Our Nom Nom Dog Food Review: Dog Tested, Human Approved

brother seeing nom nom food arriving

Nom Nom is a giant in the freshly made dog food arena. They've earned a lot of hype among pet parents who want the best food for their pup. With such high expectations, we decided to put this freshly made food to the test with our own Nom Nom dog food review.

How We Reviewed Nom Nom Dog Food and Why You Should Trust Us

To bring you the most honest review, we paid for Nom Nom dog food ourselves. We wanted the full experience—which includes weighing the cost of Nom Nom against the value you get. Want all the gritty details? I've got you covered. I'll be breaking down the experience that Brother the Blue Heeler mix and I went through. That includes the shipping, what our dog thought of the food, how easy the whole process was, and how the transition to Nom Nom went.

Finally, after a two-week trial, I'll go through the results that Brother and I saw first-hand.

And, if you want to try Nom Nom for yourself, you're in luck. We have a discount code for our readers! We earn a small commission, but you won't pay a penny more. It just helps us to write great content for you for free.

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⏰ Short on time? Here's a recap of our Nom Nom Dog Food Review

Nom Nom Review
  • Sustainably-sourced ingredients and less food waste
  • Food gently cooked in small batches to keep the nutrients intact
  • Preportioned into individual meals
  • Formulated by a board-certified vet nutritionist
  • Delivered right to your door

Why We Liked It

One of the things I loved about Nom Nom is that you can see the all natural ingredients in each packet. There was no mystery. There were bite-sized pieces of ground beef, sweet potatoes, green beans, and diced chicken. It smelled like food, and Brother, my dog, loved the taste! He cleaned his bowl in record time and begged for more after every meal.

I also love that Nom Nom was formulated by a vet nutritionist. Brother got nutritionally complete, balanced meals and he loved them!

With Nom Nom delivered right to our door, it saves the hassle of going to the store. And the pre portioned packets save on the time (and guesswork) that comes with measuring food. Each packet is even portioned with your dog's target weight in mind!

Nom Nom's satisfaction money-back guarantee is the icing on the cake.

Who Should Use It

Nom Nom is great for busy pet owners looking for healthy food that ships right to their door.

  • Dog-approved taste! Our Heeler mix puppy loved it.
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Takes up less freezer space than other fresh dog foods
  • Brother’s fur got softer, shinier, and better smelling
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Longer shipping times
  • Small dry ice pack kept food cold, but not frozen
  • Packets are hard to open
  • The Pork Potluck is watery (but still our dog’s favorite)

What is Freshly Made Dog Food?

So, what sets freshly made dog food apart from traditional kibble?

As the name suggests, freshly made food has never been dried or canned. It's fully cooked, free from preservatives, and has simple, high-quality ingredients such as chicken or beef, fruits and vegetables, and healthy vitamins. Freshly made dog food avoids fillers like wheat, corn, or soy (all of which are common food allergies for dogs).

Rather than relying on preservatives, freshly made dog food is stored frozen. Simply thaw and feed as needed without worrying about any prep work.

Most freshly made dog food brands offer free shipping, human-grade ingredients, and tailor their fresh food to your dog's specific needs.

Because freshly made dog food is gentler on your dog's stomach and has higher quality ingredients, many dog owners have seen impressive health benefits from switching over to freshly made food like Nom Nom.

Things to Consider Before Buying Freshly Made Dog Food

Thinking about switching to freshly made dog food? Here are a few things to consider before you swap your kibble out.

  1. Clear out a spot in your freezer! Freshly made dog food needs to be kept frozen and takes up more space than you'd think.
  2. Freshly made dog food costs more than most kibble. Higher quality, less processed ingredients cost more. But, you get what you pay for—and you may just find yourself saving money on vet bills in the long run!
  3. Before buying a new dog food, check to see what other customers have to say. Reading the pros and cons from someone who has put it to the test—like us—will help you decide what food will be best for your dog.
  4. Last, and most importantly, consider your dog's specific needs. Luckily, most freshly made dog food brands will ask for information such as your dog's breed, weight, activity level, and more and factor that into your dog's food. However, if your dog has any food allergies, be sure to double-check the ingredient list and make a note of it during ordering, if possible.

Overview of Nom Nom Dog Food

Nom Nom is freshly made dog food made by real people who really care. And they stick to that, using high-quality ingredients and freshly made food according to FDA and AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards.

