could just toss opened packets into it with the scoop. The container is high quality and dishwasher safe. (Because who wants to hand-wash their dog’s bowl and storage containers, honestly?)

ollie dog food scoop and puptainer

Don’t microwave anything in it, though! The “puptainer” isn’t microwave safe.

do not microwave ollie puptainer

4) Gojira's Review of Ollie

Gojira loved Ollie! Despite having a short attention span, Gojira begged and performed tricks for his new food every meal. Once finished, he’d chased his empty bowl around to lick it clean.

gojira sitting with ollie dog food bowl

Every time he ate, he would take big, enthusiastic bites. Even if he was trying to lick food off of his chin at the same time.

He didn’t get tired of eating Ollie, either. He loved trying different recipes and was just as excited to eat after two weeks as he was on the first day.

5) Ollie's Results

Gojira has always had puppy-soft fur, even after turning one. His fur became even softer after a couple of weeks of eating Ollie, though! He’s feather-soft, and his coat is more vibrant.

I also noticed that Gojira had better-smelling breath and fur. He was never that stinky to begin with, but now I barely notice any scent at all. Even if he breathes on me!

After two weeks of fresh meals from Ollie, Gojira is in a great mood, too! He’s super active, alert, and his tail is always wagging. Most importantly, he looks forward to meals every time.

Ollie Price: How Much Are You Going to Pay for It?

Ollie's price varies dog-to-dog. Size, weight, activity level, and more will affect how much food your dog needs. To give you an idea of how much Ollie costs, though, their price starts at $1.57 per meal. They also offer half-portions as a budget-friendly option to mix in with your dog's current food.

Although Ollie is pricier than standard kibble you might pick up from the store, higher quality food means paying less in vet bills over time. Having food tailored to your dog helps them stay at a healthy weight, and the high-quality, fresh ingredients help to improve digestive health, give dogs a shiny coat, and help them stay happy and active. Plus, even picky pups can't get enough of this stuff.

Plus, you'll have the convenience of dog food shipped right to your door, saving trips to the store.

Ollie Dog Food Reviews: What Do Other Dog Owners Think About This Fresh Food Brand?

Ollie has excellent reviews online, matching my own experience with this fresh food. Other buyers talk about getting great customer service along with high-quality food that improved their dog's health.

Shinier coats, brighter eyes, healthy weight, and excited pups that can't get enough of the taste are just a few of the benefits that reviewers noticed in their dogs.

ollie dog food reviews online
ollie dog food reviews online 2

Ollie Dog Food Alternatives

Ollie certainly isn't the only fresh dog food out there. Here are a few other popular brands that you also tried!

Nom Nom

dog staring at a bowl with nom nom food
  • Made with high-quality, premium ingredients
  • Meals pre-portioned for your dog’s exact caloric needs
  • Recipes designed by a board-certified vet nutritionist
  • Offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Treats and probiotics available as subscription add-ons

Click here to read our Nom Nom review

The Farmer's Dog

dog licking its lips with the farmers dog food
  • Fully cooked fresh food made with human-grade ingredients
  • Ships right to your door
  • Doesn't contain any preservatives or fillers
  • Dogs love the taste of The Farmer's Dog!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Click here to read our Farmer’s Dog review

Spot and Tango

gojira with spot and tango food
  • Cooked, fresh food made from human-grade, high-quality ingredients
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors, or fillers
  • Vet-approved recipes
  • Automatically ships to your door
  • 100% money back “Happy Pup Guarantee”

Click here to read our Spot and Tango review

Ollie Dog Food Recalls

Ollie dog food hasn't had any recalls. In fact, they take extensive measures to ensure the safety of their food. Ollie tests every batch for quality and safety and use a metal detector to screen every batch for foreign materials.


Is Ollie dog food raw?

Nope! Ollie dog food comes fully cooked and ready to serve.

Does Ollie offer any discounts?

If you're looking to save money on Ollie, you're in luck! We have a whopping 50% off discount for DogsPlanet readers so that you can test out Ollie for yourself.

What if my dog doesn’t like Ollie dog food?

Ollie's starter boxes offer a 100% Money-back guarantee. If your dog doesn't love it, they'll refund the cost in full.

Is Ollie Good for Dogs?

Yes! Ollie's high-quality fresh food is veterinary nutritionist formulated. This makes it a great, healthy choice for your dog.

Can you refreeze Ollie Dog Food?

According to the FDA, you can refreeze food (including meat-based food) as long as it is kept cold before refreezing. Ollie recommends only keeping the food in the fridge for four days maximum to keep it fresh, as well.

Does Ollie have a Return Policy?

Ollie doesn't currently offer returns on its food. They do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on your starter box, though. And, if there are issues with your order, you can contact them by email, phone, text, or online chat using the contact information at the bottom of their website.

Where is Ollie Dog Food located?

Ollie fresh food is cooked and packaged in Minnesota. They also have two headquarters located in Reno, Nevada and New York, New York.

Do I have to prepare anything?

Nope! Ollie fresh food is cooked and ready to eat. Simply thaw and feed.

Is Ollie Dog Food Grain-Free?

While not all Ollie recipes are grain-free, they do offer grain-free options. Their grain-inclusive recipes include Chicken Dish with Carrots (contains rice) and Pork Dish with Apples (contains oats). Their grain-free recipes include the Beef Dish with Sweet Potatoes, Turkey Dish with Blueberries, and Lamb Dish with Cranberries. None of Ollie's food contains corn, wheat, or soy. 

How to cancel an Ollie Dog Food subscription?

Ollie is easy to cancel if you ever change your mind. You can do it on their website by signing into your account. Click My Info, scroll down to My Subscriptions, and click cancel subscription. You can also email, call, text, or chat online with Ollie's customer support, listed at the bottom of the page on their website.


I’ve tried a few fresh dog food brands, but Ollie was my absolute favorite. Gojira gave it a big paws up, too! If you're on the fence about trying Ollie: do it. This food is fabulous, and with a 50% off discount and a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Who knows? Ollie dog food might be your dog's new favorite, too.

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