Nom Nom's origins began in 2013 with a group of dog lovers: Alex, Zach, and Nate. They adopted two mini Australian Shepherds named Harlee and Mim. Afterward, the group was surprised to find that dog food hadn't changed since the 1980s. And that nearly all of it was kibble or canned with a long list of unrecognizable ingredients.

Wanting the best for their new pups, the team started cooking for Harlee and Mim themselves. This became even more important as Harlee started having immune-related health issues. Her vet recommended a fully freshly made diet, and Nom Nom dog food was born.

To make sure that Harlee—and every other dog who eats Nom Nom—would have the healthiest food, the team added a vet nutritionist to the team and has been rising to stardom ever since.

While most freshly made dog foods tailor their portions to your dog's specific needs, Nom Nom takes things a step further. They ask for updates on your dog and make changes to your dog's food as their needs evolve. If they need to lose weight, they'll send smaller individual portions. And if you email them with requests or special needs, they work tirelessly to meet them.

Meet Brother—Our Tail-Wagging Dog Food Specialist

brother watching nom nom box

Meet Monster X, also known as Brother. He's our resident taste tester and dog food enthusiast! 

Brother is a 1-year-old Blue Heeler mix weighing in at just shy of 60 pounds. He's medium-sized (for now) and growing by the day! He's a healthy pup with no allergies or health issues. And he is, without a doubt, in love with food.

When he isn't playing with our other puppy and running around the yard, he's begging for food in the kitchen and loving up on everyone there. His begging is pretty effective, too. Who could say no to such sweet, yearning blue eyes?

His sweetness is no ruse, though. Food or not, Brother is full of love for all the people he meets. His short little tail wags at light speed whenever he gets cuddles, sees his favorite people, or smells a tasty treat.

Nom Nom Dog Food Review

Now that we've introduced Nom Nom and Brother, let's dive into the first aspect of our review: ordering the food.

1) Ordering the Food

Ordering Nom Nom's freshly made dog food was a breeze. The process was simple and straightforward, with clear instructions provided at each step.

We were then prompted to answer a few questions about our dog, such as their age, weight, and activity level, to help determine the appropriate meal plan for them. Once we had made our selections, we were able to review our order and proceed to checkout.

While the ordering process was certainly easy enough, we couldn't help but notice that the website design could use some improvement. Compared to some of Nom Nom's competitors, the website felt a bit basic.

sign up form nomnomnow
nom nom now recipes
nom nom now checkout page

2) The Arrival of the Food

dog licking nom nom box

It took a little while for our trial from Nom Nom to arrive. It took nine days from the moment my payment was processed until the box showed up on our door. At 9 o’clock at night, no less!

However, I was impressed with the box when it came. It was beautifully packaged in eco-friendly materials. Everything was recyclable, which I loved.

The packages inside were bundled neatly with large rubber bands, making the packages easy to pull out and put away. The food arrived cold but partially dethawed. Not to worry—according to Nom Nom’s website, as long as their food is cold, it can be refrozen.

It’s no surprise that the food was a bit slushy. One look in the box revealed one small dry ice packet. Not nearly enough to keep the whole box frozen. I’m glad that we brought the box inside right away!

Brother received four different recipes, each one bundled tightly with rubber bands. We picked Turkey Fare, Beef Mash, Pork Potluck, and Chicken Cuisine. Instantly, Brother showed interest in the Pork Potluck. He licked and bit the package, trying to get a taste while I unpacked everything.

I couldn’t resist giving him a bit to try. He loved it! He wolfed down any bits of food that he could reach and shoved his nose further into the packet in search of more.

dog staring at a bowl with nom nom food
dog with nose inside nom nom box

I will warn you: if you find yourself unboxing Nom Nom pet food someday—be careful pulling the rubber bands off of the packets. If you get too excited (as I did), they will fling bits of frost all over you!

One of the things I appreciated about Nom Nom pet food was that, thanks to the small rectangular packages, it was pretty easy to stack and store in the freezer and fit into nooks and crannies as needed.

Here’s everything we received in our package from Nom Nom:

  • 20 Total Packets of Food. This included 5 packets of the Turkey Fare recipe, 5 packets of the Beef Mash recipe, 5 Packets of the Pork Potluck Recipe, and 5 Packets of the Chicken Cuisine Recipe.
  • A flyer with information on Nom Nom. This included directions on how to store the food, more information about the food, and tips and tricks for feeding.
  • A flyer with information specific to Brother. This information was tailored specifically for Brother with the ingredients for each recipe we’d picked and directions for transitioning him to a freshly made food diet.
content of a nom nom box on a table

3) Transitioning to Nom Nom Dog Food

The next morning was Brother’s first day eating Nom Nom. He was raring to go—begging and pawing and licking his lips. I opened up a packet of Pork Potluck (after all, it was his favorite), and was surprised by two things.

First, the packet was really hard to open. I tore the plastic corner partially off and struggled for a couple of minutes before I finally managed to get the package open.

Second, the Pork Potluck was pretty soggy. It looked like real food. You could see the chunks of meat and vegetables in bite-sized pieces, fully cooked. It smelled like real food, too. But it sat in a pool of water, possibly from defrosting.

I was a bit put off by this, but Brother sure wasn’t.

nom nom instructions feeding

Starting him out with half Nom Nom and half kibble, he happily chowed both of them down.

He ate all of the Nom Nom dog food before moving on to his kibble, though. I think it’s safe to say that he preferred Nom Nom to his old food.

I discovered that it helps to thaw a few packets of Nom Nom in the fridge in advance. That way, there is always thawed food ready to serve. Though, Brother didn’t mind if it was frosty. In a pinch, you can also thaw the packets under warm water.

I also noticed that, of all the recipes, only the Pork Potluck was watery. The Beef Mash wasn’t watery at all, for instance. Despite its wet state, the Pork Potluck was still Brother’s absolute favorite.

Brother’s stomach fared well during the change, too. He didn’t have any upset stomach days. He was just as energetic and playful as ever, wrestling with our other puppy and running through the yard.

He seemed more excited for meals, too. While Brother loves any and all food, he would bark at even the mention of dinner and run full-speed to the kitchen when it was time to eat.

4) Brother's Review of Nom Nom Dog Food

brother eating first nom nom packet

To say that Brother liked Nom Nom would be an understatement. He begged for more every time he ate it. He’d bite and lick the package of food if I took too long pouring it into his bowl.

He loved the Pork Potluck. Even though it was the wateriest recipe and didn’t look that appetizing to me, he thought it was heavenly. He picked it out of the box the first time Nom Nom arrived and it’s been his favorite recipe ever since.

Brother scarfed Nom Nom down in a blink every time. And after that, he would lick his bowl for probably ten minutes after, hoping for one last lick.

5) Nom Nom Dog Food's Results

Brother is a healthy pup. He’s never had trouble with allergies, and he’s able to stomach pretty much everything he runs across.

Even so, I did notice that Brother’s typically-coarse fur grew softer and shinier after trying Nom Nom out for a couple of weeks. Not only does he have a nice, healthy coat, but he smells better, too. His breath is less stinky, and his fur smells cleaner.

His stomach is as healthy as ever, too. He has no trouble going outside, and to my surprise he doesn’t even need to go when we take him for walks.

All in all, Brother seems happy. He’s energetic, loves to get into trouble, loves to jump on people, and he’s been learning new tricks without any problem. (His newest trick is “wave!”)

I think that Nom Nom loved Brother as much as he loved Nom Nom. And now that the trial is done… we may just have to order more.

Nom Nom Dog Food Price: How Much Are You Going to Pay for It?

The cost of Nom Nom dog food depends on your dog. It varies depending on weight, age, and activity level among other factors. 

Nom Nom starts as low as $2.40 per meal. Of course, shipping is always free. And, if you have more than one dog, you'll be happy to hear that Nom Nom has a multi-pet discount.

Looking to save money? You can also mix Nom Nom dog food with your dog's current food to pay less while still seeing the benefits of freshly made dog food.

Any freshly made dog food costs more than conventional kibble, but a healthier dog means less vet visits, higher quality of life, and more time together. Having your dog's food shipped right to your door also saves you gas and time that would otherwise be spent on running to the store.

Nom Nom Dog Food Reviews: What Do Other Dog Owners Think About This Freshly Made Food Brand?

The reviews for Nom Nom are overall positive. While some customers were hesitant about the price, freezer space, and packaging, many others shared that their dogs loved the food—and that they loved knowing that their dogs get healthy, nutritious food.

Many also shared that after eating Nom Nom, their dogs had fewer allergy problems, fewer digestive troubles, and more energy.

TrustPilot Review Screenshot 1
TrustPilot Review Screenshot 2
TrustPilot Review Screenshot 3

Nom Nom Dog Food Alternatives

Nom Nom has made a name for itself in the freshly made dog food world, but there are other brands that share the spotlight.

Spot and Tango

Like Nom Nom, Spot & Tango was founded by a concerned pet parent. Worried about the poor quality food on the market, Russell Breuer started cooking freshly made food for his Goldendoodle, Jack. Before long, his friends and family began buying freshly made meals from him for their own dogs, and from there, Spot & Tango was born.


  • High quality food with human-grade ingredients
  • No preservatives, artificial ingredients, or fillers
  • Automatically ships right to your door
  • Fully cooked and ready to serve
  • Pre-portioned into single servings
  • 100% Money Back “Happy Pup Guarantee”

The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer's Dog is best known for its amazing taste that dogs can't get enough of. Like Nom Nom, it's tailored to your dog's specific needs and comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • Incredible taste that dogs love!
  • Pre-portioned into one-day packets
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Eco-friendly shipping
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ollie Dog Food

One of the great things about Ollie dog food is that their ingredients are listed right on their website. They use high-quality ingredients just like the other brands in this article. This brand also offers full or half-sized portions so they can be easily mixed into kibble, too.


  • Full and half-sized portions available to order
  • Customized based on your dog's breed, age, weight, and other factors
  • Made with human-grade ingredients with no artificial flavors or fillers
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Recipes designed by animal nutritionists

Pet Plate

Wanting a change from the meat by-products, preservatives, and additives that go into canned dog food and kibble, Ronaldo Webb began PetPlate. With health concerns about conventional dog food, PetPlate helped all dogs to be healthy dogs.


  • No meat by-products or artificial ingredients
  • Cooked with USDA ingredients in a USDA facility
  • Offers “toppers” to add a bit of freshness to dogs' kibble
  • Automatically ships to you with an option to pause, skip, or cancel at any time
  • Formulated by a veterinary nutritionist
  • Offers treats, too!

Nom Nom Recalls

Nom Nom has never recalled any of their dog food, but they've had one voluntary recall on their cat food. Tyson Foods, the source of their high-quality chicken, reported that some of the chicken might be contaminated with Listeria. Out of an abundance of caution, Nom Nom recalled their cat food.

They haven't had any recalls since, and haven't had any recalls on dog food at all.


Is Nom Nom dog food raw?

Nope! Nom Nom is fully cooked, freshly made dog food. It's ready to serve right out of the packet.

Does Nom Nom offer any discounts?

If you're looking to save on Nom Nom, you're in luck! We have a 20% off coupon for DogsPlanet readers.

What if my dog doesn’t like Nom Nom Now dog food?

Not to worry. If your dog doesn't like Nom Nom, they have a money-back guarantee. Simply contact them if you don't see health benefits within 30 days or if your dog doesn't like the food. They'll send you a full refund.

Is Nom Nom Now Good for Dogs?

Yes! Nom Nom dog food is formulated by a whole team of scientists including two veterinary nutritionists. Their food meets AAFCO and FDA standards and is restaurant-grade quality.

Can you refreeze Nom Nom Now's Dog Food?

According to Nom Nom’s website, as long as the food is still cold to the touch it can be refrozen.

Does Nom Nom Now have a Return Policy?

Nom Nom Now has a Money Back Guarantee. Just contact their support within 30 days of the order's arrival to request a refund.

Where is Nom Nom Now located?

Nom Nom Now is located in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States.

Do I have to prepare anything?

Nom Nom freshly made dog food is ready to eat right out of the packet. Just thaw and feed!

Is Nom Nom Now's Dog Food Grain-Free?

Most of Nom Nom's recipes are grain-free. This includes their Chicken Cuisine, Beef Mash, and Pork Potluck, which use potato or tapioca instead of grains. Their Turkey Fare is the exception—it contains brown rice, a healthy grain.

How to cancel a Nom Nom Now subscription?

You can cancel Nom Nom Now either online in your account, by email, or over the phone at any time.

At the end of the day, eating healthy is just as important for your dog as it is for you. If you've considered trying freshly made dog food, take Nom Nom for a test drive. With the discount for our readers and Nom Nom's money-back guarantee, trying it out is worry-free.

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